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SpookyKG t1_j20hmmg wrote

Listen, if you didn't even talk, it's not a missed connection.

It's 'I saw a hot stranger'

Cool story. We have all seen hot strangers.


shrek2onblurayanddvd t1_j20jng1 wrote

Sometimes in public I accidentally make eye contact with the same stranger over and over again and this is my fear with that


ephemeralarteries t1_j20hgw7 wrote

normally I think people are too hard on missed connections posters but. man.


Udolikecake t1_j20jeg2 wrote

>We were both trying to discretely look at each other before our flight while we were in line together

> If we find her and it works out, we’ll invite everyone to the wedding and I’ll buy all the drinks / mocktails!

jesus mary and joseph


John_Galtt t1_j20hyia wrote

The holidays are such a lonely time.


Kitchen-Hat2790 t1_j20ip6n wrote

I can tell you right now she’s out of your league brah.

She’s just some hot chick you got the creeps on now. We’ve all been there, seen the girl of your dreams and can’t get her out of your mind. But she doesn’t even know you exist. I feel sorry for this bro, shit sucks I know.


n1ck2727 t1_j20gs7p wrote

Why didn’t you try to talk to her in person?


HockeyMusings t1_j20ocxm wrote

My friend Annalise from Chicago has impeccable style. She regularly chooses to accessorize with a variety of jewelry; some days it’s a striking cocktail ring, others it’s a assortment on both hands. Annalise is the epitome of chill sophistication.

So when I saw your post I immediately thought of her. She’s a brilliant historical archivist and splits time between DC, Chi-Town and LA. I reached out to say hey and see if she was around for the holidays. Sure enough, she said she managed to fly in Saturday after her Friday flight fell through. And I said, let me guess, you were wearing mid-calf boots, mid-thigh length jacket, and dark pants?

She went silent. And then she was like, yeah, that’s almost my exact outfit. Plus she said she was carrying her Bellroy backpack!

That’s when I knew it was her and told her about this post. How there was rhis forlorn tallish guy in the blue hoodie who kept casting sidelong glances and felt her connect with him.

Annalise… she totally remembered you. And had really been hoping you’d come up to her; maybe touch her hand; and say… well, just say anything. Because she’s a strong, decisive woman who can really only open up to that same kind of man. But you didn’t. And so, this.

She wants me to let you know, blue-hooded dude, to always shoot your shot. Otherwise it slips away and into the white noise of 330 million wayward souls drifting about the country like so much wind blown snow.

Maybe though, just maybe, your eyes will discretely meet at some other gate on some other fateful day. She said she would give you a second chance!


nomasslurpee t1_j20pyzk wrote

Ugh this is what happens when you glance casually at someone?? Yikes


TimAppleBurner t1_j20nuyk wrote

Everyone is talking about the definition of “missed connection” but I’m just here to say I really like the double entendre of “missed connection DCA” in context of all the canceled flights this week. That was clever and gets an upvote from me - regardless of how closely it actually fits the definition of “missed connection.”

Hope you can reconnect with them!


nomasslurpee t1_j20q5rv wrote

I thought he was posting about missing a flight and needed help getting a new one. Better chances of that than dating this mystery woman


thedonut1 t1_j20nmdy wrote

This Christmas romcom is writing itself


dataminimizer t1_j20mret wrote

What do you look like man? Despite what other people are saying, if you look like Brad Pitt or Idris Elba or something, then it’s not creepy. But (and this is more likely, I’m afraid), if you look like Seth Rogan, then this is very creepy, since you guys didn’t even talk and only seemingly made accidental eye contact. Creepiness is directly correlated to hotness. That’s how it works.


Suppose2Bubble t1_j20pr98 wrote

Any man will identify with the feeling of remorse and intrusive thoughts after the fact not pulling the trigger with the stunning and absolutely pulchritudinous woman that now haunts his dreams!

I can't say if this bothers women as much as men, I'm not a woman.

I'm convinced, without judgment here that maybe what we miss simply wasn't for us. You'll get what you put in.


speedycat2014 t1_j20pndm wrote

So you shared airspace with a hot woman...

This is really sad. At least your username checks out.


ft_wanderer t1_j20uej9 wrote

When I read "Missed connection at DCA" I figured you were stranded at the airport...

Also, this is super creepy.


Zestyclose-Yak-7516 t1_j20ku2j wrote

The comments!! But for real, let me help you out. When you go to bed tonight, lay there and get very relaxed. In a meditative state. But do not fall asleep. Bring the vision of her to your minds eye. Have a conversation with her and tell her you will see her soon. See her smiling and agreeing to this meeting. Do not see yourself as if you are looking at yourself, but see this happening through your own eyes…as if you’re speaking to someone now. Do that each night until it feels real. Until the conversation and the interaction feels like it really happened. And then drop it. Move on with your life. If it when she pops up in your mind again, do not obsess over her. Just feel happy and satisfied that you know her and she’s an amazing person. Don’t be shocked if she shows up in your reality again.