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unl1988 t1_ixq4l40 wrote

figure out a different transportation option.

separation means separation.


gerri001 t1_ixq5fc9 wrote

Agree. Just in a tough financial situation right now. I have a pretty lump sum but said fiancée told me to put it into an I bond account and now I can’t touch it for a year. My rent just went up $600 dollars blah blah blah.


_lmmk_ t1_ixq609c wrote

You need an entirely different transpo method. There is no “sharing a car” with your ex fiancé, who has already changed her mind three times about the “deal” she will give you.

Take out a car loan and move to a cheaper apartment.


Savageride t1_ixq4qc7 wrote

Just get your own car lol, why keep attached to your ex over what sounds like a old car. This same thing happened to me a few years ago. And I was paying for the car in her name. I just got my own car!!


[deleted] OP t1_ixq51nq wrote



Savageride t1_ixq62j8 wrote

At the end of the day just like you said insurance won’t allow that anyway. And if you do drive anything you do in the car accident our ticket her insurance will rise. And now with DC new law you get points on your license for camera tickets (which will go on hers) next year. Getting a car is your easiest and safest bet. Our just deal with whatever repercussions you have bye using your ex car! Sounds like you already have your answer as well! You gotta use her car lol


xhoi t1_ixq66y7 wrote

Whats your commute look like via public transportation? Can you WFH part of the week?


SpaceBasedFace t1_ixq6bqe wrote

Just get a lease. You can get a Mazda CX-30 for under $200 a month as a point of reference - shop around, especially this time of year.


703unknown t1_ixq91jh wrote

She can name you on her policy and you pay the difference. Or you can contact an insurance agent/company and just tell them you are licensed without a vehicle and need insurance for if you need to use a car share (free2move) or borrow a friends / relatives vehicle. Hopefully you can rebound quickly. The pathway always gets easier to see when the dust finally starts to settle.