Submitted by gay-dragon t3_zxrnjz in washingtondc

Just moved here a week ago, most of the people I know are on vacation and those I do know who live here are married with kids. Looking to make a friend or friends who I can go to concerts with.

If this comes off as creepy I apologize in advance

EDIT: and it looks like I caught the flu or some other bug. Not going to risk going out and getting others sick. Talk about a welcome back the US of A lol



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WontStopAtSigns t1_j220vm0 wrote

You should def go. The crowd will be older and about 50/50 gay. Good vibes.

Just be aware it is hazardous to drive and park there, and it's also damn near impossible to get a ride home from Uber, cabs, etc. It's become prohibitive.


gay-dragon OP t1_j221ci1 wrote

I plan on dipping out shortly after the new year comes in. I bought tickets for Deadmau5 for the next day lol. But thanks for the heads up!


WontStopAtSigns t1_j221fmx wrote

Call for your ride and stay inside until it gets there.


gay-dragon OP t1_j221ns5 wrote

I didn’t even consider that point, not something I had to worry about for a while. Thanks and have a happy new year!


kikiindisguise t1_j2277uf wrote

They usually close that road for through traffic after the show starts; pin the McDonald’s / 7-11 on your map and walk there to have a ride come get you


boogabooga08 t1_j245n0m wrote

Definitely don't listen to that guy. I have been to countless shows at echostage. If you call a ride and stay inside the venue, you won't get a ride. Call it to the McDonald's or 7/11 and walk over there.


Retr0TZ t1_j22hw8v wrote

Aay same! Thank god I got Monday off otherwise I'd probably have to dip on Deadmau5. Lemme know if you're looking for people to hang with at either event


Koodsdc t1_j2eo698 wrote

Headline acts rarely go on before midnight. I suspect A&B will start at midnight. Shows at DC clubs start late and end late (3am earliest)


ParadoxDC t1_j22cnwf wrote

Completely agree with all of this including the 50/50 gay (lmao). A&B does attract an older, chill crowd and there's no reason not to go even if you go alone. I wouldn't dip out right after 12 though because there's a strong chance they won't even go on until 12 since there are 2 other openers. If you leave by 1:30 you shouldn't have as much of an issue getting an Uber/Lyft BUT that's under normal circumstances and not during NYE.


lmboyer04 t1_j22q8kt wrote

I used to drive there almost every time and never had any issues if you reserve parking ahead of time and lock your doors. Now I don’t have a car and a bit nervous how that’s gonna work out


gay-dragon OP t1_j21ww90 wrote

And to everyone in general, have a happy new year, I hope it goes well for you!


fakelogin12345 t1_j22pei9 wrote

Raves are one of the best and easiest places to make friends. Go by yourself and you’ll meet people. Much easier to feel out a vibe of someone in person, rather than a random on the internet. You also have an instant topic to connect over.


Suburbs-suck t1_j225qwm wrote

Redditors don’t go outside


snarkyturtle t1_j227f5v wrote

You mean the big room with the bright bulb? Yeah we don’t talk about that place.


temporarytuna t1_j22cr0k wrote

Hey! Not weird at all. I'm going and like going out to concerts in the area. DM me if you're still looking for people to hang out with.


BangaiiWatchman t1_j21zntj wrote

Not creepy at all. I’d ask if I was gonna be in town. Good luck though!


gay-dragon OP t1_j21ztis wrote

Yeah worst comes to worst I’ll just lose myself to dance


lmboyer04 t1_j22q4m1 wrote

I’ll be there! Been a fan of Echostage for a few years and seen A&B before there. Will be fun!


endlessly_apollo t1_j21ygf2 wrote

Where did you move from?


gay-dragon OP t1_j21ys12 wrote

I’ve been abroad in Japan and Korea for the past 7 years. I’m figuring out how to adult in the US for the first time right now 😂


kikiindisguise t1_j22741e wrote

Moved back from Japan a few years ago and still feel like I’m adjusting! We hit up Echostage every now and then too; If you need friends, esp relating to abroad experience, DM me!


boogabooga08 t1_j245uvu wrote

Join the DC anjunafamily Facebook group. You are guaranteed to make friends. They are likely doing a meet up. Sadly, I am not going since I saw A&B at ABGT500 in LA and the crew didn't want to go again.


christinasays t1_j24hqoc wrote

I won't be at A&B or Deadmau5, but I'm always out at electronic shows. Feel free to DM me if you ever want to link up!


Here4thepplwatching t1_j24t532 wrote

I’m going with a bunch of friends, we have a table but always down to make new friends.


temporarytuna t1_j2576go wrote

How much are the tables? Was considering getting one since I'm recovering from a broken ankle but am going alone. If you're open to others joining I can help pitch in


MrBanannasareyum t1_j25872z wrote

Saw someone say it’s impossible to Uber from echostage. This isn’t true. I always Uber home when the show ends around 3 am Dave neve had a problem. It might be more expensive than normal though.