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sloowhand t1_iy9w4k6 wrote

Chicago transit: “In the winter, we use controlled fire on our rails to heat them so that they can still run in the extreme Chicago cold and snow.”

WMATA: “Instructions unclear.” Sets fire to entire station.


SenTedStevens t1_iya79dc wrote

Also WMATA: We install our ventilation systems in a way that forces the smoke back in the stations to smother out the fire...or something.


1000111010142 t1_iyag7ue wrote


But just to be clear (as a former employee who maintained the systems that controlled fan operation) it was operator error during a crisis...serious operator error 🤣


SenTedStevens t1_iyanqgg wrote

OK, maybe I'm giving them too much grief. They did have a 50:50 chance of pushing the air the right way. You can't be right every time.


1000111010142 t1_iyao3bs wrote

The ROCC operators deserve the grief for sure!! Not sure when exhausting smoke from a smoky situation is ever a bad idea...smh


mmeeplechase t1_iybmt62 wrote

Chicago loses out to DC on some things, but our (moved there a couple years ago!) public transit really does work so much better!


BurnBabyBurner- t1_iy9js1d wrote

Balance. We gained Dulles so only makes sense we lose something else.


Macrophage87 t1_iy9ih9h wrote


SenTedStevens t1_iya73mc wrote

Don't forget this one.


Chesspi64 t1_iybu5f8 wrote

I need to remember to look at that page -- when the metro is actually open and not at 12:50am


WearyFee9679 t1_iy9psc0 wrote

I needed this back when I was commuting using the blue line. Felt like there was a fire at least once a week.


FrndlyNbrhdSoundGuy t1_iyajru8 wrote

Back in 2015/16 metro was on fire so often ismetroonfire was basically a daily commuter tool same as next bus or metro hero


arensb t1_iy9x66s wrote

And I thought the red line was the cursed one.


Two_Faced_Harvey t1_iy9xt1a wrote

Looks like it’s been extinguished


alizadk t1_iyadeq3 wrote



Two_Faced_Harvey t1_iyag4t1 wrote

Website says it’s not on fire and they say the station is open again


alizadk t1_iyagite wrote

It said maybe when I checked.


Two_Faced_Harvey t1_iyaiyoj wrote

I keep clicking and it says “not yet”


alizadk t1_iyajybc wrote

That's the default. When I checked, it must not have been announced that everything was back to normal.


dmethvin t1_iyacc40 wrote

Take me down to Pentagon City
Where the smoke is thick
And the trains are shitty
Oh won't you please take me home?


keyjan t1_iy9nxgb wrote

Well, damn. Sympathies to everyone trying to go through there.

Wmata says the station is back open.


ChefHancock t1_iya56t8 wrote

It's fine now, still can smell smoke a liiitle bit tho.


el_sh33p t1_iyal00r wrote

Hot damn. I never expected to see a fire that deep into the Virginia side.


ticumac t1_iyajb3i wrote

And still one of the best I've been on between Mexico City and the U.S. Mexico City's metro is my 1 and DC's comes at my 2nd. NYC is my 3rd, mostly because of the crazy shit I've seen. The Boston one sucks, so does Oakland & San Francisco. LA also sucks. Don't even get me started on Baltimore.


SexyEdMeese t1_iyb7v7w wrote

NYC beats DC on infrastructure

NYC loses to DC once people are involved


ticumac t1_iybfnve wrote

Yup, I agree with that. I love NYC but man lol the stuff I've seen. I feel at home in the U.S. It's a beautiful country with wonderful people. U.S. cities are fucking wonderful.


Gaijin_Monster t1_iybk7bh wrote

if that's what you think, you need to travel more. Seoul, Vienna, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo Stockholm, Kyoto, Busan and so many more cities have a MUCH better subway than DC


ticumac t1_iybn61i wrote

I hope to do it one day. But in this part of the world, DC is pretty good.


Formergr t1_iyausec wrote

Chicago is pretty decent, at least was until I moved away about 13 years ago.


ChordSlinger t1_iyb1fwq wrote

It still is and they dropped the monthly transit pass to $75


queenbb_uwu t1_iybi2xh wrote

Yep. I was on the metrorail to Franconia and it skipped that stop. Now i see why


snarkyturtle t1_iyb33f1 wrote

serves them right for being in virginia tbh


turnageb1138 t1_iybn0tc wrote

Funny how we don't get breathless posts reporting every single auto crash in the region.


pwrpffgrrl t1_iyc72da wrote

I’m dumb and it took me entirely too long to see the smoke and realize you meant an actual literal fire. I was looking at the number of people there and was like, “that’s not crazy busy at all!”


Culper1776 t1_iycqxzw wrote



AlphaStormyFire t1_iycs75t wrote

And they wonder why passenger numbers have gone down…


[deleted] t1_iybm0pu wrote



mechavolt t1_iybnghx wrote

First, no it's not, there are a ton of workers who need to get there. Second, this is the Pentagon City stop, not the Pentagon stop. They are two different stops.


Uthallan t1_iya9cxg wrote

we need to tear up the existing metro and build a real subway system with double or triple tracking and reliable service