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crop_top t1_j2e065y wrote

My fiancé didn’t “ask” my dad, more so just called both of my parents to tell them he plans to propose and wants their support. He knew they’d be supportive but the gesture was much appreciated and not some weird, dated thing..

ETA: appreciated by my parents, I didn’t need such a call to happen.


question_sunshine t1_j2fj807 wrote

My sister's boyfriend called my dad for his permission and my dad said "I don't know why don't you ask her?" Then he hung up, called my sister and ranted that the guy didn't respect her as an independent woman.

She did marry the guy. It lasted about six months before she realized my dad was right.

Every family and couple is different. It's best to know what the family and significant other will think of this in advance.


crop_top t1_j2fjhsw wrote

Yeah the permission thing is weird and I wouldn’t have wanted him to ask. I like it was more so “I’m going to do this and I hope we have your support” but I don’t think their response would have changed anything.


topher180 t1_j2ev0qu wrote

Great comment. It’s just common courtesy and a nice gesture. Not everything has to be cancelled for goodness sake.