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CriticalStrawberry t1_j1247va wrote

The article you shared from earlier in 2022 is literally based on MPD stats. So they're BS when you don't like them but they're a sure thing when you do? Where would you like to pull crime stats from? Your ass?

If you want to argue that it feels like crime is up then I might agree with you. But based on the stats, it's down.


PresidentHarambe1 t1_j124yf9 wrote

How many times did police not show up to take a report?

How many times did the AG drop or reduce charges?

How creative are they now with classifying crime? What used to be felonies but now are misdemeanors?

I don’t believe things are improving in DC. I’m amazed people do.


CriticalStrawberry t1_j125nhp wrote

I've never heard a case where they don't take a report in violent crime. I'm sure it happens, but it's rare.

The prosecution has nothing to do with crime stats. It's crimes recorded, not crimes successfully prosecuted.

It's not broken up by felonies/misdemeanors or severity of the crime. It's broken up by violent/property crimes and more specifically things like murder, assault, theft. Violent crime as a whole is down 7% YOY.

You can believe whatever you want. That doesn't make it true.


PresidentHarambe1 t1_j127ph5 wrote

Something is not right about those numbers. Must be all happing in my area. Pedestrians getting plown down like every other day by cars. So many carjacking and cars fleeing scenes. Such impunity.