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My gas bill went from $87.00 to $335.00 this month. Called the Washington gas and they insisted that the actual reading is accurate and it's because we used the heat or changed appliances (nothing was changed), but we didn't turn on the heat until this month. The amount of cooking done has NOT changed, it's the same, if anything, we cooked less. I have requested for an investigation because it doesn't make any sense. Also, the distribution charges went from $19.00 - $97.00. Any suggestions on how to fix this or even what to look for because we live in a rental unit. Is there any way to get these charges lowered?


Here's the reading numbers for reference.


Balance brought forward $0.00


Distribution Charge 229.5 TH x .4165 $95.59

PROJECT pipes Adjustment $-1.12

Customer Charge $15.05


TAXES DC Rights-of-Way Fee $9.20

Sustainable Energy Trust Fund 229.5 TH x .04515 $10.36

Energy Assistance Trust Fund 229.5 TH x .00834 $1.91

Delivery Tax 229.5 TH x .07070 $16.23 Total Current Washington Gas Charges $335.07 Total Washington Gas Charges This Period $335.07



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MidnightSlinks t1_ix9xn67 wrote

Look back at your old bills. If you were being charged an estimated amount for the last few months and they finally took an actual reading, it may be the case that they had been underestimating/undercharging and now they've loaded the difference onto this month. If this is the case, it sucks to get a big bill, but it's money you indeed owe and you can rest assured your bill will go back down next month.


Alert-Glove-4852 OP t1_ixa34iy wrote

Absolutely, we understand the bill owed, just trying to figure out if it was accurate. Thank you for the tip.


tunamelts2 t1_ixbhs2c wrote

If the initial bills were estimates, it looks like they adjusted it. Not much of a mystery on that point…but someone at the property is using a lot of gas.


arichnad t1_ix9u9j4 wrote

What about last year? Are you new to this place? Is 229 therms expected for this time of year? How many sqft is your place? How old is your heater? What temperature do you set the heater at?

I'd also ask for an investigation, but I'd also assume it's something weird in your house, because it's always easier to actually diagnose the problem if you assume that first.

Do you have the ability to look at the numbers at your meter? Look at the numbers. For me they're measured in hundreds cubic feet (ccf). 1 ccf of natural gas = 1.036 therm. You can visually see if the readings on the meter add up.


Alert-Glove-4852 OP t1_ix9ws4t wrote

4 months in. Unsure of all the answers, will have to ask the owner but this place is managed by a company. Will have to investigate where the reading meter is. Thanks for the tip.


carbon56f t1_ix9lck8 wrote

you need to look at the therms not the price. Has therm usage notably changed between this month last year, and last month?


Alert-Glove-4852 OP t1_ix9w0rk wrote

According to their reading it has changed significantly, we aren't sure about the WHY. We didn't start using the heater until this month.


carbon56f t1_ixcxn6o wrote

we can't really help you unless you provide more information. You need to get your old bills and tell us how many therms you've used in the past.


majako99 t1_ix9z38s wrote

229 therms is Jan/Feb usage levels for us, in a 4 bedroom house. Also check your water heater if it is gas.


Gumburcules t1_ixalwkg wrote

How big is your house?! I've got a 4 bedroom house, gas stove, gas heat, gas water heater, and I've never used more than 110 therms.


majako99 t1_ixbfsw9 wrote

Poorly insulated and full of people with weak constitutions, but not particularly large.


kstinfo t1_ix9jfzb wrote

" we live in a rental unit "

Are there other tenants? If so talk to them.


Alert-Glove-4852 OP t1_ix9vwh6 wrote

it's a house with two separate units. As far as we know we are told, he doesn't use our gas downstairs. But we do plan to talk to him.


IcyWillow1193 t1_ixa8uie wrote

If you haven't looked at your billing history over the past year to see if they were estimates rather than actuals, I'd start there and not bother your neighbors. Rental units aren't supposed to share a gas meter if they're legal. Unless you suspect you're living in an illegally subdivided building, your neighbors using your gas is the least likely explanation.


kstinfo t1_ixae66y wrote

Check if you share washer/dryer.


Space_Cat_95 t1_ix9ybou wrote

Are you in the district? If so, you might want to reach out to the Office of Peoples’ Council. They’re a district office that can help residents challenge overcharges on utility bills like this. They also have some utility bill calculators that might be useful for diagnosing your bill as well:


Alert-Glove-4852 OP t1_ixad2e5 wrote

Thank you.


schwars1 t1_ixb3ybu wrote

Try the Public Service Commission as well as they regulate and work through issues with Washington Gas.


Playful-Translator49 t1_ix9xm8p wrote

Often depending on the meter they estimate the reading and then when they actually check it you get a bigger bill


DCGreatDane t1_ixatku4 wrote

If your using a smart thermostat like nest make sure the schedule is cleared. My nest was running without shutting off in November - February my bill was like $224 each month.


[deleted] t1_ix9pi4o wrote



Alert-Glove-4852 OP t1_ix9w7n3 wrote

It's a house with two separate units (A and B). We are told downstairs doesn't use ours, but we need to talk to him.


unl1988 t1_ixcbc3d wrote

how much gas did you use last month?


iRVKmNa8hTJsB7 t1_ixd9r64 wrote

I'm currently dealing with Wash Gas right now. Our last bill indicated that our therm usage was 6 times what we normally use. They came out and verified that was the actual reading. We called them back and the lady on the phone said "Please understand that this is the winter season and your usage will be higher." I told her we have lived her for a couple of years and to look at last years usage, which is still not 6 times our average. But they won't come out to investigate the meter until another month of high usage.

Bill Month Current Read Type Therms Used Billing Days Average Daily Usage Heating Degree Days
11/1/2022 45 29 1.55
10/1/2022 8.1 30 0.27
9/1/2022 9.2 32 0.29
8/1/2022 8.1 30 0.27
7/1/2022 10.4 33 0.32
6/1/2022 11.5 29 0.4
5/1/2022 12.8 29 0.44
4/1/2022 16.3 32 0.51
3/1/2022 24.5 29 0.84
2/1/2022 24.5 29 0.84
1/1/2022 23.2 31 0.75
12/1/2021 9.3 32 0.29
11/1/2021 11.5 29 0.4
10/1/2021 8.1 30 0.27
9/1/2021 9.2 32 0.29
8/1/2021 8.1 30 0.27
7/1/2021 11.5 33 0.35
6/1/2021 11.5 28 0.41
5/1/2021 12.7 30 0.42
4/1/2021 18.5 26 0.71

And just so I have links to reference later if I have to file a complaint


Alert-Glove-4852 OP t1_ixek13b wrote

Keep me updated, I have opened up an investigation but that will take some time. I still need to go back to last year and compare the gas usage here.