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giscard78 t1_j02gbbu wrote

I liked that between metro bus, weekend fare, the transfer discount and metro rail that it cost me $2 to get to Dulles when Uber/Lyft wanted $90 + tip. It still took me 90+ minutes though lol. In most cases if I were solo, I could see myself opting to use the bus instead of a ride share because it’s not worth $88+ to me to halve the time from 90 minutes to 45 minutes out there. But if I were with my partner or someone else, I could see wanting to split the ride share cost. I still prefer DCA in general, though.

Edit: There were lots of folks in nova getting on, though. Even if it’s not the most convenient for me in DC, it still looked very convenient for plenty of other people. Part of why I like DCA so much because metro makes it super easy to get there so if other people get that same convenience in Virginia then that’s great.


solidrecommendations t1_j02hcwv wrote

No more bus option now that there’s metro


giscard78 t1_j02i1d5 wrote

> No more bus option now that there’s metro

I don’t live near the silver line so the quickest way for me to travel with luggage to the silver line is by bus. If I use metro to get to Dulles, it still takes to get to the silver line (McPherson Square or Farragut West for me) then the ~60 minutes actually on the train.


moss-fete t1_j02geen wrote

Until now I've been specifically avoiding flying through IAD - even if a flight through IAD is ~$150 cheaper than flying through National, airport ubers to and from DC proper can run ~$65 each way.

So the new metro connection makes IAD a reasonable option in a way that it kinda just wasn't before. So I'm liking the option, even if I haven't used it to get to the airport yet!


scheenermann t1_j02t2jo wrote

Wasn't difficult to reach IAD via Metro before. Just involved the slightly annoying extra step of the $5 shuttle. I think you should have been pocketing that extra $$$.


ekkidee t1_j03oo6a wrote

I wouldn't use it to fly to NY or Florida, but the Metro connection opens up international options that are not available from DCA. An extra hour to IAD (being very generous here) is worth a non-stop to Europe as opposed to routing from DCA via JFK or something. And BWI doesn't have enough international.


Rtstevie t1_j04ar8n wrote

I did a BWI international trip where I connected at JFK and it was such a PITA vs just doing direct at IAD. Big difference is on the way back…it’s so much better to be able to disembark at your airport of entry into the USA vs going through customs and then having to go through check in again.


sdo2020 t1_j05ckwj wrote

To be honest: BWI has decent Mex and Caribbean flights. The daily British Airways flight is pretty reliable and generally more affordable than IAD. And Play has decent connections to Europe if you want to endure that. And landing at BWI will get from plane to curb in 5-10 minutes. IAD can be like 40.


ekkidee t1_j05dbzd wrote

BWI is a big hub for Southwest which is doing a lot of Mex and Carib flights, very true. And I've got a couple of alerts in play for WAS-LHR next summer, and BWI is in the lead. Overall I'd prefer Baltimore for other reasons too.


sudsomatic t1_j03tjud wrote

It’s great and all but I really wish they put in a 3rd rail for the silver line extension. We need an express train to make it pretty attractive to me, otherwise it would take 1.5 hrs as opposed to 40 minutes drive. Dulles is extremely far away.


pizzajona t1_j04ewq3 wrote

Apparently Metro did a study which showed express service would only save about 7 min from Dulles to downtown.

Something that can be done now would be to increase Metro’s top speed from 59mph to 75 mph. This would help a lot on the silver line because it runs in highway medians for so long. The operating speed was lowered after a near-fatal incident.


sudsomatic t1_j04h6mq wrote

I thought that study said 7 minutes savings was if they don’t have a third rail because it would just catch up to the train in front.


SandBoxJohn t1_j04ofiv wrote

The only logical way to shorten the runtime to Dulles is to build a track that would bypass the 4 Tysons Corner stations and upgrade the signaling system to allow closer headways, As built the Silver line is limited to 19 train per hour.


SandBoxJohn t1_j04mk9r wrote

WMATA lowered maximum speeds long before what is stated in that Washington Post article. Rolling stock performance profiles were detuned back in the mid 1990s (reducing acceleration, deceleration rates and top speed) when stress cracks were found in the 1k car bodies and to prevent them from forming in the nearly identical 2,3 and 4k car bodies.


pizzajona t1_j04nap2 wrote

So what was the top speed before 2016?


SandBoxJohn t1_j04ptal wrote

Typically below 65 MPH as it took longer to accelerate to the higher speeds before needing to decelerate into the next station.


aDCperson123 t1_j04qizd wrote

Given the steel construction of the 7/8ks once they retire the Al cars would they maybe consider retuning?


SandBoxJohn t1_j04vtca wrote

It will likely not happen as running the trains like scalded dogs will shorten their service life in much the same way as what happened to the 1 and 4k cars.


aDCperson123 t1_j053y5s wrote

I just figured the fatigue properties of the alloy might be enough different to handle the stress. At some design limit of course it would be. It totally depends on the metallurgy and sizing.


yunnifymonte t1_j04z3eg wrote

Shorten their Service Life? I’m confused, I agree about the 4000 Series, but about the 1000 Series, weren’t Metro supposed to retire them earlier, but couldn’t due to a Railcar Shortage, Pre-7ks?


SandBoxJohn t1_j06d8po wrote

The 1k cars were designed for a service life of roughly 40 years. They began developing stress cracks in their car bodies at roughly half the length of their service life. They were for all practical purposes beyond the end of their service life before reaching 40 years.


Conscious-Holiday-76 t1_j02hr2d wrote

I haven't taken it yet but I'm now willing to fly in and out of IAD. It was not an option before

I'm still more willing to take the train and bus to BWI though


hemlockone t1_j0470eb wrote

This. I had a work trip with a bunch of connections, but via LA. Instead of one fewer transfer by going through Dulles, it was much easier to go national --> Atlanta -> la.


FutureComplaint t1_j02gtqs wrote

I love that it exists, as it means I can finally get to/from work using the metro.


NewUser22031 t1_j02nb5t wrote

I haven't used it yet, but it's nice to have options other than Reagan and American Airlines without having to pay about $80 to get there.


Kitchen_Software t1_j02w91q wrote

Unfortunately you still pay about a minimum of 50 minutes from Metro Center


9throwawayDERP t1_j034b7k wrote

So 15 minutes extra compared to someone dropping me off if there is no traffic on 66?

Yeah, that sounds like nothing compared to the money saved on Ubers ($70 right now). That translates to a opportunity cost of time at $280/hour. Yeah, I’m saving the money.

Pretty much only driving if taking the entire family with luggage. (Which always made sense, even to DCA for us).


Kitchen_Software t1_j03n95k wrote

My post was admittedly a bit curt.

The implication was that you have to get to Metro Center, and then it's 50 minutes. For me, that means a solid 90 minutes door to door including a bus and two trains (with bags). DCA is less than half that for me.

I would do it, but tough sell for most other people in my life (wife, parents, etc.)

Also just frustrated that they can't run an express train. a 20-min ride from MC to IAD would be incredible.


Gumburcules t1_j030ikb wrote

Dulles is a 35 minute drive from Metro Center so unless Uber has a new teleport option I'm not aware of you're only "paying" 15 minutes.


hooahguy t1_j03cmqs wrote

I used it flying back from Thanksgiving weekend, it was great. $2 weekend fares makes it an unbeatable option from Dulles. It was about 50 mins from Dulles to Foggy Bottom, so not too bad. As others have said, Dulles is now an option for me for more flights. Though maybe not early morning flights lol


HealthLawyer123 t1_j02r90l wrote

It’s still faster to get to Dulles by driving if you can get a free ride.


Gumburcules t1_j030zy5 wrote

What kind of monster asks someone to drive them to Dulles for free?

You're saving like 20 minutes for yourself at the expense of nearly 2 hours of that person's time. I wouldn't even ask my own wife to do that.


9throwawayDERP t1_j033eld wrote

I’ve only done this once for my wife when she was coming back from a long trip with a pet. You don’t simply go out to Dulles, that pretty much takes up an half days worth of time.


ekkidee t1_j03o33f wrote

* Jerry Seinfeld has entered the chat.


Ancient-Isopod-2991 t1_j06sr6u wrote

It is interesting that many of you say that it's quicker to drive to Dulles and to take the metro. How little you think of the person who is driving you who has to drive back.


ekkidee t1_j03nyp8 wrote

Did you factor in parking in one of the remote lots? Or, if we're considering expense, the daily parking fee?

WaPo did an Amazing Race thing downtown to airline counter at IAD and determined it was really close to a draw. The one variable would be traffic which is not really a factor on the toll road, but can be a hassle downtown.


HealthLawyer123 t1_j03peo7 wrote

They did their comparison at rush hour. I flew out of Dulles the day before thanksgiving and got there at 3, there was very little traffic, and my return trip was on a Sunday night also when there was not a lot of traffic.


celj1234 t1_j03v6vv wrote

That comparison didn’t factor in getting to the metro and potentially waiting for a train(s)


pizzajona t1_j04e6p2 wrote

I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited to this weekend when I fly down south for the holidays


FejizeKoy t1_j04iefp wrote

Used it to pick up a friend from the airport last week and my roundtrip was less than $10 from downtown DC and it didn’t take as long as I expected. Felt very easy!


alatennaub t1_j04u499 wrote

It's nice if you don't arrive late or leave early, and live on the silver line. On the weekends, the price is more than well worth the extra time.

Just wish they had an express bus from downtown. Madrid does that despite having not one but two separate rail connections (metro and commuter rail), but the bus route is available 24/7. That makes it the best option in the evening hours when train service slows or ceases. Actually, would be awesome if any of our airports had that.


BourbonCoug t1_j077jhh wrote

I’m surprised Fairfax Connector or Loudoun County Transit hasn’t jumped on operating an express bus. Didn’t Fairfax Connector run the bus from Wiehle-Reston East to Dulles anyway?


GovernorOfReddit t1_j054qrl wrote

I haven't been blessed to ride it yet since I'm swamped with school shit right now. Couldn't help but shed a tear knowing I was missing out on the Silver Line's opening, but next week I should have a free day to give it a ride and see how it is.

Side note, I'm glad it finally happened. The last few international flights I made (London and Lisbon), it was so nice hopping onto the train immediately after touching down in the airport. When I got to Dulles, I had to shuttle to the Metro immediately after getting out of the airport. It's so much more convenient to be able to take the train right at the airport.


swampoodler t1_j02dt2f wrote

I mean, if I had expendable income and free time to fly fun places I would.

Too busying paying my landlord’s mortgage.


wwb_99 t1_j02vw8c wrote

Why would I care that much? Airport is still far away, it still takes an hour + to get there and flying is a PITA on top of that.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j02y9vl wrote

Then stay at home all the time. You're one less person in front of me taking too long to empty their pockets and take off their complicated shoes in the security line.


celj1234 t1_j02e8wf wrote

Seems like there was initial excitement. Don’t see myself ever using it tho.