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First time flying out of Reagan and I went to book parking and it says it’s sold out (all 3 lots).. do they only let a smaller percentage of the lots get reserved and leave some available for drive ups? Is this normal and am I just screwed?

(Fyi, I really don’t want to uber or metro, it’s just not my personal preference)



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giscard78 t1_j12bpxy wrote

> (Fyi, I really don’t want to uber or metro, it’s just not my personal preference)

lol “I’ve tried nothing and I’m all out of ideas!”


noahsilv t1_j13x53v wrote

The metro is objectively awful right now to be fair


Torn8oz t1_j13xs1t wrote

People love to say this, but I take the metro multiple times a week and have very few complaints. It gets me where I need to go, including the airport. Is it a little less comfortable than being in a car? Maybe. Is it much easier and cheaper than literally any other option (for the airport)? 100% yes


tmack99 t1_j15yrgy wrote

It’s way more comfortable than being in a car. Can’t sit back and read while driving


doingathing432 t1_j14ug5b wrote

Cheaper? Definitely. Much easier? It depends on where you're coming from. I live in Adams Morgan, and I wouldn't call metro the easiest way for me to get to DCA. It would take about twice as long as taking an Uber (my usual way of getting there) or driving. I usually only take the metro to DCA when I have time to kill, don't have a lot of luggage to schlep to the metro station on foot, and the yellow line is running to Columbia Heights so I don't have to transfer.


noahsilv t1_j13xyf4 wrote

The issue is off peak frequencies and transfer. Driving from woodley park to DCA takes 15 mins. Metro shouldn’t take too long if service was sufficient, but with trains every 10 mins and the yellow line bridge closed it will take around an hour now…


giscard78 t1_j13z1a1 wrote

Even if it takes 30 minutes, paying ~$5 for metro each way is still cheaper than whatever the DCA daily rates are (google says $19/$29 depending on economy lot or not). I’d rather have that money for my trip, not parking.

Taking Uber/Lyft/taxi is cheaper and still provides the same convenience. OP also mentioned they did not want to do this but the comments seem to be all concentrated on metro.


Longslide9000 t1_j152cnp wrote

You would think 15 minutes, but last time it took me 50. I definitely regret not taking the metro that time plus it’s way less stressful than driving.


dcmcg t1_j14e8l4 wrote

On my way to the airport now on Metro and it’s objectively not awful.


veloharris t1_j122nkc wrote

It's holiday travel season and DCA is not a particularly large airport in terms of footprint. If you must drive there are likely nearby hotels that offer parking with shuttle service. But really metro or Uber is the easiest way. Would a shuttle or car service be more your speed?


CriticalStrawberry t1_j123b89 wrote

Pretty standard for holiday travel. The garages sell out early. Probably not helping that part of one of the garages is being used for short term parking due to construction in the cell phone lot.

Don't know what you have against taxi/rideshare/Metro but it's a much easier option. Drops you literally at the terminal.


x01660 t1_j1412xi wrote

Real talk; I'm a bit motorcycle/car-brained myself. Always ride EVERYWHERE (or take my partner's car if I ABSOLUTELY must), even short distances. I also did some tech work at DCA a bunch of times and would just ride there.

I took Metro to DCA for the first time about a month ago; I'll NEVER drive there again. 1-2 trains and you're there. Right in Terminal 2 (I believe).

I get the comfort of having your own car and being able to just get in and go, but SERIOUSLY consider Metro, at least to get to the airport. Its TOTALLY worth it, and WAY cheaper (parking fees, gas, agony being stuck in traffic, etc). Hell, park your car near a Metro station so you don't have to walk home or whatever.

But take Metro to go to the airport. From one carbrain to another, its worth it.

Good luck!


Estoril_BlueM3 t1_j121olo wrote

Its normal for Christmas. The lots fill early on the heaviest travel holiday of the year.


kevin_from_illinois t1_j123j5n wrote

There are some hotels in Crystal City where you can park off-site, assuming you are good with taking their shuttle to the airport.

Full parking actually isn't that uncommon during non-holiday periods; it is routine during the holidays.


Macrophage87 t1_j136gol wrote

If Uber or Metro aren't an option, there's always capital bikeshare or just walking to the airport. It's along the Mt. Vernon trail.

If you're really that bougie, maybe take a limo?


[deleted] t1_j13g0sn wrote



Macrophage87 t1_j13j1hr wrote

People have done so. It's a lot easier if you get the backpack version for luggage though. You can strap your luggage to the front if you prefer with a tiedown strap. People do it all the time with coolers to sell water on the mall.

It's a great alternative for people too stubborn to take the Metro.


Gitopia t1_j13pgtz wrote

Pinnacle of dumbassness to do bikeshare with luggage vs sitting in a metro car wtf


Macrophage87 t1_j13pwjn wrote

Still less dumbass than driving and parking, but yes, Metro is the better option. But if you have luggage that would allow for bike riding, it's a reasonable option. It is also useful for when the metro is on fire.


ottereatingpopsicles t1_j15bukv wrote

Walking into the airport is a weird experience. I did it a few times when I worked nearby but it’s kind of hard to navigate your way in. I think it would have been shorter to walk to Crystal city metro and ride one stop than walk up from Crystal drive.


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ropps202 t1_j129mw7 wrote

They’re probably sold out of reservations. You can check the availability here. Currently a lot available but it’s also the end of the day.

If you want to save some money and have some time, check out Spothero or A lot of airport hotels sell their parking spaces for less than airport parking and you use the hotel shuttle.


Docile_Doggo t1_j13wjjs wrote

Can I ask why you prefer not to Uber or Metro? Uber I get, because it can be really pricey depending on when/how far the trip is. But Metro is cheap as heck (at least compared to Uber or paying for several days’ worth of parking), and is one of the easiest ways to get to National (it drops off right outside of the terminals)


Formergr t1_j13x39s wrote

Not everyone lives close to a metro line, and if your route involves a transfer and you have a large suitcase or two, it becomes a pretty big haul.

In those cases I just Uber, which apparently doesn't work for OP, but I totally get not wanting to metro.


Docile_Doggo t1_j14eurj wrote

Not living near a Metro station is a very solid reason for not taking Metro, I agree. Also you’re right that hauling a giant suitcase or suitcases on Metro can be a pain


Vexnthecity t1_j126lt9 wrote

My experience is that they don’t save for drive-up and, near big holidays, there might be someone checking to make sure you have a receipt for parking before even accessing the turn off for the garage.

If all lots are sold out, I’d follow everyone else’s recommendations—hotel parking, Uber, or metro.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j13ijry wrote

Park on the grassy median near the airport and hope for the best?


mk-artsy t1_j12c6wm wrote

Use spothero and park in Crystal city somewhere


Fantastic-Art-9636 t1_j13xjnh wrote

Well, if it’s not your preference and there are no spots, you are pretty much screwed. If you have one bag, solo traveling and metro accessible, it’s really the best way to go. You’ll save money and be right at the gates, unless you are flying out of southwest where it’s a walk. Another thing to consider is your departure and arrival time due to metro not running after a certain time. But yeah, pretty much screwed.


airlinegrills t1_j122l8e wrote

They're full, though I do wonder if that will continue to be true leading up to that storm.

My family will be parking at a nearby hotel for less $$$ per day and taking their shuttle over to the airport. We have also done this at BWI and it's actually a pretty sweet deal.


Savageride t1_j12ggc0 wrote

They don’t save for drive ups…


Tahh t1_j16l16g wrote

sell your car, and buy one back next year, you'll never see a better market for it


MyTornArsehole t1_j13x28s wrote

Park at the airport? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😭😭😭😭😭😭🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌


Caffeineandtummytime t1_j18pex5 wrote

I’m in the same boat. I don’t live near a metro and I’m traveling with my baby - which means lots of gear and car seat, stroller, etc. Such a headache. I hate this city.