Submitted by queer_afrx_vegoon t3_ztlmjr in washingtondc

We moved to DC a couple of months ago and have been using Xfinity. Signed up for up to 1000mbps and 20 devices. We have at most 6 devices, and never more than two using the internet at once.

Constant buffering, sometimes the internet just does not flat-out work. We're not blocking the modem or anything like that. We've concluded that Xfinity just sucks in the area we're in.

What ISPs do you all who live nearby use? Thanks.



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MartinTheMartian1 t1_j1dzxd1 wrote

I had Verizon Fios for years in park view. I thought it was okay but got worse (slower, some outages) during the early days of the pandemic so i switched to xfinity. Not sure if one is better than the other, but the conventional wisdom used to be that fios is the best.


Tommys2Turnt t1_j1e1c5t wrote

I love Verizon Fios, I was on xfinity but I felt like the bill kept creeping up. Fios and YouTube TV has been awesome. No billing surprises, no issues streaming, gaming or working remotely.

Side note one of the best things you can do is buy a solid router to eliminate the monthly charge for renting one. I got a netgear nighthawk that’s worked like a champ for the past 3 years, but honestly you can get a cheaper one for the same result. It pays for itself within a year


FlowersBloomUntil t1_j1es5ts wrote

If you’re eligible for it, consider starry! i switched earlier this years because I was frustrated with xfinity’s service and its worked great + is considerably cheaper than xfinity was for me.

Here’s a link for a free month if you’d like!


Kylec345 t1_j1e1eau wrote

Not sure if the routers they use are junk but i have fios and the wireless connection is junk(buffering and stuttering while next to it), but the wired connection doesnt stutter at all, maybe try a 3rd party router? It would also save you the router rental fee from xfinity/fios


zaphodmonkey t1_j1e3ekt wrote

Get fios- you won’t have the impact from your neighbors usage on cable.


WayyyCleverer t1_j1e9ztu wrote

What does your set up look like? Are you using an Xfinity wifi device? Have you run a speedtest on Wifi vs Ethernet? My wife and I have the 1Gbps RCN service and its been greatt, but their customer service is a bit worse now that they are Astound. We are on video calls all day on different floors, but I do use a hardwire.


PalpitationNo3106 t1_j1et3er wrote

There are localized Comcast problems in Park View. They have some sort of routing issue that they promise, pinky swear, they are working on, now that I have brought it to their attention (total of 12 hours with multiple techs the other week troubleshooting)


veloharris t1_j1e4wy6 wrote

Are you directly plugged into the router? What's your router/mesh network like? Are you in an old building, is there an access point in the same room as your computer? Xfinity for better or worse tends to be the best provided in NW in my decade plus experience of living here.


NPRjunkieDC t1_j1esv9a wrote

I've had FIOS always but moved to Kalorama side of Admo and only Xfinity. I hate it cuz at different times of the day my streaming on phone or some link isn't working. Turn off WiFi and voila .

Wish we could have FIOS or even Starry


IcyWillow1193 t1_j1f7hsh wrote

in most of DC you only have two choices, Xfinity or Fios. Fios is technologically superior as it uses fiber optics rather than coaxial cable so there is greater bandwidth and less opportunity for interference. People might have differing opinions based on individual experiences with service or factors that they don't understand have little to do with the ISP like their wi-fi setup or router, but it's really as simple as that.


Brickleberried t1_j1f7k26 wrote

RCN if you can get it. It's generally pretty great.