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No_Sea_9331 t1_iy9owra wrote

My coworker is quitting in the middle of December. Which means I will have double the work. Quickly updating my resume so I can maybe try to be at another job by the end of feb. I spend almost 50% of my money on rent and I am overqualified for my job. Time to find a job that pays better!


plaisirdamour t1_iy8e6ns wrote

Feeling very alone right now


Tarmek12 t1_iy8mpgz wrote

Feel free to reach out to me. You’re not alone in this, pal. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from feeling lonely is that I’m not the only one. You got this.


efthfj t1_iy7vx5w wrote

Terrible night sleep! Too much damn coffee yesterday!!!


No-Lunch4249 t1_iy83uan wrote


Stay up too late over holiday weekend

Need tons of coffee Monday to physically and spiritually make it through the work day

Sleep like shit Monday because too much caffeine

Just as tired Tuesday

Repeat from 2


Tarmek12 t1_iy8mhxv wrote

Same. My whole routine is out of sorts.


BeamMeUpFirst t1_iy80y6t wrote

My kid has been sick for 6 days. Stuff is really going around this fall.


Seemlystoner t1_iy88ak0 wrote

I hope they feel better soon! Do you know what’s causing it? I know RSV is going around heavy right now.


BeamMeUpFirst t1_iyaex2k wrote

Got it checked out today - Flu Type A.


floppydisk1995 t1_iyah5hs wrote

that's what my nephew currently has, never seen the little dude that sick before :(


MarinaPinotLover t1_iy9p32a wrote

Took a half day to watch the Iran/USA game and got to our bar to find it packed with people "working from home." My resentment for people who can telework deepens.....


KatzMwwow t1_iy8p67n wrote

Building says water will be shut off for an hour. It is one hour late, then off for five hours without updates in return to service. Yay.


joymarie21 t1_iy9nofh wrote

My neighbor is getting trees removed and put through a chipper for the second day in a row. Other neighbors are using leaf blowers non-stop.

I moved from noisy Capitol Hill to "quieter" upper northwest a few years ago. It's not really quieter, just different noise.


WaterBubbly t1_iy8z0o1 wrote

had a tooth extracted yesterday, mouth pain gone. But whole body feels like trash.


metrazol t1_iy81i9a wrote

We are out of coffee whitener.

Edit: Black coffee is tolerable. Coworker on the other end of the floor playing music through her laptop speakers. Ugh. Christmas music? Worse.



uninvitedthirteenth t1_iy8dp9s wrote

I was biting my nail beds the last couple days and caused my thumb nail to get kinda infected so it hurts like a b*tch


KatzMwwow t1_iy8pbxh wrote

If the skin turns green, get the pus out.


ambiguousjellyfish t1_iy9ri3p wrote

I feel like a lot of the people who come to DC and dislike it are from NYC? Anyone else find this as well? I could be imagining things again.


OverallSafety791 t1_iyaasmb wrote

100%. The "well in NYC it's better because ..." is basically a punchline at this point!


possum_47 t1_iy9dzvd wrote

There’s been a man singing/yelling loudly in front of my building for over hour. It’s driving me nuts but there’s nothing we can do


possum_47 t1_iy9n17p wrote

if anyone's wondering we're now on hour 2+ here.


RoeRoeRoeYourVote t1_iy9fihd wrote

I bought a shirt, but I wasn't careful and accidentally ordered it to my old place. It's in a storage locker in the basement, and idk how I'm going to be able to get it sans my old key fob.


IceKareemy t1_iyaf7vb wrote

How dark it is outside and how unmotivated and tired I feel


efthfj t1_iy912vh wrote



heels_n_skirt t1_iy9s1m1 wrote

Is it me or the TMobile service has been slower/worst on the red line?