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swampoodler t1_ixkdubd wrote

Happy to see SE get some love.


displacedredneck t1_ixktffb wrote

I wouldn't count Hill East Burger as a "win" for nightlife, or dining, in our neck. Show of Hands/Shelter at The Roost? Meh. I'll stick to Trusty's.


swampoodler t1_ixllwlr wrote

I’m definitely going to try the new burger spot.


displacedredneck t1_ixo4t3a wrote

It's totally cool that you want to support neighborhood businesses. Just be prepared for: ordering via QR code, food brought by runners, an automatic 20% service fee for said lack of service.


tirefires t1_ixqmx97 wrote

I went by last week to try it out. Saw the sign saying I had to order from their QR code, and immediately split. First of all, I didn't have my phone on me. Second, that's trash and I refuse to be a part of it.