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CaptainObvious110 t1_iydspnb wrote

Yes it is and that's a reason I am glad to not just have one bike but two of them. I went to the bike shop saw one for what I felt was a decent price when they were scarce and got it. It's mine no insurance, no car note just paid the $500 or so dollars and I instantly have a means of transportation.

This proved to be a game changer because I no longer had to ride the bus and deal with people's shenanigans there. Nor did I have to wait for a bus again I could just take my bike out and do what I needed to do.

During Covid that proved to be even more important as I could avoid people a lot and go out to the National Arboretum and be somewhere I could just relax.

A few months later I got a folding bicycle to make traveling with a bicycle even more convenient.

Again. No car note paid less than $1,000 for both bikes which is a lot less than people are going to even spend on a car in the first place. Don't have to worry about gas either.

You can get an electric bike for $1,000 or even a cargo bike for more but no matter what of those options you take you would save money on a car.

Shoot buy a bike for each family member and you still save a truck load of money