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cptjeff t1_iy9gv62 wrote

I'm not saying only white people would be allowed. I'm just saying that your proposal would force at least half of the park's users out to benefit a far wealthier, whiter, and more privileged group of users.

But that's okay with you, because black people use the park in ways that are different than the ways you use the park, so you think they don't matter.


Nikkers1416 t1_iy9p4uy wrote

So with one option you have families who'd have to park in the parking lots (that are already there) and walk a little further to their picnic spots with the Ohio loop closed to cars. And with the other, you have people (of all races) literally dying. Okay, yeah though toss up for sure.

It was blocked to cars through much of the COVID lockdown and I saw plenty of people having cookouts.


cptjeff t1_iy9rpn0 wrote

> It was blocked to cars through much of the COVID lockdown

...And that one is just a flat out lie.


cptjeff t1_iyaxjus wrote

Three months at the very beginning of covid when they shut down the entire tidal basin area to nearly everyone, not 'much of the entire covid lockdown'. In comparison to all of covid, that shutdown was incredibly brief. I spent quite a lot of the summer and fall of 2020 sitting out there when I had a badly sprained ankle and needed nice outdoor settings I could easily drive to. There was never a closure like Beach Drive to encourage more recreational use, the only closure was intended to (and did) shut down nearly all use.


veloharris t1_iyavdbd wrote

It was never blocked to cars because of COVID. It's blocked during cherry blossom season, maybe you went then and thought it was COVID?


C0333 t1_iy9ujf0 wrote

Most DC Reddit people live in a little bubble where everybody just needs to adapt to their utopia of walking to buy all your groceries.


CaptainObvious110 t1_iydrk40 wrote

I've done it for years. Or caught the bus or used my bicycle. I dare say that most people can do the same thing.


C0333 t1_iye2ln6 wrote

Right on cue comes the self righteous comment. Good for you, now don’t worry how I live my life. Deal?


CaptainObvious110 t1_iye93uu wrote

Based on that reasoning you wouldn't have commented on this issue at all.


C0333 t1_iyeewi3 wrote

Kindly fuck off. Thank you


CaptainObvious110 t1_iyep10q wrote

Someone has a real attitude problem. Maybe you should go outside and take a walk or maybe enjoy a relaxing ride o me a bicycle.