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AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j1vstdj wrote

I can tell you who to avoid in the Navy Yard area, just from personal experience.

Insignia on M: they didn't have the time to show me the units that were for rent, then claimed that they were occupied and that I could just walk around the building doing a self-guided tour of the common areas. There were so many red flags that seemed to indicate that this building doesn't have its shit together.

The Yards Collection: I wanted to look at units in two different buildings, which I eventually got to do, but the people in the leasing office were slow as fuck, and seemed completely uninterested in showing units to a potential new tenant.

Dock 79: These people seemed fantastic and it was the nicest place I looked at in the neighborhood that wasn't super expensive and out of my price range. I ended up in an entirely different part of town but I considered that place for a bit. Though I later heard from a coworker who hated living there, dealing with loud parties and constant weed/cigarette smoking that management was incapable of dealing with. So maybe I dodged a bullet there. I guess your experience might vary depending on your neighbors, but that's so hard to gauge during a five minute walkthrough.