Submitted by joe_sausage t3_z7ixwx in washingtondc

It wasn’t a bad accident and I don’t think anyone was hurt… but like… it was an accident… ?!

Someone tried to swerve right around a queue for a left turn and just sideswiped this other car. Definite damage. Both of them froze, traffic stopped for a sec. Was on New York by Ivy City.

Cop did nothing, just weaved between them and moved on. Didn’t even check in on them.

The instigator ended up turning into a parking lot, the victim stayed frozen for a while and then drove on.




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hooahguy t1_iy7y3cc wrote

A few months ago I was nearly hit while I was crossing at a crosswalk, blowing past a stop sign too. A cop in his car was sitting literally 10 feet away from me. I gestured at him like “wtf” and all he did was flash his lights and then go back to whatever he was doing. DC cops are useless.


madevilfish t1_iy80ak9 wrote

The same thing happened to me. A car ran a red light while I was in the crosswalk. I had to literally jump out of the way. There was a cop there who saw the whole thing; when I started to yell at him and pointed to the car, he just looked at me and just drove off. Fucking useless.


sh-ark t1_iy8mffe wrote

almost exact scenario happened to me! A guy blew through a red light that a cop was sitting at and almost hit me and my dog. cop didn’t do jack shit


luciasanchezsayornil t1_iyaxawj wrote

They're not allowed to chase people, what did you expect him to do?


hooahguy t1_iyaxzka wrote

Lol what? The offending vehicle wasn’t speeding off like one of those dirt bike gangs, it was an asshole commuter that had to stop at the next light anyways. Cop could have easily drove like 30 seconds, flashed the lights and pulled the guy over. It was the lack of any effort whatsoever that annoyed me.


CallMeAntwan t1_iycuix9 wrote

This is an issue with the perpetrator, not the officer. What most people don't understand about LEOs is that they're assigned to specific duties/posts or they may be responding to another call that's more serious.

More than likely, this was the case; it makes sense to go to a home invasion or assault, rather than stop on the way for a MVC. LEOs do not always activate their lights or sirens when attending to a call.

Without law enforcement, we'd be doomed.


swampoodler t1_iy812fp wrote

Cops in DC not responding to anything traffic related? Weird. /s


strangechicken t1_iy88hlq wrote

> Cops in DC not responding to anything

Works for basically anything.


Gumburcules t1_iy8cfjc wrote

Yeah but someone said "ACAB" online and people talked about but never actually defunded them so obviously they're justified in not doing their jobs. They're just so demoralized by those aforementioned traumas, who could blame them?!

Of course they're still going to wear their "thin blue line" (electron microscope required) and Punisher gear, that's a given. I guess the meaning just changed to "punishing" ordinary citizens by not doing the jobs they get paid to do.


OctoberCaddis t1_iy8m8d7 wrote

Couple false statements here:

  • MPD recruitment was defunded. They are not funded to hire enough officers to replace retirees and those who leave for other jobs. This was intentional and overt. Charles fucking Allen tweeted about his intention to whittle down the force, public sentiment be damned.

  • MPD has been directed to refrain from a wide array of traffic related stops for bullshit reasons you probably think are reasonable. Actual statement from DC government: enforcement against fake temporary plates would negatively impact minorities, and thus shouldn’t be pursued.


Gumburcules t1_iy8ntbp wrote

>- MPD recruitment was defunded. They are not funded to hire enough officers to replace retirees and those who leave for other jobs.

MPD already has one of the highest number of officers per capita in the nation. If they weren't doing their jobs effectively before, this is a moot point.


Themisto-Cletus t1_iy8iiro wrote

Oh fuck off. When prosecutors and District Attorneys don't do their jobs, what's the point?

Take your sanctimonious bullshit and drown it in the Potomac.


Gumburcules t1_iy8jm20 wrote

> When prosecutors and District Attorneys don't do their jobs, what's the point?

I wonder how long I'd keep my job if that was my attitude?

"Hey boss, I didn't write that report you asked me to. I just don't think you will use it the way I want so what's the point? Oh, you don't like that? Why don't you drown your sanctimonious bullshit in the Potomac!"


Themisto-Cletus t1_iy8k000 wrote

You're not as smart as you think you are. Without prosecutors, there is no point to the paperwork.

You elected this crap. Now lie in it.


Gumburcules t1_iy8ltpn wrote

So because they probably won't get convicted that means you should just let everyone do what they want without any concern that there will be any consequences whatsoever?

Studies have shown that the actual severity of the punishment has very little to do with the decision to commit a crime, but the perception of likelihood of being caught is a much bigger factor.

When people know they can literally hit and run in front of a cop and they won't do a thing, they're going to do it with impunity every time. If they know that they're going to get booked and there is a chance they will get charged and convicted, even if it's a small one, that's infinitely more incentive not to commit the crime.

What's that saying cops are so fond of? "You can avoid the charge but you can't avoid the ride?" I guess that only applies when you're trying to harass an innocent person and not when you're actually supposed to be doing your job, huh?


DrunkWoodchuck t1_iyausyh wrote

District attorneys? We don’t have any.

Prosecutors aren’t elected in DC they’re appointed.



SluggingAndBussing t1_iy8ceto wrote

Not excusing anything but with the prosecutors refusing to prosecute basically anything, it is a sometimes a waste of resources to do more than bare minimum.


sh-ark t1_iy8mi0q wrote

too busy drag racing themselves


Playful-Translator49 t1_iy7mj8b wrote

This is standard. As long as you don’t seem to be actively brandishing a weapon you can basically do whatever you want here. It’s a no fault state so unless there’s an injury they won’t do anything.


Malnurtured_Snay t1_iy8h3ue wrote

Uhhh ... like the cop absolutely should've stopped, but how is this a hit and run? The instigator pulled into a parking lot ... and the victim drove off? (Pretty sure the definition of a hit and run is the instigator runs).


joe_sausage OP t1_iy8scn0 wrote

Yeah “hit and run” might not be the right word. It felt like no one knew what to do and eventually everyone just scattered. I would have loved to see the cop just check in with all parties involved and make sure no one was hurt, but, clearly that’s not the world we live in.


daedelous t1_iyahux4 wrote

It's still a hit and run. Per DC code § 50–2201.05c:

(a) Any person who operates or who is in physical control of a vehicle within the District who knows or has reason to believe that his or her vehicle has been in a collision shall immediately stop


Malnurtured_Snay t1_iybnblj wrote

But per OP's description, the at-fault driver did stop. And then pulled into a parking area. At which point the victim took off.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy83d6b wrote

This post and a few other comments are the reason why I stay super vigilant when walking or biking. I stop at all intersections, I check each lane that each car has stopped or is empty with no cars approaching before I proceed.

A few months ago I was crossing and this guy was started pulling into the cross with a lot of people crossing it, we made eye contact and then he pulled out right in front of me as I was about to step in front of his car and I shudder thinking about he nearly willingly almost killed me.

Too many crazy wreckless drivers. I’m sick of it.


ThrownDC t1_iy8mr9n wrote

It’s a “no-fault ‘state’”. Cops are only required to respond if the accident causes injury or what I was told “there is blood”. Take pictures; exchange information; and let the insurance handle it. Insurance companies know this about DC and work with you.


Zoroasker t1_iy8xrt4 wrote

Yeah but they’re witnessing the crime of leaving the scene of an accident as it happens, which is distinct from them not responding to fender benders.

Edit: looks like this wasn’t actually a hit and run from additional comments from OP, but if it really was a hit and run then what I said would apply.


AngelsGoHome t1_iy90964 wrote

Just this morning walked by a courthouse across from MPD HQ and 2 young dudes are sitting on the steps smoking big fat blunts. I could smell it from a block away.

Yesterday, nearly got pegged trying to go around a driver sitting in the bike lane. Noticed cop on the other side - but he was sitting in the opposite bike lane. Both of them on their phones.


Free_Dog_6837 t1_iy8tw4v wrote

how is it a hit and run if the victim leaves? sounds like everybody was good


joe_sausage OP t1_iy8v0mm wrote

I mean everyone definitely wasn’t, there was for sure crumpling and damage on both cars, but 🤷🏼‍♂️


Margie_Star t1_iya6vhr wrote

I know this isn’t much but is there a place to complain?


joe_sausage OP t1_iya8alh wrote

Eh. I mean i don’t even know what I’d complain about, I didn’t get a plate or a badge number or anything.


FutureHendrixBetter t1_iy90ejb wrote

They were probably off duty and didn’t want to do extra paperwork


Swampoodle1984 t1_iyb1iy0 wrote

MPD is not allowed to chase vehicles due to "racism"


AlphaStormyFire t1_iycsyt9 wrote

The cops don’t do shit for this kind of stuff. I was hit by someone in august when I was parked in a parking lot and the police came but didn’t even write a report. Said I had to do it online myself which did nothing. The guy that hit me lied to their insurance and got away with not having to pay the damages done to my car. DC is unbelievable.


maneatingdog t1_iy9d224 wrote

Reddit complains when that cops do nothing to address rising crime rates, and then turns around and argues that cops should spend their time with harmless auto accidents. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


joe_sausage OP t1_iy9uqi2 wrote

Yeah because clearly it’s either/or.


maneatingdog t1_iya03cj wrote

...Yes. Police officers and their time is a limited resource. If they spend all their time on traffic citations, that's less time they can spend on larger priorities.


tityboituesday t1_iya2qf7 wrote

yeah larger priorities like flipping their own cruisers doing dumb ass shit and shooting unarmed citizens


joe_sausage OP t1_iya4vpr wrote

And clearly saying “hey maybe this cop could’ve spent 5 minutes checking on that accident that occurred 20 feet from his car” is saying “officers should spend all their time on meaningless traffic citations.”


maneatingdog t1_iya5w6u wrote

Hey Joe, you're the only one in this whole situation complaining. Even the guy who got hit cares less than you. Why are you spending your whole day making false descriptions and straw man arguments on the internet about an event that didn't even effect you?


joe_sausage OP t1_iya7flh wrote

How the hell do you know that the person who got hit doesn’t care?
Maybe the person didn’t speak English. Maybe they were afraid of a confrontation. I know I sure as hell would think twice about getting out of my car in DC if I’d just been hit and the other car wasn’t already making the gestures. Maybe one or both of them just didn’t know what to do next.

If I got hit in the middle of a busy intersection and wasn’t really sure what to do, and a cop saw it and just shrugged and drove off, that wouldn’t increase my feelings of confidence or safety, or help me in any way. But heaven forbid we suggest the police actually help people.

In any sane world, a public safety person being in the immediate vicinity of a car accident would be a good thing, even if all it meant was 2 minutes of “everyone good? You both got insurance, you can work this out? Cool, do you need a tow or a push to the shoulder or you got this? Right on, shit happens, stay safe.”

The sub is FILLED with horror stories about car accidents and policy apathy. Clearly it’s a bigger issue than this one accident and it isn’t always some trivial body damage we can all shrug about.

But heaven forbid we want to make the city a better place for someone other than ourselves or our immediate friends/family, or holy shit, someone we’ve never met.

Better to just make excuses about why this isn’t anyone else’s problem and pretend everything’s hunky dory, right?


GauntletofThonos t1_iyaamt7 wrote

How do you know the cop was not going on a call prior to this incident? How do you know they even saw it? You also stated that the vehicle in the wrong pulled into a parking lot. That doesn't sound like a hit and run to me. The person pulled into a safe spot and not blocking the street.


tityboituesday t1_iya2mms wrote

you know cops can do stuff that isn’t just arresting people right? people don’t want police harassing black residents for no reason. if someone’s car is hit and a cop is right next to them, you’d think they’d have the courtesy to ask if the stunned driver is alright and take down a report for insurance. like…what’s so hard to understand about this?


EastoftheCap t1_iy95bn2 wrote

The cops have been told to be hands off and they are.


EastoftheCap t1_iy8061b wrote

November 8th confirmed that laws don't need to be enforced in DC.


poet-rae-monet t1_iy80xap wrote

Weird. It was clear for me on January 6th.


Themisto-Cletus t1_iy8ir11 wrote

Laws were enforced. Nothing changed. People were charged.

Don't be stupid.


cptjeff t1_iy8sh3s wrote

The only people charged were the grunts. None of the leaders.


trainingwheelsJoe t1_iy87wyq wrote

Keep voting blue and this is what happens


Reeetankiesbtfo t1_iy882d2 wrote

Mouth-breather level of analysis as always


strangechicken t1_iy88q7j wrote

I mean, monopolies give no incentives to change and breed echo chambers. At least some viable opposition would be appreciated to the current council who value feels over reality.


__main__py t1_iy8itbb wrote

Most if not all council candidates face primary challenges.


strangechicken t1_iy8ut9d wrote

And win without a majority of voters will because first past the post is a stupid method of voting.


Themisto-Cletus t1_iy8j2fw wrote

Hmm. Which side hates cops, votes for dead people, likes weak District Attorneys, and thinks their privilege will save them from crime?


MrDickford t1_iy8juok wrote

Blue isn’t fixing our problems, so we should vote for the people who will make them worse?