Submitted by thegrumpycarp t3_z7d76z in washingtondc

Posting here instead of getting in a road rage situation. I was driving home tonight along upper 14th st, where it’s 1 lane each way. A pedestrian was in the crosswalk (between blocks, not at an intersection), so I stopped for them as required by law.

Apparently that was unacceptable to the car behind me, who zipped around, barely slowing down at all, and almost hit the pedestrian head on.

I leaned on my horn and honked a few more times as we proceeded down the street, but thought better of trying to confront the driver.

All this car got was an extra car length. No saved time, no edging through a light, nothing. Just almost killing someone for the feeling of getting to their destination faster.

Be better, y’all.



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kavorka2 t1_iy6bq6b wrote

I believe this is absolutely the most dangerous situation for pedestrians — one car stops and blocks view and the car behind or on the side (multiple lanes) continues. Remember that viral video of the little kid in maryland almost getting killed? That was that scenario. It’s super dangerous, always pay extra attention when you can’t see all lanes.


cptjeff t1_iy6cf8p wrote

On a similar note, crosswalks across more than one lane in each direction absolutely should have a light. There's always somebody who stops in one lane and then a bunch of assholes who keep going in the other.


meduses t1_iy6o8bo wrote

Or at least those little light up flashy signs as a second indicator if the city doesn't want to install 900 new stoplights


BourbonCoug t1_iy737d5 wrote

Wish the little light up flashy signs had red lights instead of yellow.


cassiecat t1_iy7as19 wrote

Red lights would imply a mandatory stop, so they won't do that. A flashing red means stop like a stop sign. This is not practical at all crosswalks. Flashing yellow is what it is and what it should stay, unless they want to add a redlight triggered by crosswalk button pushes


cornell256 t1_iy8323k wrote

The crosswalk at 16th and Kalorama NW will flash yellow, then flash red, and then go solid red. This is the only one I know of but I wouldn't be surprised if there were more. It works well in my experience.


cassiecat t1_iy8hq37 wrote

That's roughly the kind I'm referring to, though the ones I've seen are a stop light with the bottom position a flashing yellow, the middle a solid yellow (which it does a very quick aggressive series of flashes to indicate it's going to become a solid yellow), and then it's a hard red. Edit: you often see these at intersections where a fire house has trucks exiting the yard.


nappleapple t1_iy7r3y4 wrote

The flashing yellow lights are what is triggered by a crosswalk button in many of these cases.


cassiecat t1_iy7t397 wrote

Lol uhhh yeah, obviously.... But they also exist in a format where they flash all the time and there's no button, or in a literal stop light that's always flashing yellow but triggered to run a stop cycle when a pedestrian hits the cross button.


brightblade13 t1_iy85xrp wrote


The flashing yellow lights are usually manually triggered by a pedestrian in the process of crossing, which is, itself, a mandatory stop.

The only difference would be that a red light would actually signal to the driver that the stop is, in fact, required while someone is crossing.


cassiecat t1_iy8hihb wrote

Have you never seen a crosswalk sign that flashes yellow at all times? That's what we're talking about.


BitterGravity t1_iy8xcxw wrote

Nearly all in DC only flash yellow when a button is pressed.


CrownStarr t1_iy96bzi wrote

I’m honestly not sure I ever have, do you have examples of some? I think I’ve only ever seen the ones that need a button press to turn on.


cassiecat t1_iya2d3l wrote

I don't recall specific intersections but I have seen them in multiple places all over MD, VA, PA, and DE. Can't definitely say I've seen one in DC though I'm sure I have


drphungky t1_iyalkeo wrote

PG County has them. I've definitely seen one there.


braaaaaaaaaaaah t1_iy91rzj wrote

If someone is crossing, it’s already a mandatory stop. The flashing yellow lights (which are often very small not very visible during the day) are actually directly contradicting the law.


cassiecat t1_iya2532 wrote

They were saying they wanted red lights flashing on the crossing sign. They won't do that. I'm not referring to a stop light


mistersmiley318 t1_iy7xjjp wrote

Those don't even help that much. Half of drivers just ignore them


cptjeff t1_iy8rwbo wrote

Half? At the one on Benning by my house, it's much closer to 100%. It's rare that anyone stops and I usually just wait for traffic to clear because the shitty light cycle at Benning and East Cap guarantees a regular gap in traffic.


cassiecat t1_iy8wky8 wrote

It would be very tempting to start carrying bricks if I lived near that.....


cptjeff t1_iy930ya wrote

I don't have to cross it all that regularly, fortunately.


Free_Dog_6837 t1_iy8t1rl wrote

yeah they would just remove loads of crosswalks if they all had to have stoplights


BobbyDuPont t1_iy6gxgu wrote

Random Uber and delivery drivers just do that anyway, so people become programmed to just go around those idiots.


jameson71 t1_iy7rd8t wrote

It’s not just them and they weren’t the first randomly stopping and double parking.


LaterallyHitler t1_iy6uuf1 wrote

The mid-block crossing on S Glebe in Arlington across from the Giant comes to mind


ruskiytroll t1_iy6qrwl wrote

I'm surprised someone is killed daily on 15th NW between Connecticut and U.


HollaDude t1_iy7jat3 wrote

I've always stopped full stop for pedestrians. And ppl almost always try to aggressively go around me or start honking. I don't understand what people's problem is. Like is your pregnant wife having a heart attack in the passenger seat atm or something


kneeonball t1_iy6x1z4 wrote

I try to watch if it's a two lane scenario and start splitting the lane if it looks like whoever is coming up behind me isn't stopping. Can't do that at every intersection though.


repowers t1_iy93oym wrote

In Portland I got so frustrated with cars who would "kindly" yield to me out of the blue when I didn't have the right of way, for this very reason. I don't mind waiting an extra moment to eliminate my chance of getting smeared by the car in the other lane that can't see me.


weewee52 t1_iy7np1j wrote

I had to brake hard once because of this. I do stop for pedestrians, but I couldn’t see there was a person behind the giant pickup. I just braked when I realized the pickup was stopping.


ReduceMyRows t1_iyb3qjq wrote

Would it ever make sense to be seen as a jerk and block multiple lanes?


[deleted] t1_iy6e57c wrote



jellyphitch t1_iy6hkjv wrote

... waited??


[deleted] t1_iy6irg6 wrote



GEV46 t1_iy6k07v wrote

So you don't almost hit someone.


Gilmoregirlin t1_iy6kvz5 wrote

If it was a route that you were familiar with and you knew a crosswalk was there and you did not have a good view of what was ahead of you? You stop.


halligan8 t1_iy6ns5z wrote

Assume that there is someone in the crosswalk until you are certain that there is not. That may require stopping.


squuidlees t1_iy5yf4n wrote

I’ve almost been killed by someone going around a car waiting for me to cross. Sad part is I feel nothing anymore whenever I have close calls. Thank you for stopping for them even though it didn’t really work.


BitterGravity t1_iy8xk1m wrote

Had a crossing guard go off at someone who did that maneuver to me and my kid. Luckily I was expecting it so not near death but wtf. Like cars don't randomly stop at crosswalks


roofrat69 t1_iy5ycwy wrote

You should send this to members of the council as well. We need real penalties for these shitbird drivers.


Dapper-Print9016 t1_iy7ibyt wrote

Considering the council's stance on paying for fines, chances are that are these shitbird drivers.


bubbabubba345 t1_iy855zb wrote

Well, upper 14th St is Ward 4, and Janeese Lewis George has generally been pretty receptive to traffic safety issues and pushing DDOT to resolve them (as best she canh).


dumbroad t1_iy6mkvl wrote

I get beeped at almost daily for stopping for pedestrians. especially not making right hand turns into them. it's infuriating


krispissedoffersonn t1_iy7yaz0 wrote

I don’t have a car, but I see this while walking all the time. people laying into their horns meanwhile the other driver is just paying attention and doing what they’re supposed to


yakshack t1_iy85xry wrote

As the pedestrian, I fantasize about flipping the honkers off, but I don't want to get shot, so...


Yithar t1_iy9886g wrote

I fantasize honking a horn at them but yeah I don't want to get shot either.


KatzMwwow t1_iy63rtg wrote

Unfortunately this is news to many drivers in DC.


cptjeff t1_iy6bzt9 wrote

And DC is far better about having people actually stop than most places in the US. Would be nice to see cameras used for this somehow instead of giving people tickets on freeways.


mediocre-spice t1_iy6dlbd wrote

The cameras are there so people to slow down as they exit the freeway and enter a pedestrian area...


cptjeff t1_iy6jk9v wrote

They're not placed at exit ramps, at least on 295. They're placed on the highest speed areas, which are often the places furthest from any exits, to maximize revenue generation.


just_another_classic t1_iy8aume wrote

Honestly my least favorite one is the weird speed trap by RFK where you have to sometimes speed up to merge, then slow down to 25, then the speed limit goes right up to 40. The lanes are also super wide, which generally encourage speeding.


cptjeff t1_iy8qb94 wrote

The speed limit there used to be 40, and it was much more functional when it was. They dropped it to 25 and added the camera when they were rebuilding the bridge, but surprise surprise, they just left the lower limit and camera that actually makes that merge substantially more dangerous by bunching traffic at the worst possible location- because that camera prints money.

It's also a nice little tax on Ward 7 residents who have to loop around RFK to go south on 295.


invalidmail2000 t1_iy77l11 wrote

No you mean to maximize the impact of the camera. If nobody was speeding there the camera wouldn't issue any tickets.


cptjeff t1_iy865tq wrote

So you're saying that the point of the camera is to be placed where the most tickets can be issued rather than in the places where it has the most impact on public safety? Are there, perchance, some financial incentives for prioritizing ticket generation over safety?


invalidmail2000 t1_iybdwa5 wrote

It's both. Presumably the place where people are speeding the most is where it's most dangerous.

Honestly though I couldn't care less about it it was for revenue generation (I don't think it is though) I just want people to drive the speed limit and if cameras help even in the slightest amount then great!


cptjeff t1_iybrztb wrote

> Presumably the place where people are speeding the most is where it's most dangerous.

This is so stupid I don't know what to say.

No, speeding in an area where traffic flows smoothly and evenly and where no pedestrians or bikers are ever present is not more dangerous than speeding in a school zone where kids are walking home. Yet far, far more people will exceed the limit dramatically on the highway, especially when limits are set artificially low.

Speed is not in itself dangerous. Speed differential is. The most dangerous situations are where you have things moving fast next to things moving slow. Things moving fast next to things moving fast is actually quite safe.


mediocre-spice t1_iy6saxp wrote

I mean, you can look it up. People have even done overlays with safety data. They're around transition points to heavy pedestrian areas.


franch t1_iy7947u wrote

ah, all the pedestrians wandering around the 395 tunnel?

tbh if they got rid of the most notorious cameras (395 and 295 with a dishonorable mention to independence ave SE heading onto 295), there'd be a lot less hostility to them. the 295 camera was even in a fake construction zone to extract more grift from residents. yet i am regularly passed by cars in fucking bike lanes for daring to approach the speed limit on 17th St SE, a residential street, which can't get so much as a solitary speed bump. line streets like that with cameras and stop pulling the predatory bullshit.


cptjeff t1_iy8qyc6 wrote

> tbh if they got rid of the most notorious cameras (395 and 295 with a dishonorable mention to independence ave SE heading onto 295), there'd be a lot less hostility to them.

Which of course they won't do because the entire point of the camera program is revenue generation, not safety.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6pw3e wrote

Lol they don’t use that. They put them on the ON-ramps


mediocre-spice t1_iy6teuc wrote

You can go look up where they are. All the ones i'm familiar with are near high pedestrian areas. I don't even see any on on ramps...


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6v3z3 wrote

There’s several in the tunnels where pedestrians can’t even get to. There’s a few right after the bridge on NY Ave like right as your coming down hill. It’s not even a freeway they just put them at the bottom of steep ramps to catch people.

They need them in front schools and such. But really the cops need to start issuing moving violations. You shouldn’t be able to run a red light or make an illegal U-turn and double park blocking 2 lanes directly in front of cops. That’s fucked


mediocre-spice t1_iy7g25w wrote

The idea is you slow down before you get to the pedestrian area, like K St in Foggy Botton where people are just whipping though coming off the freeway.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_iy7l62v wrote

South dakota ave NE going into US 50 is a speed trap camera. Outside costco


invalidmail2000 t1_iy77nmf wrote

So? Speed limits exist on on-ramps as well.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy782n5 wrote

Oh god your that Maryland driver… the on ramp for accelerating to the speed of traffic. You’re not supposed to merge at 20mph and then speed up once you’re fully on the freeway. That’s why the beltway be so bad


invalidmail2000 t1_iy78jop wrote


You can accelerate and also not go over the speed limit. They are not mutually exclusive.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy79koi wrote

What is the speed limit? You make more traffic when you make everyone slow down because you’re too weak footed to step on the gas and get up to speed


invalidmail2000 t1_iy79xdh wrote

Depends which highway where.

Not my fault if people are speeding and have to slow down for someone who isn't speeding and is following the law.


cassiecat t1_iy8icvy wrote

Nah. If you're trying to merge into the RIGHT-HAND LANE of a highway and everyone else is "going too fast", you're actually the one that sucks. Speed the fuck up and merge. Stopping is unsafe, and so is pulling out going 35 in front of a line of cars going 50.


kngotheporcelainthrn t1_iy9he95 wrote

In the eyes of the law, flow of traffic on freeways is the speed limit. If you get rear-ended because you were doing 20 under coming onto the interstate, you will get a ticket for impediment of traffic, as well as being at fault for the crash.


VodgeDiper_10 t1_iy6fz52 wrote

There’s literally a camera right before the entrance to the BW parkway


mostlikelyatwork t1_iy66ahb wrote

I also hate when someone is waiting for me to cross and the car behind them leans on the horn.

Do not encourage someone to run me over. Also stop driving places if your situational awareness failed to percieve a whole person.


Ttabts t1_iy6m67t wrote

A frightening number of drivers seem to think it's normal to drive so inattentively that you might miss a person-sized object in your path.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6q5ka wrote

Sometimes I’m that person like “why are you randomly stopping?!” To be fair, some people will stop randomly for no apparent reason then keep driving when you try to pass them. I always try to keep an eye out for pedestrians. I was driving on M st. NW and some dude straight up stopped and started reversing then had the audacity to honk at me for being in his way while trying to illegally double and reversing down a 1 way street. The fucking audacity of drivers here is insane


rlpw t1_iy65qno wrote

Im grateful for some of the new medians being placed to give refuge to pedestrians on some of these longer crosswalks. But more still needs to be done - like bollards for centerline hardening and raised crosswalks everywhere.


suffertunity t1_iy6y9xg wrote

This is why it's safer for most people to just jaywalk. Using a crosswalk involves either a) a multi-way intersection where vehicles can come from many different places, and it's all too easy for either a driver or the pedestrian to misread or ignore signals, or b) a "please stop here even though you probably won't" crossing in the middle of a street. Both of these situations have many points of failure.

Jaywalking in the middle of the street by contrast involves a simple process: 1) look left 2) look right 3) if you don't see anyone coming you can go, guaranteed. No looking out for left turn people not paying attention to the crosswalk, no cyclists who don't see you on the other side of a stopped SUV and think the light doesn't apply to them, just the total absence of any threat whatsoever.


IcyWillow1193 t1_iy7a173 wrote

Jaywalking used to be just called "walking" before AAA lobbied to make it a crime.


turtyurt t1_iy7aoon wrote

Or you can be a true asshole like I see every day and just jaywalk through the street AT NIGHT while full lanes of cars are actively driving past you, and then flip off the cars as if they did something wrong


TheDukeofArgyll t1_iy62j7q wrote

Mid block crosswalks are extremely bad for pedestrians and traffic.


johnbrownbody t1_iy65d21 wrote

I've almost been run over at intersection crosswalks without a light. Midblock crosswalks aren't great but DC drivers are willing to kill you whether that's at midblock or intersection


brekky_sandy t1_iy7u5wp wrote

I’m going to disagree slightly. Mid block crosswalks can be great, but the ones in DC are implemented horribly. I consider myself to be a conscientious driver and I still have trouble with mid block crosswalks like the one on 14th street and R/S Street. It’s especially difficult on a Friday/Saturday night if you’re unfamiliar with the area: it’s dark, people are everywhere, and there are absolutely zero physical traffic calming measures to indicate to a driver that they are approaching a crosswalk.

I don’t want to run anyone over, but I almost did when I drove through 14th street at night for the first time because it’s just such a mess.


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_iy6byib wrote

They would work better if they were permanently illuminated and were raised to sidewalk level as some sort of huge speed bump.


TheDukeofArgyll t1_iy6cphg wrote

Agreed, I am all for continuous sidewalks


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_iy6d4qr wrote

Also every cross walk should come with a bucket of orange utility hammers that pedestrians can use to shatter the windows of passing cars in random acts of indiscriminate vandalism.


Ttabts t1_iy6mdsn wrote

This. Although I would prefer bricks - they can be thrown to do more damage with less risk to the vandal.


kelizziek t1_iy7t8r2 wrote

Yes but think of the rotator cuff injuries


-myBIGD t1_iy63h6n wrote

Agreed. I avoid these. Feels suicidal to me.


AngelsGoHome t1_iy69aef wrote

I live off a busy street and in the course of a mile there are about 3 intersections I dare cross it at. The rest? Forget about it!


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6q9uw wrote

100% I avoid them and only use them if there are absolutely no cars on the road. The people who just walk out in them with no regard are entirely too trusting


SquishWindow t1_iy6b2y1 wrote

It's one of my great fears in life when I'm driving around DC that I'm going to get someone killed in this situation - stopping to let a pedestrian cross in front of me and giving them a false sense of security while the person behind me zooms around.


idkman_93 t1_iy6r9dj wrote

Ok, that’s my big question whenever I see someone driving dangerously in DC: Are they not afraid about what would happen if they hit someone?

Beyond just the threat of KILLING SOMEONE, it would also ruin YOUR LIFE as the driver, right? I try to be extremely attentive when driving because I’m terrified of what would happen if I accidentally hit someone.


damnatio_memoriae t1_iy7dx6h wrote

sometime it feels like no one in this city has ever faced a real consequence... besides their victims


krispissedoffersonn t1_iy7z12j wrote

I was hit and left with broken bones laying in the street, summer 2017. right in front of the eastern market metro station. no witnesses, the women actually yelled something at me, and then sped off. people only care about themselves


Careful-Stock3713 t1_iyagftv wrote

The driver who ran over a pedestrian at 18th and Columbia NW and dragged her under the car has not been charged with anything as far as I know. It’s been one year since the incident. Seems like no consequences.


ALawful_Chaos t1_iy7lwoc wrote

More than once I’ve made a conscious decision not to stop at a crosswalk for a waiting pedestrian for this very reason. I don’t trust the people behind and next to me enough to also stop.


clickclackrackem t1_iy91sa6 wrote

Sounds like an awful excuse for not wanting to stop like you should lol


ALawful_Chaos t1_iy9mkqm wrote

I know it does. I’m not proud of it and I feel terrible every time. It usually happens when I’ve already slowed down in preparation to stop and gotten honked at and it seems likely that the honker behind me is prepared to swerve around me if I stop. 9 times out of 10 I stop for pedestrians, but there are occasions when my better judgment tells me it’s safer for everyone involved to just keep going.


colorofmydreams t1_iy6la37 wrote

A couple years ago when I did the same the car behind me simply plowed right into me. The driver was on his phone not looking. Fortunately the pedestrian saw that he was going to hit me and didn't cross.


Admirable-Branch-262 t1_iy6z4zc wrote

I've been a lot in Germany and Benelux countries, where people mostly slow down and stop a looong way ahead to let you safely pass. But I discovered pretty fast in US that driving culture and respecting pedestrians is pretty 3rd world level here, and I'm coming from an ex-Soviet country. :D In the first week here I got cut off by a car coming from behind when I was around the middle of crosswalk, he passed me full speed like 5 inches from me. And the guy didnt even gain anything as there was red on next crossing. But then again you all have guns here and lots of crazy people so it's not like I'm going to run to him and start cursing and beating his car, which could be the case back at home.


Gaijin_Monster t1_iy72464 wrote

It's not most of the US. It's this region where people drive like that.


trynoharderskrub t1_iy71m90 wrote

On 16th on my way to work there’s a cop who is always parked by a yield to pedestrians signed crosswalk, no light attached to it. Nearly every day he’s there, and nearly every morning & evening I stand there unable to cross for 10 minutes until the stars align and both sides of the highway have a gap in traffic or one out of 500 drivers decides to be a saint. I’m so confused what the point of the cop or the sign is.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6qrje wrote

I’ll do you one better: I was at a red light waiting for it to turn. A lady in a BMW (cuz it’s always the BMWs or Benz or big ass trucks) had her left blinker on waiting at the red light opposite me. They got inpatient and started to roll forward and decided to just turn against the red light. They almost took out 3 people crossing the opposite street she was trying to turn in. My light turned green and now me and and everyone else on our side of the street was stuck there waiting for her. I honked and the person next to me honked and she had the audacity to flip us both off like we were the problem! I fucking hate how the rules of the road are just not obeyed in the district at all


erodari t1_iy6sswx wrote

It should be a lot harder to get a drivers license.


pro-laps t1_iy6nwlr wrote

I guarantee that person would have no issue hitting a pedestrian and continuing on. Either that or shoot your car if you honk at them


morganwr t1_iy6t573 wrote

This morning saw two cars back to back turning right almost hit a woman walking towards me in a crosswalk, I start to cross and a car almost turns left and hits me from the other side. Then they have the gaul to honk at ME. This is with a light and we both had right of way.

We need to put resources into this, hire crossing guards, stake out these most dangerous intersections with cops, whatever. I'm usually against the general attitude of this sub always shitting on DC, but this is one thing that DC is generally terrible about and needs to be addressed immediately.


emcee4634 t1_iy8l2he wrote

One day within the span of 5 min on my drive home, two separate times a car behind me honked at me while I was stopped at a stop sign. ???? And I don’t even do the full S-T-O-P stop that we’re supposed to, just came to a full stop then started again. The second time the car actually drove around me while I was at the stop sign 🙃 people are whack.


xanadumuse t1_iy8ofat wrote

I really wish the District could enforce stricter punishment around these drivers. Perhaps a system where you can upload videos and photos of offenders. It would be anonymous. They could make a lot of money off of this and perhaps put it into a victims fund for family members who died because of reckless behavior.


topher180 t1_iy75zp7 wrote

The people who need to see this are unlikely to.


debokle t1_iy9osyz wrote

On that note, you are driving on a two lane road and see a car to your left or right slow down at a crosswalk but you don’t see a pedestrian, SLOW DOWN! There’s probably a pedestrian blocked from view.


Sluzhbenik t1_iy6p0x2 wrote

Cruelty and demonstrating a disregard for others on the road is a goal of such behavior.


ColonialTransitFan95 t1_iy6zpa8 wrote

A blind friend of mine asked me to help him cross the street. We had the walk sign, but I still did my double check. All car stopped, so we started crossing. Half way through crossing some oversized SUV with MD tags decides they aren’t going wait any more, blows through the red light and almost running us both over.


damnatio_memoriae t1_iy7dlc9 wrote

i almost got hit several months ago by someone doing that exact thing -- except it was also a red light and they were three cars back. like wtf. fuck cars.


HollaDude t1_iy7j6fb wrote

I'm in Italy right now and I have almost died multiple times I feel like hitting pediatricians is a game here 😶

I fully agree that cars need to stop for pedistrians in the cross walk, 100% pro the American stance on this. But it's interesting how in Italy, at least the parts I've been in so far, it seems more like cars have the right away

Of course there's way less cars and way more pedestrians here so that probably contributes


John-Basedow t1_iy8163j wrote

These crosswalks with the little yellow sign in the middle of the street are super dangerous. On New Mexico there is a stretch with about 7 in a row near AU. Im shocked a student hasn’t been flattened. I see kids walking across every day looking straight down at their phone with AirPods in. Put a fucking light up on a couple of those.


saltthatsnail t1_iy8cmo5 wrote

I truly wish the city would install crosswalk cams that issue traffic violation tickets. The $250 fine is a joke since it’s never enforced. I’m exhausted from having to be extra vigilant to make sure I won’t get ran over by a negligent driver. A few months ago, I nearly got hit by a car while I was in a protected crosswalk with the flashing warning lights on. Sadly, no cameras from nearby homes had a good angle to catch a plate.


the-silver-tuna t1_iy8k0wu wrote

I recently had the car behind me swerve around me and pass me because they found it unacceptable that I stopped at a red light. So they blasted around me on a narrow street into an intersection with a red light.


mettahipster t1_iy8nf9o wrote

Could we just sticky a thread related for the bad driving/fuck cars stuff?


Internexus t1_iy8p510 wrote

I absolutely HATE the lack of police action on this front. I want to see penalties and such go through the damned roof for ppl risking pedestrian safety in blatant ways like this. Yank that fuckers license for a few years so they can get a feel as a pedestrian for their lack of safety as shit ppl like them put us through.


TheJoYo t1_iy9fx36 wrote

Not that this doesn't happen otherwise but it's usually a cop that's blowing through the stop with me in the crosswalk.

The most recent one threw on their siren after the fact as if they were embarrassed to almost hit me.


dayinnight t1_iy9np38 wrote

The exact same thing happened to me last night in SW. I was making a left turn, stopped when I saw a pedestrian about to cross, and the guy behind me drove around and cut the pedestrian off. Then a giant truck behind started leaning on his horn to make me move.


CommentBro t1_iy9unwl wrote

One time I was driving around the Mall waiting to turn right and a group of pedestrians was in the middle of the crosswalk as the hand started to flash. The guy behind me lays on his horn. He caught up next to me at the next light and told me I should have gone. This was an older man with DC plates, he should have known. He said the flashing hand means no one in the crosswalk, and I told him A. That's incorrect, it means don't enter the crosswalk if you haven't already started to cross. And B. That regardless, pedestrians always have the right of way.

He said I was wrong and tried to keep arguing but I just had to ignore him at that point.


UhrHerr t1_iya7ysa wrote

If there is more than one lane and a driver stops to let me cross (when Im walking) I usually just wave them on. Sadly with so many absent minded drivers its usually much safer to just wait for a moment to cross then have a driver ‘create’ one for you. Ive seen so many times one driver stop and the other lane(s) just keep on going.


Uglycanadianindc t1_iyamsbl wrote

Yes. Live in Columbia Heights. Have had so many times when a car turning that decide to turn in front of me as I am walking or come within inches of me behind me on the crosswalk. You are being aggressive, a dick or both. Not fun walking by yourself, even more annoying when you are walking a dog.


[deleted] t1_iy6h34d wrote



Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6quu1 wrote

The police don’t enforce moving violations they see in front of them with their own two eyes they’re not going to follow up with that


rev3nge914 t1_iy6xu59 wrote

For as much work as DDOT puts into bike lanes that only half the cyclists are using, there sure isn't a lot of protection for pedestrians in this city


BitterGravity t1_iy8y2sh wrote

The bike lanes are so disconnected then dump cyclists back into the traffic that's killing pedestrians. But yeah not exactly caring about peds either


MarkinDC24 t1_iy7w40g wrote

Can we ban together to say enough is enough. My partner has a car video camera, which he jokingly uses. Someone drives like a maniac, he saves the video, but hasn’t done much other than that. I’d like to push it further….

Could people who have car video cameras save videos and report the most dangerous stuff to the police anonymously. Look I get it, I drive fast than the speed limit sometimes, but I DO NOT (a) drive into the other lane to cut people off (b) speed past another car almost hitting A PERSON in the process (c) throw objects out the window of my car. We should be able to fight these jerks somehow? No.


[deleted] t1_iy7whwh wrote



MarkinDC24 t1_iy7x2hi wrote

I sense your frustration. Hopefully mobilizing and building a coalition to address this might help. That’s why, I’m kinda spit-balling ideas, it’s an early form of Iterative development.


__main__py t1_iy80rfe wrote

Out of grim curiosity, where along 14th was this?


thegrumpycarp OP t1_iy910cb wrote

Up around Longfellow.

(Edited with a slightly better stab at which exact block)


__main__py t1_iy990pu wrote

I used to live fairly close to there. You see a ton of wild driving around 14th & Colorado and up from there. Just a total lack of fucks given.


thegrumpycarp OP t1_iy9x2fn wrote

100%. I live pretty close too, and there’s a lot of ridiculous driving for sure - that 14th and Colorado intersection is especially bad, with the weird merge and confusing stop lines.

Doesn’t help that a lot of it - including this crosswalk - are quite poorly lit compared to further south.


DanDanNDom t1_iy85jgx wrote

This scenario is why I've, more than once, considered blocking both lanes on a four lane (two lanes either direction) road, to protect the pedestrian. I'm not sure I'm prepared for the resulting road rage, though.

Can I ask an honest question, though: why are there no consequences for shitty driving here? I never see cops enforcing traffic laws. Are the police understaffed? Is the area just super soft about traffic enforcement? What gives? It's the same shit up in MoCo as well.

Edit: a word and a clarification


peacein0000 t1_iy87dye wrote

Cops don’t even do this - I have called out several before and they just laugh it off. So ridiculous.


Zestyclose-Yak-7516 t1_iy8exad wrote

I was driving through Arlington recently and almost hit someone like this. But here was the situation. There was a car in the left lane, seeming to be turning. I was in the right lane. So I kept driving as usual. There was a person in the crosswalk, but they were so short I could not see them above the car on the left. It scared the ever living SHIT out of me. Because the individual was in no sight where I could see them until I drove up Further and there they were. This is a busy intersection with no crossing lights.


GhostDawg01 t1_iy8lm86 wrote

DMV motorists drive like npc's in Grand Theft Auto V.


JimmyGodoppolo t1_iy8zlyx wrote

Let me guess what state's plates were on the car


PikachuThug t1_iy91ynl wrote

i bet they’re from Maryland


camelkami t1_iyage8e wrote

IME as a pedestrian maybe 1 car in 10 actually stops for pedestrians waiting to cross at a crosswalk (when there’s no stop sign or light). It sucks.


chrisabraham t1_iy88sqp wrote

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.


djslarge t1_iy94xk0 wrote

I’ve only been here for under 6 months, but I already know how to deal with these drivers My favorite time was when I was crossing where there wasn’t a stop light for pedestrians, you could just go. A car comes zooming as soon as I start walking and they start honking at me and bumping up on me. I just turned towards them, looked at them, and out my foot to their front bumper, before flipping them off and walking away


Ouroborus13 t1_iy9pg5m wrote

I find it hilarious when people take to twitter to complain about drivers.


[deleted] t1_iy6woe6 wrote



tophree t1_iy76ocr wrote

Most will probably just turn right on red anyway.


franch t1_iy7981a wrote

i already don't turn my signal on at no turn on red intersections until the light turns green. if i do, 50/50 chance that i am getting honked at or worse.


heranonymousaccount t1_iy6eibw wrote

That’s my biggest fear when driving in DC- hitting someone. I cannot count the times someone has stepped in front of me (not using a crosswalk).


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6r4fv wrote

I always honk at them and take pleasure with the fact that my loud ass honk annoyed them and their ear drums and they deserve it for almost making me involuntarily kill them.


Brickleberried t1_iy6h0zn wrote

Do you think this actually is informing anybody here who didn't know that?


MathematicianBulky30 t1_iy6xfum wrote

I’ve never seen or could imagine a more self centered city. This city is full of folks that act that same way and have 0 patience. And give 0 f’s for anyone but themselves. To those who actually have patience in this city, I commend you but you are the major minority. And their are those pedestrians who cross the crosswalk against the light and pretty much “dare” drivers to hit them. Or cross where the isn’t a crosswalk. I say, bring back Jay walking as a heavy fine. Or else do away with the cross walking signs and save the city some money on the lighting that few pay attention to. The only ones who pay attention to the rules of the road seem to be tourist.


districtsyrup t1_iy65a38 wrote

Piggying back on this to say: if you're a pedestrian, please don't stop in bike lanes. Especially if you're dressed in all black at night and I can't see you. There's a whole ass sidewalk that you can stand in instead of obstructing traffic.


SquishWindow t1_iy6be0u wrote

"Piggybacking" a post about pedestrian safety with a comment complaining about pedestrians getting in your way is just as shitty as when people respond to posts about cyclists being hit by whining about cyclists biking through stop signs.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6qz6e wrote

But pedestrians in this city don’t know how to cross the street. Almost took out a GW student in foggy bottom because she decided she just had to run out into the street and run down the block even thought he sidewalk was perfectly empty.


lc1138 t1_iy6b34x wrote

How is this piggy backing on the original topic at hand


Ttabts t1_iy6mja4 wrote

Bruh what does this have to do with anything


thegrumpycarp OP t1_iy6bdxu wrote

Absolutely. As a former (and hopefully soon again) bike commuter, this is very frustrating. I get way less mad at these people as a cyclist than I do bad drivers as any form of road user, though.


Cairne_Bloodhoof t1_iy67umn wrote

I sympathize with OP’s experience, but I don’t get the lenience on this subreddit just being a sounding board for people to post generalized complaints about traffic, crime, metro, etc.


slicknilla t1_iy6852s wrote

We can only reply with "Dan's Cafe" to so many topics


cptjeff t1_iy6c7ph wrote

What exactly do you think a city subreddit is for, if not for talking about the issues of living in this particular city?


mediocre-spice t1_iy6dw69 wrote

Don't read and comment on posts that you don't want to see? Upvotes and comments are how things get pushed out on this site


thegrumpycarp OP t1_iy697xc wrote

You know, fair. I often feel the same way. I was just super mad and trying to channel all the adrenaline somewhere. I see this kind of driving all the time and this was an especially close call.

I would probably be in support of more restrictions around these types of posts, though.


Brickleberried t1_iy6habt wrote

I agree, but honestly, the worst ones are "The weather is so nice outside. Go outside." Those OP's can fuck right off.


IMicrowaveSteak t1_iy6bva3 wrote

Yes, but the law is clear - you stop if someone is already in the crosswalk. I can’t believe how many people walk into crosswalks and don’t even bother looking if a car is coming.


thegrumpycarp OP t1_iy6cq7h wrote

This person was halfway across the road when I reached the crosswalk. They were almost clipped when the car literally drove between them and the sidewalk they’d almost reached.


Virtual_Ad_6667 t1_iy6ggz3 wrote

I agree with you, pedestrians need to stop and look before crossing. I can't tell you how many times ive seen people that don't "have the light" just walk into the street without looking.


thegrumpycarp OP t1_iy6r7l5 wrote

Are you suggesting that it would somehow be the pedestrian’s fault if they got hit? They were already most of the way across the street when this happened - the car zipped between them and the sidewalk they were approaching.

The pedestrian 100% had the right of way, and they were attentive enough that they didn’t get hit.


Virtual_Ad_6667 t1_iy7mben wrote

No, I'm not talking about that scenario. I'm speaking in general ( maybe I shouldn't have used a comma). To rephrase what I'm saying... pedestrians have a duty to be vigilant when crossing the street regardless of what the light says. I see too many people these days looking down when crossing the street. Again, not talking about the scenario you mentioned.


[deleted] t1_iy67n1m wrote



pecanorchard t1_iy69j11 wrote

You think a post about a pedestrian almost getting killed by an asshole driver breaking the law is going to embolden pedestrians? Fascinating.


thegrumpycarp OP t1_iy6aa84 wrote

I’m not sure what your point is here re: echo chambering getting people killed. Obviously the roads aren’t safe for people to have their heads in the clouds, and even if they were safe enough people should still pay attention.

Are you saying this post - an anecdote about dangerous driving - will give people false confidence when crossing the street? That the title of this post will somehow influence pedestrians more than the “state law drivers must stop for pedestrians” signs at most crosswalks (but not this one)? That stopping for pedestrians when someone could conceivably blow past is just putting pedestrians at more risk?


lc1138 t1_iy6c8jh wrote

Go on and slither back to r/wallstreetbets


fireshighway t1_iy6sihk wrote

No one MUST refrain from killing people. They are simply breaking the law if they commit murder.

Lmao what the fuck are you even talking about.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6rkxg wrote

How is this emboldening anyone? Also they may be breaking the laws of the District of Columbia but they can’t break the laws of physics that saw a large object in motion needs room to come to a stop and can’t do it in a dime. You sound like the type of guy to step in front of an 18 wheeler then get mad when you get hit because the 10 ton truck couldn’t stop for you.


normalguysupercar t1_iy66zhr wrote

I'll be honest: sometimes I just don't feel like it. I can drive faster through the intersection than the pedestrian.


Hugh_Jundies t1_iy68xel wrote

You shouldn't be driving if you don't feel like following traffic laws.


thegrumpycarp OP t1_iy6rhy8 wrote

> Just almost killing someone for the feeling of getting there faster.

You are a bad person and you shouldn’t be on the road.


FSOTFitzgerald t1_iy6l51t wrote

Let me know how that goes after you hit someone and are sued into abject poverty.


Quelcris_Falconer13 t1_iy6rq5o wrote

You are the problem. You should not be driving. Your ass can walk and use the metro. “Normal guy super car” it should be “entitled asshat dented car from all the people and objects he’s hit with it”