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romulusjsp t1_ixikel4 wrote

I feel overcharged and condescended to just from reading this


Knock-Nevis t1_ixiuari wrote

Clarendon ballroom, now in a sweaty basement and with black lights so you can SEE all the blood, semen and urine instead of just smelling it.


Gumburcules t1_ixmtasv wrote

They saw their clientele and said "why even pretend we're not the basement of that frat house that got kicked off campus for too many roofie incidents?"


Inappropriate_Piano t1_ixise3p wrote

TIL there are two Alice in Wonderland themed bars in DC


AwesomeAndy t1_ixjklng wrote

Three: Wonderland Ballroom, Looking Glass Lounge, Alice


Inappropriate_Piano t1_ixjoho9 wrote

Four. I was thinking of Alice and Mad Hatter’s


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_ixjswen wrote

Five. The one I’m building in the sewer out of trash in the sewers under the Michigan Park Walmart.


celj1234 t1_ixi7vq8 wrote

Howl of the Moon 😂😂


HelloJoeyJoeJoe t1_ixjtlul wrote

When people ask why I think DC is such a sanitized and boring place for a major international city, I can just show them this list

Maybe this photo - "this photo captures nightlife in DC"


leTOASTY t1_ixk41h4 wrote

any recommendations for some not so reserved bars in dc to go to?


Gumburcules t1_ixmufk1 wrote

Not sure exactly what you mean by "reserved" but my favorite non-fancy/neighborhood bars (don't you dare call them dives!) are Trusty's, Tune Inn, Wonderland, The Raven, Atomic Billiards, Nanny's, The Pug, Dan's Cafe, (for real this time) the Blaugard, Marx Cafe, Bedrock Billiards, the Red Derby, and Lyman's.


earth-to-matilda t1_ixlmwz0 wrote

dc colors outside the lines with the energy you’d expect of blue shirt and khaki sensibility

truly avant garde


AtheonsLedge t1_ixjogke wrote

Do not go to Departures. I don’t even think it qualifies as a bar.


C0333 t1_ixjjqho wrote

I’m gonna hit me some karaoke! Need voice lessons though


swampoodler t1_ixkdubd wrote

Happy to see SE get some love.


displacedredneck t1_ixktffb wrote

I wouldn't count Hill East Burger as a "win" for nightlife, or dining, in our neck. Show of Hands/Shelter at The Roost? Meh. I'll stick to Trusty's.


swampoodler t1_ixllwlr wrote

I’m definitely going to try the new burger spot.


displacedredneck t1_ixo4t3a wrote

It's totally cool that you want to support neighborhood businesses. Just be prepared for: ordering via QR code, food brought by runners, an automatic 20% service fee for said lack of service.


tirefires t1_ixqmx97 wrote

I went by last week to try it out. Saw the sign saying I had to order from their QR code, and immediately split. First of all, I didn't have my phone on me. Second, that's trash and I refuse to be a part of it.


Avenger772 t1_ixljnj9 wrote

Wow bars, I remember those things existing.


sahlos t1_ixjwg9f wrote

Surprised to see Silver on this but ok, good for them.