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Gumburcules t1_j26wzpt wrote

> Because I’m just moving, will I have a grace period to get that or do I need an RPP immediately?

Yes, you need an RPP to park longer than two hours. Even if there was some sort of grace period for new residents how in the world would a parking enforcement person know you are moving and not some random out of state car?

> In the meantime, what do I do to avoid getting a ticket?

You can either take your lease to the local police station and get a temporary parking pass, find parking on an unzoned street, or pay for off street parking in a lot or a garage.

Really simple stuff and I can't imagine it's not easily found with a Google search or in the FAQ.


chuusblackgf OP t1_j26xvzx wrote

The MPD doesn’t give out visitor permits anymore, at least according to the DMV website. Or is that different from a temp pass?


BobLoblaw420 t1_j2727up wrote

I think you can get one online and print it out yourself. Or the police station has computers you can use to print out a visitors permit. It should be good for two weeks


AutoModerator t1_j26vqin wrote

Your submission appears to be asking about parking.

Your first resources are available here and here.

Unless you are in a residential area of the city, there is no such thing as reliably free and easy long-term parking. Please read parking signs carefully, even locals get confused sometimes.

Useful apps for parking include ParkMobile for street parking and SpotHero for garage spaces.

Visiting a friend in the city? Ask them for a free visitor parking pass from any MPD station.

Did you receive a ticket? Are you guilty? If so, pay it. Pictures and incorrect information doesn't matter.

Parking resources for:

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drejeromeguy t1_j2710af wrote

you can get a temporary parking permit or visitors pass online in the meantime! unsure of the exact link, but if you google around you can find it.


messmaker523 t1_j271thj wrote

It's a holiday weekend. They won't be ticketing Sunday or Monday