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CactusSmackedus t1_iy9mvv3 wrote

> . Hains Point is incredibly popular with capital C Cyclists (the kind in lycra) who use it for training rides at high speed. Asking them to share space with people biking at a normal pace and pedestrians is a recipe for conflicts and collisions, to say nothing of including a contraflow bike lane in such a narrow space.

Also it's already really easy to share the space with slower cyclists. It's 2 full lanes of empty space, you just give the slower person space, say on your left, ding a bell, and there's zero conflict.

I cycle there slow sometimes, and fast other times. It's a beautiful route. So easy to share the space too.

After this redesign there will be less space, with one counter flow lane in the middle of the road, like how does that do anything but make it worse??