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merpderp33 t1_j1xld0y wrote

Pho 75 - within walking distance of Rosslyn metro station (15 ish min walk if I remember right)


LobbyDizzle t1_j1y27z0 wrote

Walk downhill from Court House if you're feeling a bit lazy. Is it still cash only?


aster01ds t1_j1yalqo wrote

Still cash only but there’s an ATM inside


IMicrowaveSteak t1_j1zgaxf wrote

Are they connected to Pho 75 in Rockville?


merpderp33 t1_j1zpgwn wrote

Yea! It has multiple locations around the DMV - I do think the Rosslyn location is way better than Rockville. Rockville isn’t as good as it used to be