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Suburbs-suck t1_j2eeh0x wrote

This is just concern trolling.


mart_nargy t1_j2efpvn wrote

I dunno man, white people do a great job of making everything about them


Suburbs-suck t1_j2eg499 wrote

I’m not white you troll.


mart_nargy t1_j2egkvb wrote

Well I am, and let me tell you, we do a great job of it. The bike people especially.


Suburbs-suck t1_j2egwma wrote

You didn’t need to tell me that. Literally 100% of the people who concern troll about white people are white lol.

Racial minorities tend to have actual things to be concerned about.


mart_nargy t1_j2ehdu3 wrote

Deflect all you want, but there’s no denying that bike lanes are going to be used by able bodied folk, mostly white, and only during warm weather. I mean, is this really what we need to focus our spending on?


Suburbs-suck t1_j2ehzx8 wrote

Better biking infrastructure benefits everyone, including people who don’t bike and the public transportation that you purport to care about.

This is something that places like the Netherlands have figured out.

Not so fun fact: black and Hispanic cyclists have close to a 30% higher fatality rate than white cyclists, in part because of people refusing to invest in better bike infrastructure.