Submitted by ActuaryPersonal2378 t3_zvn2mu in washingtondc

The road is too windy, the speed is too high, the lanes are way too narrow.

I’m shocked there aren’t more accidents on it. I don’t know what the solution is either. But every time I’m on it it feels like I’m going to get in an accident and I’m sweating like a pig



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cleversobriquet t1_j1q6ye0 wrote

The Rock Creek Motor Speedway? It's the only fun road in the city.


wowihaveanopinion t1_j1sabg2 wrote

it is lovely driving 40. no need for speed. the problem is idiots who dont know how to drive or are “too scared”. or same same. ludicrous


ActuaryPersonal2378 OP t1_j1rn0nu wrote

I wish I liked it! I totally can see why it would be fun - I just end up shaking lol. but I definitely understand the appeal


DC-DE t1_j1t26tq wrote

Not so bad on a summer Saturday at 6.00 AM.


DC-DE t1_j1t240n wrote

Agreed. Cars speed at 80-90 mph routinely.


bigatrop t1_j1q2sxd wrote

I hope this doesn’t offend, but drivers like OP should avoid rock creek. They’re the worst to deal with and are the ones who cause accidents.


holden118 t1_j1q7q4k wrote

If OP sweats at 25 mph they should never be allowed to drive. Imagine OP doing 70 on 540, Im sure they wouldn't go that fast saying they dont feel safe.


overnighttoast t1_j1qnuvr wrote

Yeah I can always tell when inexperienced drivers are on it and it's such a pain. Idk whats up with folks being so entitled they think they move somewhere and not realize they'll have to learn new skills to assimilate. Uber drivers included.

People can drive fast and safe in rock creek because they've practiced and are experienced. There's plenty of things in life you can't just jump head first into and that's fine.


wowihaveanopinion t1_j1saovn wrote

uber/taxi/“professional” drivers are quite literally the worst fucking drivers on the planet.


overnighttoast t1_j1sb0e8 wrote

They truly are. Uber at least helps you finance a car, so I have a theory that people who have never driven before rush through getting their license, use the Uber financing program and then jump onto the road without any real care for learning how to driver properly.


JerriBlankStare t1_j1saj0e wrote

>Idk whats up with folks being so entitled they think they move somewhere and not realize they'll have to learn new skills to assimilate. Uber drivers included.


What an absolutely boneheaded take.


dataminimizer t1_j1t88rk wrote

You might think you’re driving fast and safe, but you are not. Slow down.


messmaker523 t1_j1qi6sp wrote

The biggest danger is the out of town driver, moderately lost with their heads buried in their GPS thinking if they make a wrong turn they'll end up in Montana


WayyyCleverer t1_j1qrk56 wrote

Or the Uber driver trying to make a left onto the P street ramp from the northbound side of the road


J_adoreDidi t1_j1qrg0o wrote

I love it. For a few minutes, it feels like you’re not in the city.


ActuaryPersonal2378 OP t1_j1rn8ow wrote

It's definitely beautiful don't get me wrong! I *want* to like it and I love love love seeing the bridges. but I also have a lot of anxiety about getting sideswiped when driving or in an uber (I don't have a car right now)

But I also understand that might just be a personal problem


foreverurgirl t1_j1rviyn wrote

For a few minutes, it feels like you’re really alive.


J_adoreDidi t1_j1sbb5r wrote

Especially on a warm summer night when you can put the windows down, turn up the music, and catch a breeze from the winding roads. Such a great feeling.


DC-DE t1_j1t2969 wrote

Been there. Done that. Love it.


shuggnog t1_j1ram8n wrote

Me too!!! I’ve always loved that part


orangedrinkmcdonalds t1_j1q414r wrote

I use it every day to commute and the only accidents Ive seen are 1) folks merging on (2nd car rear ending the one in front - happens a lot at the P st NB entrance); 2) people ignoring the barriers and going the wrong way during rush hour and 3) fender benders as folks try to cut it at the last minute for the Beach Drive exit NB.

I agree that some folks speed but I also see a lot of folks just chilling at 25 in the passing lane, which imo is equally dangerous.


tonytocar t1_j1qclbt wrote

That number three.. those bastards..


orangedrinkmcdonalds t1_j1rqtn7 wrote

The best day of the year is the approx one day a year when Park Police decide to ticket for merging over the solid line.


SoHowManyMore t1_j1rwwtl wrote

P St exit accidents I always think it is because it is still a left turn on Google Maps for people in the right lanes coming from Kennedy Center direction for some reason I don’t know why they do not fix that.


ActuaryPersonal2378 OP t1_j1rnono wrote

In retrospect I'm sure mine is just a personal fear of getting side-swiped (or doing the side-swiping). My car died so I don't drive anymore for the time being but I find that a lot of uber/lyft drivers completely ignore the lanes and will drift around with no regard for cars around them. For me personally that is what I find to be the most stressful and what prompted this post lol.


dataminimizer t1_j1t81ml wrote

It is not equally dangerous. Slow down, your time is not that important. Be safe.


orangedrinkmcdonalds t1_j22ja54 wrote

Driving slower than traffic while sitting in the passing lane is incredibly dangerous. It then requires people to pass on the right, which means that passing and stagnating cars intermingle. Few things are more dangerous on a functioning roadway than cars going different speeds in the same lane. This is why passing lanes were established.


DocDez t1_j1qle6i wrote

You forgot the best part, it reverses direction!


A_Bag_of_Chimpanzees t1_j1pza5w wrote

I'm with you. And people speed on it like crazy. Yesterday I was trying to get on it via Waterside Drive and I had to get up to 50+ mph just to keep up with the flow of traffic.

Admittedly, it's not usually that bad, but still.

Edit: Damn... tough crowd today. Can someone at least explain to me why they find my post so objectionable, instead of just downvoting?


doingathing432 t1_j1qbo7v wrote

Because it is very unbelievable that you had to get up to 50+ mph to keep up with the flow of traffic. I have never experienced speeds anywhere close to 50 mph through many years of using Rock Creek Parkway on my commute.


AnonyJustAName t1_j1qcxfw wrote

I definitely have experienced traffic going that fast, esp south of Calvert. Farther north the narrowness of the lanes tends to slow traffic. I have seen cars off the road and even in the creek a few times. Stay safe out there everyone!


Belle222 t1_j1qxdp7 wrote

Completely agreed with you and OP, not sure what the negativity is here. People drive way above the speed limit then slow down suddenly for curves in the road, it's messy!


ItchyArticle t1_j1pzdq6 wrote

The solution is probably to close it to cars and let the national park be used for bikes/pedestrians


Cucumbrsandwich t1_j1qzzjt wrote

Best road in DC. Driving it regularly was the only good part about living in Petsworth 😭


Plexdet t1_j1ro6py wrote

Here's the thing, unless you are in conditions where you might lose traction, you're probably safer on that road than most others. The reason being is that EVERYONE is PAYING ATTENTION. If you are scared or have to actively turn frequently, you're not on your phone. I would say the most real danger is either losing control of your vehicle or an animal jumping out in front of you.


Macrophage87 t1_j1u38hf wrote

The solution is to ride on the trail next to it. That's way more fun


jpg1979 t1_j1qqw3e wrote

There's also no median barrier of any kind, which always makes me worry that some other driver is going to look at their phone at the wrong moment and kill both of us in a head-on collision.


CompletelyProtocol t1_j1qvtkk wrote

I read this study regarding roundabouts, they don't work because they're easy to understand, but because they are confusing. They require a level of attention that a stoplight does not. Despite this they have fewer accidents and traffic flows better through them. I think rock Creek gives this same vibe. It is terrifying, but for that same reason it is safer. People need to pay more attention on rock Creek thus fewer accidents happen.


ScorpioWaterSign t1_j1ql88a wrote

Man I loved that road. I’d drop my car into sports mode and cruise


smbmunkey113 t1_j1saw1w wrote

Its like Mario cart IRL - freaking awesome. Only thing missing are the rainbows :(


Catchtheatrain t1_j1t589l wrote

If you’re from Northwest, its our shortcut route


mrperfect7592 t1_j1tm4e2 wrote

Whenever my GPS suggests that route, I choose to avoid it. It’s not that I can’t drive on it, it’s just with the 25 MPH speed limit, it feels like it takes forever to get back home. I’d rather drive through the city urban landscape anyway.


blankspace215 t1_j1x0v3v wrote

It's really amazing how many people took this post and went with their own narrative of what you said - assuming you're the one driving, that you speed, that you go too slow, that you're saying there should be 6 lanes, that you're not from here, etc etc

Being in an Uber on this road is pretty sketchy and I agree with how you feel - and yeah maybe it would have been good to mention that context in your post, but the way people went off track in the comments and downvoted you is interesting and feels like folks jumping on the bandwagon a bit 🥲

Stay safe out there folks, I think we can all agree that there are bad drivers and there's also not ideal infrastructure design out here. Lots of things could improve!


Outrageous-Cap8713 t1_j24fju3 wrote

You’re not a skilled driver. Sorry. But don’t feel bad, most people can’t handle driving on anything except a very wide, very straight road.


NPRjunkieDC t1_j1qpjes wrote

You don't need to get on it . I live in 20009 next to it and never use it. My husband does, and so does my son.


shuggnog t1_j1ranc5 wrote

No way it’s the bommmmmb!!!


Confident-Minute6541 t1_j1s2ftp wrote

Me too lol smh. I will happily add 20 minutes to my trip to avoid. Especially at night or bad weather.


un_man_ahi t1_j1seupj wrote

That’s my favorite road in DC!


Pipes_of_Pan t1_j1s5k1l wrote

Let’s go ahead and fill in the creek, make it six lanes and cut the speed limit to 15 for OP


wowihaveanopinion t1_j1sa53i wrote

ahhhhh thats YOU driving 10 mph with your brights on. please just throw your keys in the creek and do us all a favor


Edgun t1_j1svlto wrote

I love driving there but the potholes suck…..but that’s just DC


classicalL t1_j1tcs1b wrote

I recommend against driving in Norway, the UK, New Zealand, much of Greece...

Rock Creek parkway is pretty much flat and hardly twisty. The lanes have markings and a standard width. There are no cliffs and it has guard rails.

On driving difficulty it gets a 2 out of 10. Very easy. Almost every road outside a city in Norway is on a cliff with constant blind turns and you need to know where the corners of your car are to inches to not hit the trucks that come around corners. There are no markings in the middle of the roads and there are reindeer, free ranging sheep and moose.

Essentially people need to be instructed how to drive better I guess. Norway takes it seriously. They enforce speeding harshly and alcohol even more so. Having driven there I saw why. The US road system is way too easy which lets people drive fast and badly.

Wide lanes are what make people drive fast that is well known if you want people to drive slowly you have to make lanes much narrower.


IndependentYam3227 t1_j1rx478 wrote

I don't find it the least bit challenging or scary. Not every road can be broad and straight.


IAmTerdFergusson t1_j1sitn3 wrote

wut? this reads like a 15 year old that's never driven a car before lol


dont_tread_on_dc t1_j1qlf3c wrote

They need to close it to car traffic and make it cycle/pedestrian only.


jon20001 t1_j1rhlhj wrote

You obviously did not grow up here.


wordsmith217 t1_j1qvgd2 wrote

Never drive in SWVA if Rock Creek scares you this much.


ActuaryPersonal2378 OP t1_j1rnvxx wrote

I currently am not driving but mine is just a personal fear of getting side-swiped (or doing the side-swiping). My car died so I don't drive anymore for the time being but I find that a lot of uber/lyft drivers completely ignore the lanes and will drift around with no regard for cars around them. For me personally that is what I find to be the most stressful and what prompted this post lol.


Initial_Run1632 t1_j1s5dh0 wrote

I think perhaps a more accurate title for this post would be "Bad Uber drivers are terrifying"


wordsmith217 t1_j1rps89 wrote

If you’re talking about the crazy lane closures and direction switches then I can see where you’re coming from. I’m just saying that compared to the vast majority of other roads in DC, Rock Creek is very tame. You have a far greater chance of being side swiped on any residential street.