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Hi DC braintrust - I currently own a NW Rowhome that has a parking spot in the rear (~20 by 20 feet if I am being generous it could fit two cars but it would be tight, plus a small spot for trash cans). It is currently gravel that is getting a bit thin... so we're looking to replace it with paver bricks, concrete, etc. basically anything that isn't gravel.

Anyone have any experience/recommendations with companies that do this type of work? Any ballparks on cost? Most of my online research keeps pointing me to full driveways... thanks in advance!



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39ssurtak t1_j2das5n wrote

Yes, please do permeable pavers! You will be pleased. Parking is great and so is capturing fresh water back into the groundwater system instead of routing it to waste lines/city runoff only.

Side note: The flipper next door to us turned an entire grassed yard into a concrete pad and now there’s no water getting in from 400 sq ft. It’s so tragic. No life, at all, but rats. I wish it was illegal to add new concrete pads in yards: especially for flippers bc they can easily afford it and pivot to the pavers without batting an eye.


Joelpat t1_j2dknmt wrote

It essentially is illegal. You can only cover a certain % of your lot with impermeable surfaces. Most houses in DC are probably already over that %, so they will not give you a permit to add more.

On the other hand, they even count very permeable surfaces like wood decks as impermeable.


reivax t1_j2e8j4a wrote

Our neighbors did that too. Grass lot with a small garden, paved over all the way to the house for a parking pad and tacky patio area.

Zoning requires a specific amount of permeable surface, 20% of the lot in my zone, and their lot was over 95% impermeable. I put in a complaint with then-DCRA, they took four months to inspect, and found no violation. Nothing we can do except absorb their water.


quadshotvt OP t1_j2e14v3 wrote

Thanks both for comments. Vaguely remembered the DOEE program but hadn’t realized that could related - will take a look at the firms - was leaning towards permeable pavers as well!


kalifadyah t1_j2ej6so wrote

We used First Impression Hardscapes for our permeable paver parking pad. They had the best price and did great work. We had them come back and do our walkway a few months later too


Barnst t1_j2d7ydm wrote

Here is the list of contractors supporting DOEE’s permeable paver program. You wouldn’t be eligible for any of the rebates, but they would be a good starting point.


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