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Diligent-Fan-6801 t1_j225pbp wrote

I used to work there. It’s probably the most ghetto place I’ve ever been.


welldoneslytherin t1_j23b1b7 wrote

yes it is giving very much trailer park!


s12m05 t1_j25j2an wrote

i’m sooo happy that the tiktok vernacular is now slowly trickling into every other medium


politicaloutcast t1_j24ir1f wrote

I get weirdly nostalgic in there because it reminds me of my shitty hometown


celj1234 t1_j21est2 wrote

That Walmart is a shitshow. Nothing surprises me when it comes to stories about that place.


SolemnLemonMelons t1_j222v6q wrote

Read the Google reviews and decided to live with the store delivered item that was 5+ months past the printed expiration date rather than taking a chance with this location.

No idea why this particular item was delivered from the store as I purposely stacked my order with items that only should have shipped.


KazahanaPikachu t1_j236m99 wrote

This comment combined with the Tiger Woods profile pic took me out


mrtsapostle t1_j237gor wrote

lol I go there once or twice a week after work. It's not really that sketchy


Zwicker101 t1_j23xbz4 wrote

As someone who lives right by there, that Walmart is a shit show. The worse part is that when you need something, they won't have it lol


gerd50501 t1_j23sbsr wrote

what does this mean? is it because its just too crowded?


shootermcd43 t1_j21cs4u wrote

Don’t shop at Walmart on H? You clearly are active on this sub


app_priori OP t1_j21dq5y wrote

Yeah I might need to go to Safeway for a while. But I have shopped here at this Walmart since I moved to DC and I'm disappointed by this. Has never happened before!


shootermcd43 t1_j21s9k7 wrote

Ok bro, then you know damn well this is a terrible grocery store


app_priori OP t1_j21sfzg wrote

It's cheap and has the basics. Plus with Aldi's prices creeping up, it wasn't worth the trek out to Benning Road for groceries anymore.


AngelsGoHome t1_j23m5m7 wrote

Losing the refrigeration has happened at least twice before. I don’t think it’s maintained well.

At least this time they threw out the food (we hope). Could be they are merely hiding in the back somewhere. Other times they left the food in place to spoil/sell.

Also, I once pulled a carton of milk off that was several months past its expiration date.

I still shop here but I ONLY buy dry goods - canned or boxed. And I try to closely inspect every item. So much stuff on the shelves has been crushed in transit or opened by someone along the way.


NobbyXI t1_j22h36i wrote

Ugh, it’s so frustrating :( And I low key love this Walmart. It’s a shitshow, needless to say, but if you live close by, it’s great for cheap basics.


JustAcivilian24 t1_j24ayc3 wrote

I returned a video game there in 2020 and it felt like I walked into another country.


MrBanannasareyum t1_j255tz3 wrote

This has happened a good bit this year. I once saw them in the process of throwing everything away…

You think they’d fix their equipment lol


2legittoquit t1_j22r2do wrote

Probably working on getting the fridge working. It's either throw away the food or shut down the store.


bluna31 t1_j24pyqf wrote

Everything is under lock and key in that store. I had to get an employee to unlock a case of $1 car air fresheners.


TrickyBridge7652 t1_j23s9ff wrote

This is like the third time that happened this year


AngelsGoHome t1_j25eype wrote

Another curious thing about this store is the shoplifting must be through the roof. Loads of security.

Sometimes they go as far as blocking the exit escalator and stairs with a wall of carts so the only way to reasonably leave is to wait for the elevator. That's got to be a fire code (mass shooter) violation.


[deleted] t1_j21f0qt wrote



fvb955cd t1_j21g0nv wrote

Don't they get a bunch of subsidies from the city for that location too?


Optimal-Nose1092 t1_j224xzd wrote

Probably. I remember hearing Walmart promised more than the three stores in DC. They were going to set up a store on New York Avenue and in SE. Walmart got what they wanted and moved on.


OGkateebee t1_j23mkf1 wrote

I thought I heard they were closing this Walmart?


DC_Research44 t1_j23krt7 wrote

That’s because it’s in the heart of where thieves are stealing at a rapid rate I believe


Gumburcules t1_j247zn9 wrote

And you seriously believe these alleged thieves are specifically targeting...the cheese and sour cream?