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ppc2500 t1_j15zrn3 wrote

Someone correct me but I thought FedEx wasn't in the bid. It was Baltimore (Ravens stadium).


ZonaPunk t1_j164ry2 wrote

correct, but they knew Fedex Field would not make the grade so it wasn't considered


Eagleburgerite t1_j164eag wrote



efthfj OP t1_j168d32 wrote

Nope. They dropped when they saw the writing on the wall…


greenthanks75 t1_j19etpx wrote

I think the final bid was “DC/Baltimore” and some events would have been held in DC with all of the matches being played in the Ravens stadium. I think part of the bid was increased transit between DC and Baltimore for the duration of the Cup.


lpycb42 t1_j19lbkw wrote

Oh God it’s bad enough as it is, I can’t imagine the nightmare.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j18w7sj wrote

True, but they were also trying to prevent an international soccer star from being murdered by a squeegee boy.


DfcukinLite t1_j19jo2k wrote

As long as they don’t attack them first with a bat they’d be fine. Thousands of other are. And that was well after. Not to worry tho, they could just be murder waiting for metro or in Columbia Heights