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veloharris t1_iy9aino wrote

This is going to be interesting to see in practice. This is currently the only semi safe place for bike pace lines in DC.


RS_Mich t1_iyavsmk wrote

This may all but kill group rides around there. The single lane isn’t going to be big enough to easily pass anyone riding on their own or in a small group and anyone parking or driving slow is going to slow/halt the group.


arlmwl t1_iyakmhn wrote

Yea, it's going to be bad for road cyclists who want to ride fast and for cars who have to share the road. Yet another reason DC sucks for cycling. Ugh.


veloharris t1_iyauuv6 wrote

Eh, while yes it has room for improvement DC is one of the best areas for cycling in the US.


Macrophage87 t1_iy9eiia wrote

What about beach drive?


giscard78 t1_iy9hy81 wrote

Generally too crowded for that type of bike riding, at least during peak hours/weather. Those guys are going like a sustained 20-25 MPH. Beach Drive has more walkers, rollerblading, dogs, people of various ages, etc. A few people still try it and it’s not good. I love riding through Rock Creek but it’s just a different space than Haines Point.


Macrophage87 t1_iy9idd2 wrote

The part near bethesda that's closed on the weekend tends to be capable of those speeds


giscard78 t1_iy9ioj5 wrote

Is it a loop? I’m not sure where you’re talking about. The people going that fast do it for like an hour at a time on a leve-ish surface. I’m not sure where that it is near Maryland.


OctoberCaddis t1_iyafxl3 wrote

It’s capable but I would have major concerns with a paceline of 20-40 people on Beach Drive, it’s too congested with pedestrians who don’t remain in one lane or the other. That happens several days a week at Hains Point and, in its current configuration, can be done without impacting slower cyclists or pedestrians (who shouldn’t be in the street anyway).


Spirit-S65 t1_iy9irho wrote

That is often full of walkers and slow traffic, and the shared use path is way too small for that. I like that it's an option and it's better than nothing but I don't think it's suited to really fast riding.


veloharris t1_iy9ns9q wrote

That's not a circuit and much less conducive to high speeds due to the many twists and turns.