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alizadk t1_j1nokw1 wrote

Not brunch, but Ambar is bottomless.


Playful-Translator49 t1_j1nrw6k wrote

I feel like ambar at least the one on barracks row has gone way downhill post COVID. It was one of my faves before but it’s been pretty terrible since COVID.


displacedredneck t1_j1nyxxs wrote

You're not alone. Cold food brought out in weird waves. Took 1.5 hrs to get a total of six plates and four drinks, for a party of two. Not at all worth it.


BansheeLoveTriangle t1_j1o9o2f wrote

Odd, I’ve been a few times in the past six months and have generally enjoyed it and had no issues (though some things were unavailable last time I was there)


foreverurgirl t1_j1yxlbm wrote

Same no issues for me either. It honestly makes me so happy to have them- they were plugging away when many places closed and I think they kept Barracks Row some normal.