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hi! my fiancé and i got engaged last month and have started looking at venues, which has been a bit daunting. we know we want to get married in the district, but there are so many options! what’s the best (most impressive, unique, or memorable) place you’ve been to (or heard of) a wedding here? for context, our current list is 150-170 people. thank you so much!!



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NavyYardBro t1_j2az74e wrote

We got married at DAR, pretty cool. Pro tip - picking a venue where you can bring in outside booze with a catering company will save $$$$.


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2b5bfw wrote

awesome, thank you!


aUser_hasNo_Name t1_j2cceav wrote

We also did this just this past fall. No regrets at all. Had so many compliments from our guests.

We had 110 and felt it was perfect. Venue said they could squeeze 140 but it’d be tight for dinner. So that might be your limiting factor.


standrightwalkleft t1_j2dq53i wrote

Agreed, and most venues in DC (at least the ones that don't have their own catering) will allow this. You just can't transport it over state lines. But lots of folks order from a vendor like ACE Beverage or Schneider's, and they'll deliver the drinks directly to the venue for the caterer to chill and serve. Pretty easy!


overnighttoast t1_j2bfxgq wrote

We recently settled on District Winery. A bit pricey but all inclusive and excellent water views.


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2byr76 wrote

ha i think that’d be one of our top choices if some of our best friends weren’t getting married there next year :)


alizadk t1_j2aqd7m wrote

Not the Watergate. They were terrible to work with.


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2b5892 wrote

good to know! thanks and sorry for your experience


r1s028 t1_j2b0spp wrote

The line hotel has a beautiful rooftop view! Ballroom was pretty standard though.


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2b5l4c wrote

yes! we toured and were underwhelmed- the roof is incredible but we’d only be able to use it for a cocktail hour (and everyone would have to wait to go up just one elevator…). the ballroom is just an ordinary hotel ballroom, not sure if it’s worth the steep price


ApatheticAbsurdist t1_j2c4yug wrote

Most impressive? Rent out the Kennedy Center and get a permit to have fireworks on the Potomac outside. Someone recently did that…


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2dj7s3 wrote

we got engaged on the roof of the KC so that might be overkill lol


firewarner t1_j2a56z5 wrote

My wife and I got married at the dockmaster house on the Wharf and it was fucking beautiful and reasonably priced by DC's ridiculous standards. We had just under 100 people, so ymmv, but it's definitely a venue to check out if you're familiar with and/or like the vibe there


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2b5631 wrote

it really is gorgeous! don’t think it’ll fit us though (but we may make cuts)


aleisate843 t1_j2bpr7d wrote

Work with floral studio in the area, some places (some I haven’t been too but some I have): Anderson House (amazing outdoor area), Dock5 (industrial cool set up), W, Fairmont dc, Meridian house (my favorite, very warm inviting and great for midsize weddings, great outdoor and indoor area), Hay Adams, Salamander Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, The Line, The Schuyler, The Willard, Conrad, Perry Belmont, Potomac View Terrace (amazing view of the Lincoln memorial and Washington monument)


newseller1023 t1_j2c25sb wrote

Top of the Hay at the Hay Adams - unbeatable view. Did a work event there a couple years ago. Very $$$ though.


Pittie601 t1_j2cbcjh wrote

We had a gorgeous wedding at Hotel Monaco.

Highly recommend!


jon20001 t1_j2adrvc wrote New rooftop space that is completely unique.


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2b6133 wrote

damn!! this looks great- thank you for the tip! we live in hill east so this would be awesome. may have to make some cuts to the guest list tho…


SomeRandomStunaud t1_j2ak45l wrote

It depends on the style you're looking for. I got married at an historic, boutique hotel downtown and it was everything and more. But I know that's not for everyone. My cousin got married at the Four Seasons and that was beautiful as well. A friend got married at Chevy Chase United Methodist then had a brunch reception at La Ferme (not in the district, I know.) Another friend had the ceremony at Dahlgren Chapel and the reception at the Four Seasons.


foreverurgirl t1_j2b3mro wrote

High lawn at union market…


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2b5mkt wrote

i love it there! the view isn’t what it used to be tho


Ok_Stranger_2149 t1_j2bqz7f wrote

We had our reception on the rooftop of 101 Constitution. Adjacent to the Capitol and fantastic views.


Ok-Wrongdoer4508 t1_j2cl3km wrote

The reach at the Kennedy center is worth a look depending on budget


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2djc9e wrote

def going to check that out- he proposed on the roof of the KC so we’re definitely fans :)


Balanced-Snail t1_j2dkbdq wrote

Long view gallery. Pictures in the alley behind. Accessible for wheelchairs. Pretty no matter the weather.


millenial_pink t1_j2btuaj wrote

Got married this year in DC. For your size, I’d consider the American Pharmacists Association There’s also the national cathedral, which has some amazing reception spaces (no need to be Episcopalian).


cbthomas85 OP t1_j2djf7o wrote

we are touring potomac terrace next week! did y’all get married there??