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TheBigBoner t1_iwi8vql wrote

I will always recommend the Queen Vic on H St for proper poutine


coolblue123 t1_iwi5nkb wrote

Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia MD. Along with poutine, they have really good burgers too.


Eeightd OP t1_iwi615q wrote

That’s a little over an hour from me🫠 but I will keep it in mind! The menu does look amazing. Thank you(:


coolblue123 t1_iwi69o0 wrote

what makes them really good is they fry in duck fat and their gravy is really good too.


Its_All_Elemental t1_iwibnlg wrote

Unconventional Diner has a pretty tasty take on it, brunch menu (everyday before 4p). You can view photos on yelp or google, but here’s the ingredients:

FRENCH DIP POUTINE - 21 Angus Beef | Mushroom | Cheese Curds Caramelized Onions | Sunny Egg (gf)


cornerflip t1_iwizlx6 wrote

Honeymoon Chicken in Petworth has some pretty great fried chicken poutine


OhPooForgottheBags t1_iwi6km0 wrote

Why have I always assumed that poutine was a term for sexual intercourse?


Eeightd OP t1_iwi6shd wrote

Hahaha, I’m not sure, but it’s basically fries, gravy, and cheese curds.


alizadk t1_iwje38h wrote

New Safeway on 14th St NE has a poutine bar.


jj3449 t1_iwijt6s wrote

Finnegans Wake in the Rockville Town Center. Not in DC but it’s a couple minute walk from a Metro station.


beaksy88 t1_iwiqxx0 wrote

Pre pandemic there was a poutine food truck at Truckeroo that was good but I can’t remember the name.


SportsFanRecruiter t1_iwmeu3o wrote

I recently had some of the best Poutine at Delirium Cafe in Leesburg, VA. If you’re up for a nice trip, definitely worth it