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sprinkles202 t1_j0huflk wrote

DC is transient, and there’s a large population of younger folks who want to live in DC for a few years but don’t want/intend to buy until they move out of the area or decamp to the suburbs.

I see this particular building being popular with GW grad students and junior biglaw types who want the convenience in the near term but wouldn’t want to live there in the long term and thus would rather rent than buy. Or maybe it’ll become another Avenue and be full of GW undergrads.


jindc t1_j0hy743 wrote

That is true. But I know quite a few people would would like to buy in DC but are priced out. So....

Not sure how GWU manages its housing. But GU has been building steadily to house its undergrads, and some law students, at least. Not sure how many full time GU students are now in the transient rental market.