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A_Crazy_Canadian t1_j2ee6aq wrote

> The fact of the matter is that long-term parking options in DC are so expensive that street parking has become a primary way people store their vehicles. It can be comically difficult to find street parking that isn't blocks away from the place where you actually live; if you take that away, what then?

Then people stop having cars or have fewer. That is a major goal for a lot of us, getting rid of the cars that make DC worse. Owning and using a car should be expensive and inconvenient order to discourage their use due to the damage cars do to the city.

> All new residential constructions should have some space allocated for parking; it doesn't need to be on a 1:1 resident-parking spot ratio, but new houses should have at least one space for off-street parking and all new apartment/condo buildings should have underground lots.

Why does there government to mandate very expensive underground parking? If people want parking more than it costs to build developers will build that and charge more to make money. If the customers don't want need parking and the developers know that why should they be forced to build and residents forced to pay for something they don't want.


davos_16 t1_j2faxmn wrote

My two cents is that a lot of buildings with basements/underground parking tend to actually be well built and can be renovated for a longer lifespan than the easier to build and cheap wood structures I see popping up around here. I’m someone who drives and also bikes regularly so I’m for rationality in having both bike lanes and some parking requirements for large developments.

It’s quite disingenuous to think that all DC residents work in DC because my metro ride to work in Reston would be 1.5 hours versus a 35 minutes drive.