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Listen, there are a subset of people who drive like shit. I drive a lot in this area and sure speed is a problem but people drive incredibly recklessly here.

In one year three times at the same light on a green someone goes against traffic through the opposite lane, with no plates, and almost hits me less than 1 block from my house when I lived in DC.

Whenever I take my average speed driving in the city, hand to god, it’s 15 miles an hour or less no matter how I drive because there is so much traffic. People here drive like dog shit and don’t care. They are angry to be stuck in traffic, they are angry about their life and they take it out on anyone they can on the road. They’re animals.

A chicane or cobblestone won’t stop those bad actors, they are on their own path to self destruction with or without some chicane or cobblestone. They just want someone to witness their shittiness