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midweastern t1_j2e3grc wrote

I'm not even referring to people commuting into DC, but rather the people who reside in DC and rely upon street parking for their vehicle storage. Give them an off-street parking option that takes away the need to hunt for an on-street spot that isn't $200/month and I think you'll find opposition to replacing their coveted parking spots with bike lanes dissipate.


SpeedysComing t1_j2ebn7b wrote

Nah, why continue to subsidize cheap parking for people's personal automobiles? If you can't properly store your own cumbersome vehicle, why should those costs be passed on to the public at the expense of safer streets? $200 / month might start getting closer to the market rate. It's time for drivers to pay their fair share.


firewarner t1_j2fmcq8 wrote

Lol why the hell should I have to subsidize your parking spot??