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johnbrownbody t1_iy65d21 wrote

I've almost been run over at intersection crosswalks without a light. Midblock crosswalks aren't great but DC drivers are willing to kill you whether that's at midblock or intersection


brekky_sandy t1_iy7u5wp wrote

I’m going to disagree slightly. Mid block crosswalks can be great, but the ones in DC are implemented horribly. I consider myself to be a conscientious driver and I still have trouble with mid block crosswalks like the one on 14th street and R/S Street. It’s especially difficult on a Friday/Saturday night if you’re unfamiliar with the area: it’s dark, people are everywhere, and there are absolutely zero physical traffic calming measures to indicate to a driver that they are approaching a crosswalk.

I don’t want to run anyone over, but I almost did when I drove through 14th street at night for the first time because it’s just such a mess.