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monkeyuprising OP t1_ixd52lj wrote

Here is the link to the full album:

Thanks to all who showed up and made this an amazing event! Feel free to share this link, download photos, and post everywhere! Dan Langenkamp wants the word to go far and wide.


snubilehawks t1_ixdkgbz wrote

Thank you for covering this event! It was great to be a part of


iGrill t1_ixebylc wrote

I'm really glad I participated in this. The turnout was great and the message was clear. I know one single event won't cause a revolution but I feel like I did more to contribute to positive change than sitting at home watching YouTube videos about how bad American cycling and pedestrian infrastructure is.

The mouth breathers in this thread show how much progress still needs to be made towards drivers recognizing cyclists and pedestrians as human beings.


StrangeOldHermit77 t1_ixemqgc wrote

Road safety is a shared responsibility among everyone.


9throwawayDERP t1_ixeweut wrote

Just like crime is a shared responsibility between those killed and their murderers?


Brandonjh2 t1_ixeykol wrote

Terrible analogy. Bikers and drivers both decide to use a shared roadway and therefore share responsibility for safety. Murder victims don’t decide to participate in their own murder…


9throwawayDERP t1_ixf05qz wrote

Uh the biker that died and this memorial was for was in a bike lane. It wasn’t a shared road.


Brandonjh2 t1_ixf0eqq wrote

“Bike lanes or cycle lanes are types of bikeways with lanes on the roadway for cyclists only” a bike lane is part of a roadway…..


9throwawayDERP t1_ixf6byi wrote

Are sidewalks part of the road? A few folks eating dinner on a sidewalk patio were run over. I guess they were asking for it.


StrangeOldHermit77 t1_ixfpu1g wrote

Did they jump their table through a red light into traffic? Then they might be.


hidrothese t1_ixf79j1 wrote

In that case the restaurant has the responsibility to keep their customers safe and they failed to do so. Your argument is still dumb and wrong


DeJuanBallard t1_ixf307e wrote

You weren't born on a bicycle, it's not inherent to your being. I swear you people look for any reason to be victims. People just don't care. Idk when you will understand this but the last thing I'm thinking about whole fighting traffic everyday, is wether or not the cyclist are mad about something. The fact that you immediately went to insulting people with this middle school "mouth breathers" insult is part of why people don't care. No one views you as a victim except you.


SgtPeppy t1_ixfxa8z wrote

Oh hey, I can do this too!

You weren't born driving a car, it's not inherent to your being. (But they do kill way more people that bicycles and take up way more space while polluting the environment!) I swear you people look for any reason to be victims - god forbid you're delayed a few seconds every now and then because a cyclist is doing what they're supposed to (and bonus, generally contributing far less to traffic than a driver!). Idk when you will understand this but the first thing I'm thinking about while biking on roads is [sic] wether some dipshit in a car isn't paying attention or wants to play chicken with me. The fact that you immediately got super butthurt by this middle school "mouth breathers" insult is pretty amusing, because it's just further proof at how thin-skinned you are and you 100% deserve it. Clearly lots of people view us as the victims judging by the overwhelming support and the fact you're buried in downvotes.


iGrill t1_ixfzzm4 wrote

I'm sorry that you're too out of shape to move yourself under your own power but with some diet and exercise you can get to a point where you don't have to rely on a machine to move you everywhere you want to go.


DeJuanBallard t1_iy5hcrz wrote

Lol , nice try but no buddy your the one purposely doing your bike rides during rush hour so everyone can see you. Only your the one complaining your endangering your life just to ride your stupid bike. One of us is gonna die happy, the other one is gonna hit by a fucking truck. Lol


iGrill t1_iy5l1q3 wrote

Please do not murder people over differences in how they commute to work, no matter how insecure they make you feel.


DeJuanBallard t1_iy5ujg5 wrote

Lol nahh I have never hit anyone or anything, I just think it's funny that you live in an area with the one of the largest bike paths in the country and still routinely get hit by cars, while riding in areas you didn't have to be .


kodex1717 t1_ixdgtld wrote

Sad I missed this. Thanks to everyone who participated!


GUlysses t1_ixdofqm wrote

I would love to have joined, but I can’t bike right now. I’m at home recovering because I broke my knee…on a bike…because I got hit by a car.

So I thank everyone who was there for fighting the good fight!


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_ixek683 wrote

The same thing happened to me last year, hope you feel better. If you need surgery, be ready cuz it hurts. And do your PT


GUlysses t1_ixelj1d wrote

Doctor says I most likely will not need surgery, so I’m still hoping that’s the case. But afterword I’ll probably stick to e scooters over bikes. I like how scooters give more maneuverability. (For example, I was almost hit while riding my scooter too, but I was able to jump out of the way). They are also easier to stop and start again.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_ixelqbb wrote

Saaaame with the scooter however I can’t ride yet cuz the motion of stopping / starting is too much currently. I lament how I hurt my right knee and not my left.


ufo_senshi_diapolon t1_ixdjhmg wrote

Very sad but also inspiring story . Link to the Washington Post story.


9throwawayDERP t1_ixdv1jk wrote

Some recent deaths of bikers and pedestrians in the DC area:

  • Fatima Del Carmen Alvarez Romero (2021)
  • Micheal Hawkins Randall (2022)
  • William Villavicencio (2022)
  • Rhonda Whitaker (2021)
  • Waldon Adams (2021)
  • Charles Jackson (2022)
  • Viviana Oxlaj Perez (2022)
  • Migual Angel Rivera (2022)
  • Zhen Xiu Chen (2022)
  • Micheal Gordon (2022)
  • Zy'aire Joshua (2021)
  • Kaidyn Green (2022)
  • Enzo Marcel Alvarenga (2022)

And FU to all those in the thread saying that 'this is a rich white person issue'.


CandyCaneCrisp t1_ixf5emm wrote

THANK YOU to all who were able to participate. This tragedy took place in my neighborhood on a road I know well. Hope they charge the truck driver who killed her with everything likely to stick as it was entirely his fault.

While I did not know this young woman, a friend who was quite well known in the DMV cycling community was killed while riding earlier this year. RIP Bega.


AmericanBornWuhaner t1_ixevpwo wrote

How did you even hear about this or other events


snailbrarian t1_ixf3nm7 wrote

This event was actually publicized on the DC subreddit


9throwawayDERP t1_ixf92bh wrote

Sign up for the w3ba and waba listservs (there is also a moco one, but I'm not on it)




jojopuppyfish t1_ixjh41v wrote

W3BA concentrates on Ward 3 bike lanes in Wash DC and works with WABA...just an FYI


9throwawayDERP t1_ixjhg8v wrote

Yeah I just mentioned them since half this ride went through Ward 3. Is there a Montgomery county group for completeness?


Fishcake21 t1_ixh3sxd wrote

Why do I always miss the good shit


dagdawgdag t1_ixes1x3 wrote

More pedestrian infrastructure is needed for workers and those using public transportation. However cyclists have got to be the most selfish people on the planet. Imagine forcing drivers to indulge my favorite sport while I practice in the middle of the road while crying about safety. This is all about your hobby, not green transportation. Just because you fund more bike lanes doesn’t mean people will actually use them. There’s only so many cyclists. Not to mention I bet these are all upper middle class and higher income people (all races) who totally gentrified the city and now want to act like they’re some kind of victims. Go ride your bike in a park or on a mountain.


floppydisk1995 t1_ixf0ufx wrote

I don't even know what point you're trying to make. I think you have car brain.


TheCoelacanth t1_ixewzez wrote

Cycling is no more a hobby than driving is.


dagdawgdag t1_ixex51y wrote

Not for most cyclists. Be honest.


rlpw t1_ixjv6qr wrote

Lol “my anecdotal experience is everyone’s reality.”

Biking is how I buy groceries and go to work. This isn’t a hobby. The only difference between my bike and a car is that it costs me >$150 a year to maintain (and it’s a single speed) and it doesn’t have the potential to kill people.


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixd60db wrote

Do they understand the irony of a bunch of upper middle class white people riding down a protected bike lane during an event approved by the city while claiming no one cares about them? Very "progressive" of them to ask for more funding for a bike system about 5% of residents use who are disproportionately wealthy.


Macrophage87 t1_ixd7fy1 wrote

Only about a third of DC residents drive daily. Over a third don't even own a car. There's no way that the two-thirds of DC residents that don't drive daily are "upper middle class". Walking and biking is a transportation method for people of all income levels in DC. We can either prioritize walking, biking, and transit for the 2/3 of residents that rely on it, or the small majority of residents that drive.


gator_fl t1_ixdjmmm wrote

RIP to Langenkamp and I'm a big supporter of buses/trains/bikes.

But the DC Fiscal Policy Center did analysis and its deceptiveto say "...biking is a transportation method for people of all income levels in DC".

>"When it comes to public transportation, whites more frequently take the Metro; blacks more frequently take the bus. Only 5,765 black of African American residents walked to work in 2015, compared to 29,000 whites. Only about 1,900 black or African American residents biked to work; this is one fifth the frequency among whites."


Macrophage87 t1_ixdlfhm wrote

Much of that can be attributed due to the poor transit and bike/ped accessibility east of the anacostia river. Ward 8 has half the traffic deaths for DC. These people absolutely should have good transit and bike accesibility, but keep voting for people who don't want that.


gator_fl t1_ixe58ds wrote

Good points!

But it also is cultural. Cannot just say "make better bike transit options and they will come" or "get rid of so-and-so who blocks transit options".

DDoT and other agencies know that and are not investing in changing mindsets.

Hopefully a mindshift will take place. Orgs like WABA try but still hard to change peoples habits and opinions.

Until then, all these beautiful bike lanes and such will not be used by those who think it's silly to bike.


veloharris t1_ixe3ndm wrote

The infrastructure isn't to a level that it's a viable alternative for many. It's a chicken and egg thing.


gator_fl t1_ixe5x7r wrote

It's a cultural mindshift thing as well.

Lots of bike lanes have been developed (happy to see it) but some people don't take advantage of it...hence the inequity in infrastructure development.

Wish it wasn't the case, but it is an issue.


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_ixeducy wrote

More people would use bike lanes if they didn’t have to be an adrenaline junkie with a deathwish to use them.

You ever visit the belt line in Atlanta? I’ve never seen so many pregnant mothers and children on bicycles. That’s because THEY DONT NEED TO INTERACT WITH CARS. I bet most of the car tards here would be against that too.


veloharris t1_ixe6ns0 wrote

Bike modal use in DC has one of the highest year over year growth rates in the nation. However our network is still fairly incomplete, yet with every new part of the network usage increases.


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixd8wyd wrote

So put that money towards buses and trains that actually take people to work. No more money for rich hobbyists.


ertri t1_ixdek11 wrote

Ah yes, the rich hobbyists paying $95/yr for a capital bikeshare unlimited subscription. (Or just paying the $1-2 a ride)


SgtPeppy t1_ixdl1vf wrote

It's so obvious you have absolutely zero clue what you're talking about. No idea about the economy of cycling. About why people might choose to do so over other options.

You should be promoting cycling along with buses and trains, if you're actually arguing in good faith about improved public transit. Why you've decided to die on this hill, I will never know.


saucity t1_ixidhv6 wrote

They've been calling me a terrible person for asking about driving to DC, when I live in West Virginia, with ZERO infrastructure and no reliable public transport. What am I supposed to do... Cycle to DC from West Virgina, with a crippling disability...? 😂

They're obviously very privileged, full of hate, and they could have chosen kind words to get their point across, but instead, just woke up and chose violence, lol.


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixdmkmm wrote

Because we have hundreds of miles of bike lanes and nobody uses them. Its very important for rich folks to show how green and cool they are on their bikes. I could care less about the image the Bethesda crowd wants to push. Money needs to go where it will be used. Buses, trains, and cars.


SgtPeppy t1_ixdmsah wrote

> Its very important for rich folks to show how green and cool they are on their bikes

You've been told constantly why this is an incorrect assumption, yet you continue to mindlessly regurgitate it. Eat shit. You're beyond help.


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_ixee340 wrote

>hundreds of miles of bike lanes

Oh my god literally every single square inch of public space in the city was for cars and you’re mad. Also “hundreds” implies at LEAST 200 and were just barely over 100. Youre so full of shit.


Nilay431 t1_ixd7db0 wrote

I got hit by a car making an illegal u turn on a “protected” center bike lane while biking. I drive to work from DC to MD everyday but I completely support things like this. Drivers in DC are stupidly aggressive towards cyclists for some reason.


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixd8hc2 wrote

Cyclists are stupid aggressive towards everyone else.


Nilay431 t1_ixd8xmh wrote

Until we have ghost car memorials because drivers are dying when cyclists crash in to them, I am ok with the guy on a 15lbs of metal being aggressive.


MrDickford t1_ixec4uv wrote

This is such a weird argument. It doesn’t have to be either-or, we can say that aggressive and reckless drivers are a problem in DC and also that bikers frequently act entitled to do whatever they please.

But whenever someone argues the latter, bike advocates show up in droves to explain that it’s ok for bikers to be jerks because cars pose a danger to bikers.


bageloclock t1_ixfaj5h wrote

No. There is not a both sides argument here. One person drives a multi-ton death trap while the other is on a bike. When you’re operating the multi-ton death trap, it’s on YOU to exert extra caution.


MrDickford t1_ixfev7f wrote

Yeah thanks that’s an excellent example of exactly the sort of absurd behavior that I complained about in my post.


bageloclock t1_ixhwf38 wrote

I’m not even erasing the notion that there are bad cyclists out there but car drivers and vehicles have an insanely outsized impact if they are the reckless ones. How can you see these things as 1:1?


MrDickford t1_ixi2nbc wrote

I don’t think I ever implied they were 1:1. Aggressive drivers are obviously a much bigger problem than aggressive bikers. But you can’t mention aggressive and/or entitled bikers without someone from the biker community showing up to retort that cars are more dangerous to bikers, which implies either than only one of those things can be true, or that it’s ok for bikers to do whatever they want because cars are dangerous.


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixd9c3d wrote

About 5 cyclists die in DC every year. That is tragic. But the same people so concerned about that seem to not care at all that homicides have nearly tripled to 200 per year. But you know 5 dead rich white folks matter a lot more than 200 people of color.


SgtPeppy t1_ixdlike wrote

> But the same people so concerned about that seem to not care at all that homicides have nearly tripled to 200 per year

Literally how the fuck do you know? Most people in DC are very concerned about this - why wouldn't cyclists be? You know it's possible to care about more than one thing at a time?

It's also a complex, multifaceted issue - crime is rising everywhere and despite what politicians and most people will tell you, the a lot of the mechanisms behind it are poorly understood (or we just lack the political will to address it, as with gun control)

It's a complete apples and oranges comparison. You're looking for reasons to be outraged at cyclists. It's pathetic.


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixdm5yw wrote

OK what are the ideas to lower gun violence then?


SgtPeppy t1_ixdmm3j wrote

Why should I entertain you attempting to pivot the conversation? Don't change the subject because you're losing.


ottereatingpopsicles t1_ixdm7ti wrote

I mean I think people do care about homicide deaths as much or more than biking deaths, but the policies to keep bikers alive (build protected bike lanes, require side guards on trucks so bikers and pedestrians get pushed out of the way, actual criminal consequences for truck drivers that kill people) are much clearer than how to decrease gun violence. Violence prevention is a much trickier issue to address while we already know how to protect bikers and pedestrians more effectively. Drivers just don’t like to drive a safe speed and be forced to share the road with other users or lose the taxpayer-sponsored parking spaces


CatoTheDumber t1_ixewkc6 wrote

This dude here trying to argue by starting a completely different conversation.


distraughtdrunk t1_ixdc7fn wrote

ngl, i wonder how many injuries/deaths are caused by aggressive cycling or the cyclists breaking the law.

ofc, this doesn't count the drivers who are weirdly aggressive too, but it seems all too easy to lay all the blame on big bad drivers without examing what cyclists are doing as well (such as blowing through stop lights, texting/cycling, swerving into traffic unexpectedly).

edit: when i say injuries/ deaths are caused by aggressive cycling, i mean a cyclist places themselves (unintentionally or otherwise) in a position where they get hurt/killed.


ertri t1_ixdefef wrote

Usually 1-3 people die, nationally, after being hit by a bike each year. That's obviously not 0, but... not bad.

Having been hit by people on bikes a few times - I'll take my chances with a 20ish lbs metal frame where the rider is likely to be worse off than whatever they hit v. a 4000 lbs tank


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixdkqiq wrote

The problem is rarely that a bike is hitting someone and killing them. Its that they drive illegally and cause cars to swerve, or pedestrians to jump out of the way (sometimes into something else), etc....

There is ZERO enforcement of bike laws. You can ride through U St drunk as a skunk through red lights and the police will do nothing. In fact I see it all the time.


ertri t1_ixfmnqk wrote

Again, the consequences of biking dangerously are much lower!

I literally do not care about cars being inconvenienced. They can slow down and stay back, I truly do not care.

Pedestrians, yeah, that should be enforced. I'll start with MPD doing literally anything to enforce any traffic laws in general, bikes can be first I don't care.


distraughtdrunk t1_ixdfxek wrote

i'm not saying you're wrong, but that doesn't actually speak to the question i asked.

edit: i reread my post and thought it sounded ambiguous so i edited it


veloharris t1_ixe3h9r wrote

People are stupid aggressive. Cyclists are not some separate species. Assholes drive cars and some ride bikes.


NMS-KTG t1_ixd7o33 wrote

Ah yes. Rich people ride $200 bikes while the working class uses their $20,000 cars. When will we stop catering to the rich!


tcairlines t1_ixdu9w0 wrote

$200 bike? Where you see $200 bike in that photo????


N3rdr4g3 t1_ixe8ywe wrote

Change $200 to $2000 and the argument still applies


MrDickford t1_ixejnj5 wrote

If biking is the cheaper option, why don’t we see people whose primarily constraining factor is money already overwhelmingly choosing to bike instead of drive?


ehtooh t1_ixesbak wrote

Because it’s not safe to do so. I don’t have a car and I won’t bike because I am terrified of being run over. But this is bigger than wanting bike lanes, this is about wanting our kids to be safe walking to school, and our friends safe biking from it. Why is that so hard to understand?


MrDickford t1_ixf4ax6 wrote

People sacrifice safety to save money all the time. But for many people, a bike doesn’t do everything they need it to. If you need to go long distances, leave the city, move a family, or carry a load, then you probably need a car, and a bike just becomes something you need to buy in addition to a car.

Very few people, especially on this forum, just don’t understand the importance of keeping pedestrians and bikers safe. But investing in public transportation seems like a much more effective solution. Prescribing bikes and more bike lanes as the blanket transportation solution for everybody makes it sound like you either don’t understand that not everybody’s needs mirror yours, or that you don’t care about those people.


Appropriate-Ad-4148 t1_ixe1yq8 wrote

Housing analogy:

Housing is expensive!

We better encourage more home sales and bail out everyone with a mortgage(practically a 1:1 correlation with the top 50% of wealth in the US) because renters aren’t real Americans with families!


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixd8mv2 wrote

Ahh yes the famous working class bike route from Bethesda to downtown.


NightWaddie t1_ixdegr1 wrote

This isn’t a class based issue as much as it’s people saying they are tired of a car dominated culture, I don’t know how you don’t see that


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixdl3rt wrote

Tired of car dominated culture? You are far too online. Normal folks love that a car takes you exactly from point A to point B in air conditioning privately. That's just objectively more comfortable than using a bike or public transit for most trips.

Even these advocates only do so as a hobby. 90%+ I can guarantee have vehicles they use daily.


NMS-KTG t1_ixdn3wn wrote

They only do so as a hobby because it's unsafe to do so otherwise... which is why they're protesting


NightWaddie t1_ixdr5n9 wrote

Congrats to you and your “normal folks.” But most of us in D.C actually don’t want to drive in traffic everywhere and would be perfectly happy to walk, bike or take the train if it was safe and reliable. Hence why people are doing movements like this.


NMS-KTG t1_ixdg5ef wrote

Would you prefer they drive a $30,000 truck?


ottereatingpopsicles t1_ixd6chk wrote

Most of the ride from Bethesda to the Capitol, including the road where the organizers wife died, did not have a bike lane. There were only bike lanes once we were in the last mile


tomas_shugar t1_ixdgjkr wrote

These people don't actually care. They're just pathetic little children who are so upset that people ride bikes they want to murder them.

They aren't worth our time, they're just shitty, evil people. It's really not complicated.


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixdlpk7 wrote

Its very telling when people refuse to debate on policy and resort to angry ad hominem attacks. You would think having your hypocrisy exposed would be a moment of reflection, but it appears to generally result in lashing out in anger.

I find this especially true of activist circles like this one where the person has tied their identity to the current issue.


tomas_shugar t1_ixdu5d7 wrote

You're not debating policy, it is fucking laughable you think that's what you've done.

Child, go home and get your diaper changed.


Macrophage87 t1_ixdgnow wrote

Actually, the place she died did have a bike lane, it was just so poorly designed that it would be safer if she went without one.


Katsuichi t1_ixdenzd wrote

you’re saying socio-economic status should determine peoples rights, yeah?


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_ixedlb1 wrote

>upper middle class white people

My transportation: a $900 bicycle

Your transportation: a $20,000+ automobile that requires yearly registration, insurance, maintenance, parking.

Call me when bike parking in DC is $65k a year.

Zillow -> for sale -> less than: $100,000

And you call me middle class? Bitch I’m in my early twenties and deal with cockroaches.


veloharris t1_ixe3cl9 wrote

Bike infrastructure is not a white people thing. Good infrastructure is used by all.


bageloclock t1_ixfacmp wrote

Black Washingtonians are cyclists too. Are you really this fucking dense?


NorseTikiBar t1_ixeufex wrote

I feel like I generally see more far people of color riding bikes than white people (or at least a 50-50 mix) in my everyday life getting around DC, so it's always bizarre to me for someone to claim that it's primarily a white person activity.

Says more about what neighborhood you live in than it does biking itself, tbh.


polar_rabbit t1_ixd6l9w wrote

Here we go again with the racism


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixd8qu1 wrote

First they came for the consulting firm bros and I said nothing....


9throwawayDERP t1_ixdfh3h wrote

yeah, let us be ok with a mother of two being killed on her way home after they were evacuated from kiev.


aoc_desantis_2024 t1_ixdlufp wrote

200 people of color gunned down last year. None of these people care about that do they. Lets tell their stories.


crabmusic t1_ixdy7ef wrote

This might blow your mind, but it’s possible to care about multiple causes at once 🤯


NorseTikiBar t1_ixeumd8 wrote

Well, why don't you start? It would certainly be a nice change of pace from your other topic submissions, which are apparently exclusively testing if you've said something offensive enough to be shadow-banned.


Mjt8 t1_ixdlv5b wrote

You’re making a straw man. Nobody is saying they’re morally “ok” with it. It’s a question of what the city can/should do about it.

Governments can sometimes solve systemic issues but they’re not well suited for preventing individual wrongs.

Should the city grind to a halt to totally redo its infrastructure, spending half its revenue fixing 5 annual deaths, and hundreds of thousands of commuters? That doesn’t seem like good policy.


9throwawayDERP t1_ixdokjp wrote

uh, in ward 3 and Bethesda (where 90% of this bike ride was), car crashes are 5 times more likely to kill residents than homicides. i'm confused, there is pretty much nothing else that is dangerous in that part of town. cars are the only danger to pedestrians or residents.

as for infrastructure, a bit of paint and plastic bollards are nothing for a city that wastes millions or corruption.


Appropriate-Ad-4148 t1_ixe2d0a wrote

World class cities who have done “shining examples” of every fix you could be talking about don’t “grind to a halt.”


Mjt8 t1_ixg39d8 wrote

Lol, and you think it just takes a snap if the fingers to change the city into Barcelona?


Appropriate-Ad-4148 t1_ixgx985 wrote

I have seen a lot of plans and bid on road projects in DC with dedicated bike lanes.

Bike infrastructure isn't' expensive. The real issue is political and industry will.

From the top to the bottom, American planners, owners, architects, and contractors tend to be people who have never left the suburbs in their life.


Mjt8 t1_ixg43r5 wrote

Selective and misleading stat. A whopping three bicyclists were killed by cars in DC in 2021.

Also, the lady hit was in a bike lane. The whole issue here is that paint and plaster doesn’t fix the issue. You need well-engineered bike infrastructure like you see in Europe, but it would be exorbitantly expensive and disruptive to remake the city’s transportation landscape at this point.


tiakeuta t1_ixdajan wrote

Somebody please help these upper, upper middle class cycling enthusiasts from Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Upper NW. Please tell me if there is an NGO I can donate too.


Goosman1 t1_ixdevah wrote

A person got killed on her commute because a driver treated her like air (as drivers tend to treat non-drivers around here) and literally just drove his truck over her. But thank you for trying to deflect and pretend like it's a class issue. I *bet* you'd totally care about this if it had been a blue-collar worker on their way to a bus stop, ya ghoul.


9throwawayDERP t1_ixdfbow wrote

it is worse than that. she was biking home from her kids' school. she was wearing a helmet and was in a bike lane.


[deleted] t1_ixdketv wrote



turnageb1138 t1_ixdl0ro wrote

  1. People of color ride bikes. I see it in my neighborhood every day.
  2. Sorry, no one told me we can only work on one thing at the time. I had previously been led to believe that if any one policy, law, or other change didn't solve all societal ills then it wasn't worth doing.

9throwawayDERP t1_ixdlvt3 wrote

these are transportation advocates, and yes they did organize events and vigils for those of color that were killed by bad drivers.

next you'll ask for people who run food banks to spend their time ending gun violence.


Some_Donkey_6382 t1_ixdt52b wrote

Do these people have to advocate for a policy change of your choosing before you will respect them?


SgtPeppy t1_ixdkaq7 wrote

Right, because using a bike is so much more expensive than a car. Because people who bike deserve to get killed by shitty fucking assholes who don't look for them or care that they're there.

Go fuck yourself. You're looking for a reason to not care and you're still wrong.


tiakeuta t1_ixdvza6 wrote

Oh yeah I bet none of them have cars. Especially Subarus. Definitely, definitely not


SgtPeppy t1_ixdx0lo wrote

Yes, many of them don't. My girlfriend doesn't. A bunch of people I've worked with in DC (all fresh out of college jobs where we weren't earning shit) don't.

You have no idea what you're talking about, and it's so obvious. But do go on.

The sad thing is you're half right. It is partially a class thing. And you've been manipulated to support the side with the rich, privileged people who don't want to be inconvenienced at the cost of human life. And you're too stupid to see it.


9throwawayDERP t1_ixddio0 wrote

They are fighting upper middle class car driving enthusiasts from Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Upper NW.

The difference is one side is killing the other and getting away with it.


untilshadeisgone t1_ixdmh6x wrote

I think it's worth pointing out that having more alternatives to driving and making the city less car dependent would be a net positive for poor folks and people of color (esp Black folks) too because more people who cannot afford a car could still get around safely and efficiently.

Bike enthusiasts look the way they do bc biking isn't as accessible as it should be even in DC where we have it better than many other cities. More accessibility = a wider sampling of the population.


__main__py t1_ixdz9af wrote

40 pedestrians and cyclists were killed by drivers in DC in 2021. Black people are significantly more likely to be killed by drivers than white people. Get a fucking clue about what you're talking about you dipshit.


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_ixdwe7k wrote

I bike because I have too many DUIs

You bike because you like fresh air and exercise

We are not the same.