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noquarter53 t1_j2figqg wrote

Yeah, I'm just skeptical that having complicated bike lanes weaving in and out of traffic and highly walkable areas makes a lot of sense. DC is a massive tourist destination and out of town people don't understand how these lanes work. Piling layer upon layer of transportation has diminishing returns.

I would rather see some dedicated bike streets (close a couple E/W N/S streets for cars and repurpose them for only bikes).


skiwhatwhat t1_j2fo6zi wrote

Oh I would LOVE to see dedicated bike streets! Unfortunately, that’s probably the least likely option to happen because it would be seen as inconveniencing drivers too much.

As for out of town drivers, the benefit of protected bike lanes over painted ones is that there’s nothing to figure out with the protected ones - they’re blocked from cars, so you know not to drive there.