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Gizmochappa t1_j02c7al wrote

Asshole who kicked him on the ground needs to be identified and charged


celj1234 t1_j02cd7v wrote

Sounds like the guy walked away and went home. I doubt there will be charges coming.


meandmysaddo t1_j03vdcm wrote

I know of a couple of people who walked away from fights, only to die a couple of days later from injuries to the brain that they suffered during the fight. I could name 3 fairly close to me and a couple of others that I’ve known and lost touch with only to find out about it later. London is a shithole.


floppydisk1995 t1_j045ljm wrote

He wasn't in a fight but Bob Saget died that way after hitting his head on something.


GovernorOfReddit t1_j052pw7 wrote

Only saw one public fight in London and it was in the City of London mid-day with a bunch of rich dudes in suits.


cracking t1_j03we4q wrote

Damn, I was about to ask where you're from to know that many people that ended up like that. London is on my places to visit and I was somewhat aware that it can be seedy, but that's next level.


meandmysaddo t1_j03z7yw wrote

I’m 47, so it’s over a 30 year period. And I’ve played lots of different team sports over the years and have had lots of different jobs, I’ve also slowly moved further, and further outwards from inner London areas, so have met many, many people. I also have a very big family with lots of cousins living all around London. So it’s probably not as bad as it sounds.


yell-loud t1_j04l8u7 wrote

Would be a shame if someone could ID him from Thai video!


swampoodler t1_j02dn1q wrote

Once someone is down they’re out. Thems the rules. Anything extra is a solid “No.”


Komischaffe t1_j036iv2 wrote

Even the guy who did the take down seemed to disapprove of that kick


LeektheGeek t1_j02yxet wrote

You can definitely be down and not out. However, this guy was out the second he was down.


Existing365Chocolate t1_j03s800 wrote

Imagine thinking there’s rules in street fights

Also people can and have died just from one punch to the head before they’re even down


CyberSecurity_DC t1_j039k1e wrote

Terrible individual kicking unconscious person in the back of the head. That could have killed him.


et5499 t1_j02xble wrote

Guy who kicked is a total pussy


Seven7Shadows t1_j053245 wrote

Hope this dude sees this so he knows he’s a massive piece of shit.


BrightThru2014 t1_j02qj3l wrote

Extra punch and kick is uncalled for. Initial judo takedown is “sometimes you are an asshole and suffer consequences” IMO.


[deleted] t1_j02nbx9 wrote



STCvi2019 t1_j03a0n4 wrote

Especially the extra punch. Back of the head hits are pussy moves.


[deleted] t1_j03aek7 wrote



Outlaw_222 t1_j03cl7f wrote

I work in law enforcement and have been in multiple altercations.

If there was an officer of the law there at that moment they would be charged.

I love hearing legal analysts on Reddit that have never even been to a college class before talking like they know what they’re saying.


endlessly_apollo t1_j02dyx9 wrote

Any context?


sonicmonkeys OP t1_j02h5rd wrote

The guy being punched on the ground was involved in a situation at the front of the stage at the end of the show. They pulled him out and he had a bloody nose. After the show, he was standing outside, clearly inebriated, when the assailant (guy in the black sweatshirt/jeans) got in his face and accused him of inappropriately doing something to his girl. The guy denied it, but the assailant didn’t like that answer so he punched him. The guy countered back then that’s when the video starts. Cops and paramedics were called, and a detective was interviewing witnesses. All of those involved were at the Surf Curse concert.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j02pctg wrote

>his girl.

Ah yes, gotta defend one's property.


BrightThru2014 t1_j02qa4f wrote

You don’t think dudes who sexually assault women (who are often physically smaller than them) deserve to get their ass beat by someone who can square up to them? What a weird comment.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j02uhdd wrote

You are sooo right, the only imaginable way to handle an alleged assault is to carry out an assault. There can't possibly be a better way to handle this.


Knock_turnal t1_j031z51 wrote

Tell me you haven’t dealt with MPD, without telling me that you haven’t dealt with MPD


jd_dc t1_j04xlvq wrote

Accurate. In DC laws only apply to those who follow them. Even if the police wanted to charge someone (they don't) the charges wouldn't stick.


cam-mann t1_j035wtn wrote

Honestly I think the take down is fair game. Talk shit get hit. The punch after is questionable and the kick was for sure bad. But still, the dude deserves consequences for his actions and that sure as fuck ain't coming from MPD


[deleted] t1_j042846 wrote

The kick in the head is attempted murder, period. No excuses for that.


Starbeets t1_j04i2p2 wrote

Sorry you got downvoted for that, its a fair point about the 'ownership' apostrophe.


someusername_yay t1_j06t596 wrote

It’s not always about “property.” Many people believe that a woman should be defended against disrespectful men by the man she’s with, and some people stupidly jump to violence as the first line of defense.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j08zu6a wrote

any defending to be done would have been inside, at the time of the alleged incident. Carrying the fight on outside? The only thing he's defending at that point is his ego.


aup123 t1_j02ge7a wrote

Doesnt sound like assault, sounds like a legal right to self defence...unless we are talking about the kicker who looks like they never played a sport in their life.


celj1234 t1_j02gslj wrote

Yeah dude just lost a fight and took a L.


RandomLogicThough t1_j02o1os wrote

See, I told you judo is useful...


burdboxwasok t1_j03h7s1 wrote

judo and bjj is lethal against an untrained opponent


NOVAYuppieEradicator t1_j02qfrk wrote

Yeah but that was a pretty subpar throw.


Training-Ad-134 t1_j05894d wrote

He turned into it from the wrong direction with that arm, so wasn’t a proper ippon seoi nage but still decent kuzushi into it given the circumstances. In judo this wouldn’t have been a point, maybe a wazari.


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j02nf5a wrote

Pretty good look at the face of someone who could be facing an attempted murder charge.


amboomernotkaren t1_j0378qg wrote

My friend’s son kicked someone in DC after the guy hit the ground (similar scenario/bar fight). After a long investigation by DC police my friend’s son was charged and made a plea deal. This was 20 years ago. Any blow to the head is a potential traumatic brain injury.


StrangeOldHermit77 t1_j054mo4 wrote

Of course it’s the douchebags at an indie rock show. I didn’t see any fights at Maryland Deathfest!!


GovernorOfReddit t1_j05287b wrote

As a former Salisbury University student myself, I know that guy probably has some experience breaking up public fights.


HealthcareZeros t1_j06nbde wrote

Honestly shout out to the dude that broke it up and called for help.


OllieOllieOxenfry t1_j05gz63 wrote

You can kill someone that way, that's no joke.


derpycalculator t1_j06glqz wrote

Yeah I don’t like the head punch on the sidewalk. I can’t determine if it’s worse to have nothing behind your head so your neck ligaments are taking all the impact or having your skull take the impact against concrete.


Wild_Impala_2020 t1_j03j0pt wrote

Who was fucking who?? I need answers??!


CanaKitty t1_j03p8hl wrote

The guy who got taken down sexually assaulted a girl at the concert. The guy she was with is the one doing the kicking here.


n2thetaboo t1_j05d7y8 wrote

Things are definitely getting more inclusive and tolerant in DC!


jwrbusiness t1_j066kjs wrote

Good way to ruin your life. And others too.

Lookout for each other outside. Do what you can to prevent violence. If you see it leading up to that point, say something to someone.

In a gathering with many people there will always be someone to intervene , professionally capable to prevent unnecessary violence.

If you see a situation like on the video, Draw attention to what’s happening. Chances are a professional is nearby who will help.

And in the video. You don’t know if the man on the ground did something wrong or not. Either way. Draw attention. And you will find there will be someone on the way.

Look out for each other. No one deserves to be treated that way.

Remember bad boys, be kind. Protect one another. The best you can.

No body on the street deserve to be knocked out and left there.

That’s sickening to me. It happens so often

YOU don’t have to get in the middle of it!

Let someone know what’s going on

Chances are someone is near! Who will stop it !

Understand that! doesn’t matter who is involved or how many, chances are there will be a professional who will stop it correctly.

be good. Be kind and look out for each other.

Chances are your near someone who will help

And is very capable. Bad boys remember it would be some shit if you be a bad boy and hurt someone. And I am near. You bad boy you. You ain’t fighting yourself away from me. I’m going to hug you and kiss you and all the cameras going to see me smooch on you. All because you was a bad boy.

Can’t fight yourself out of it. So be good. Smooches

Don’t let that violence go on anymore.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j02ong0 wrote

Stupid people arguing over stupid shit.


trumast t1_j03281q wrote

Because your intellect is above everyone else, you are able to deduce who and what is stupid at a glance. Nice.


IcyWillow1193 t1_j04qvoi wrote

If you really think it takes a genius to recognize the stupid in that video, then you'd fit right in with them.


AcrobaticRub5938 t1_j030e70 wrote

Lol if they were Black the majority of the comments would be filled with concern about the rising violence in the city.


pmmm t1_j03alck wrote

LITERALLY check the one comment that's been downvoted to pieces. It's calling people stupid for fighting. But every post about black people fighting in this sub is filled with comments about them being idiots.

And the one response to the comment is "Because your intellect is above everyone else, you are able to deduce who and what is stupid at a glance. Nice." a wonderful display of zero self-awareness


firewarner t1_j03dw75 wrote

Such a genuinely weird compulsion to make everything about race


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j038o2x wrote

You poor thing, it must be positively exhausting to have the need to search through every single moment in life to try and find the racism in it.


AcrobaticRub5938 t1_j039t2n wrote

Yes, you're right. I have to search for it and it's always so hard to find!! Thank you for your concern!!!


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j03abdf wrote

The struggle is real. I hope you find a way to heal.


HappynessMovement t1_j03cptx wrote

Thanks for the laugh bro. You're great!


kewaywi t1_j03mld2 wrote

Just like the old days with the DC Skins


JosuetheBear t1_j03fmh4 wrote

Yikes. Planning on going tonight


LoganSquire t1_j04ltsh wrote

Thoughts and prayers for you and your family in these trying times


migatemyshake t1_j040q82 wrote

The guy tat kicked hom when he was down was raised by cats


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Independent_Dance347 t1_j04b5a4 wrote

This just shows what a shit city DC is. The fact that we have a fight like this and no one intervenes before he’s knocked out.


derpycalculator t1_j06gudd wrote

It looked like a pretty quick “fight” to me and once the guy was clearly out on the ground a bystander stepped in as soon as someone tried to kick the out guy.