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I recently moved in to one of the buildings in the Noma/Union Station/Union Market (Zone 6) area. Previously I was over in Zone 5 and had no issue registering my car for that zone. However, with this move, I submitted my change of address and got my updated registration but was still registered to Zone 5.

I went to the DMV to ask why that was and they gave a surprising response. They said I would be unable to register for Zone 6 as my apartments address is not zoned for that. My apartment had the same answer.

While i understand part of the idea is to not overcrowd the streets in the surrounding area, this seems like the apartments and city are forcing residents to pay their outrageous $250+ monthly parking fees. I’ve lived in DC my whole life and have paid DC taxes my whole life…but I am denied street parking where I live.

Has anyone else had this happen? Any recs on where to go from here?



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NPRjunkieDC t1_j052qst wrote

Several buildings in DC are allowed to build with the condition that no parking permits /registration allowed


CriticalStrawberry t1_j059nnz wrote

$200-300/mo is the going rate for off street parking. What's more crazy is that on street parking is as cheap as it is. It's heavily subsidized and takes up a ton of valuable real estate.

Pretty much all the new walkable and high density developments like NoMA, Navy Yard, etc are not eligible for RPP. The math simply doesn't work to have high rises park their hundreds of cars in the 15 or less curb spots surrounding the building. Not to mention, having residents cars sitting curbside is horrible for creating a walkable business friendly neighborhood. If they want parking, needs to be underground. And most buildings only have parking for 1/3 of residents as that's all that's required by the city.

If you want to keep your car AND live downtown, you'll have to start paying the true cost of storing it in a city. Over a 3rd of DC residents get by car free just fine. And I would guess around 50%+ pay the monthly rate to store their car for no reason or to use it once a month or so.


dcmcg t1_j0596et wrote

>While i understand part of the idea is to not overcrowd the streets in the surrounding area, this seems like the apartments and city are forcing residents to pay their outrageous $250+ monthly parking fees.

Sorry but you're not entitled to park your personal vehicle on public space for $50 a year. Sometimes you have to pay market rate when parking is a scarce resource.


Playful-Translator49 t1_j05u67z wrote

This is a thing. Basically all new high density construction near major public transit hubs don’t allow zoned street parking. Where would the 300 cars from each building park in roughly 8 blocks around noma anyway?

You could move to a less walkable, transit dense area that has lots of parking. There are tons of dc areas that parking is zoned, free and easy. You can rent a spot in your building or spot hero and maybe get a privately rented spot off street.


ekkidee t1_j05ebdo wrote

RPPs are generally not available to residents who live in buildings with 4 or more units. The '4' may be fungible, but there are limits somewhere.

To allow otherwise is to invite chaos.

As far as residential parking programs go, the one in DC is already quite generous. I just wish they'd enforce the damned thing. I'm looking at you, owners of cars from Virginia.


danib62 t1_j09r69x wrote

There’s no limit of 4. Certain newer large buildings were given permission to build on condition that their residents won’t be eligible for RPPs. Seems like OP moved into one and their new landlord didn’t disclose this (or they overlooked the clause in the lease).


NicholasAakre t1_j05c9mu wrote

>Any recs on where to go from here?

Solve your parking problems in three simple steps:

  1. Sell your car
  2. Buy a bike
  3. Profit

WuPacalypse t1_j078xua wrote

  1. Get your bike stolen

  2. Report it stolen

  3. Nothing happens

  4. Have the opportunity to re-purchase your stolen bike from someone on Craigslist or FB market

  5. Go back to 4


Jsiajwbanakaksbsbsvc t1_j05st1p wrote

If you’ve lived in DC your whole life you’re eligible for long-term residence parking. See the DMV requirements and form here. If your car is too large it might be more difficult, but i was able to fit a Jeep into the permit so it will probably work for you too.


dataminimizer t1_j0532gp wrote

Seems like something you should be aware of the next time you move. Or perhaps this is the push you need to finally get rid of that money-draining car!


src0104 OP t1_j054sgn wrote

Lol nope I’m good. Ill keep the car and the bike!


dataminimizer t1_j0559hl wrote

Wellp can’t blame me for trying! Glad you have a bike though! Hope it gets good use!


Appropriate-Ad-4148 t1_j07rgl1 wrote

Program working as intended. STOP for one second.

Actually take the time to imagine if it was easy or free to get RPP there?

Now consider your building has probably 250+ units with other people of your exact demographic.

Now expand that thought to your block. There are a TON of people bringing cars they don't need here because "it's not that expensive."


danib62 t1_j09rn8y wrote

The city is forcing me to bear the true cost of storing my private vehicle, help!


Malnurtured_Snay t1_j09smb7 wrote

I'm surprised when you applied you weren't told: "By the way, if you move here, you won't be able to register your car because blah-blah-blah."


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Useful apps for parking include ParkMobile for street parking and SpotHero for garage spaces.

Visiting a friend in the city? Ask them for a free visitor parking pass from any MPD station.

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badatheadlines t1_j07qdjl wrote

Bloomingdale is Zone 5. Not that you should have to walk several blocks from where you live to park, but there may be Zone 5 parking somewhere nearby, depending on where you are in NoMa.