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We have a treasure in our Cleveland Elementary crossing guard. Ms. Rayshawn brightens every person’s day and lifts up our community. Even this week when some despicable driver was yelling and cussing her, she simply said “Thank You”, “I love you”. Ms. Rayshawn smiles, speaks, and gets to know each person who crosses her intersection. She deserves a proper kudos and recognition. Neighborhood and community building starts at the crosswalks.🏡❤️

Ideas for holiday gifts?



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Playful-Translator49 t1_j0h9ox8 wrote

Nothing says thank you like cash but I’d add a little something extra. Those zippo refillable hand warmers are nice for being out daily in the cold.


fakecoffeesnob t1_j0hm9lr wrote

They also make electric hand warmers that double as power banks, which could be cool.


alisonrumak t1_j0hejka wrote

Teacher here and the answer is cash. A VISA gift card is great but cash is better.


ehfwashinton t1_j0gmoco wrote

A gift card, but also a special ornament ( maybe from a service Like Shutterfly, a picture of Mrs Rayshawn doing her thing) and perhaps a Christmas card signed by as many children as possible. Treasures like Mrs Rayshawn don't do it for the money and some concrete recognition is priceless. Nobody minds shareable treats like fancy salted nuts either. Straight cash is cold.


BlakeClass t1_j0h8knk wrote

Agree with this, money comes and it goes regardless of economic status.

It sounds corny to most but some form of recognition goes a long way to people who take pride in their job, which it sounds like she does.

Get her a trophy 🏆 made if you sincerely feel she’s earned it. For all you know she’ll put it on her mantle or desk at home, something to look at, to reflect on. Those memories are hard to buy.


messmaker523 t1_j0gm79c wrote

A gift certificate to "the warming store" they sell rechargeable gloves, socks and other clothing items. It gets cold out there


KatzMwwow t1_j0gngob wrote

Hand and toe warmers


amboomernotkaren t1_j0i8aye wrote

Cash is king. She works, what, 2.5 hours a day for $18 max an hour. Give her money, a lot of money.


NextTailor4082 t1_j0hj7aj wrote

She sounds like an absolute gem! Good on you for making her holidays special :)


Millatello t1_j0jn5bv wrote

My mom was a crossing guard and she was absolutely blown away by gift cards. She’d get $15 chick fil a cards and would call me going on and on about it.


Impossible-Debate-14 t1_j0ibcvs wrote

Battery powered electric vest, or a hot bottle carrier like “Cosymajigs”, and some cash.


Optimal-Nose1092 t1_j0kenlo wrote

Money, gift card, and a card signed by the children. Thank you for being a good human and thinking of others.