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AcrobaticRub5938 t1_j030e70 wrote

Lol if they were Black the majority of the comments would be filled with concern about the rising violence in the city.


pmmm t1_j03alck wrote

LITERALLY check the one comment that's been downvoted to pieces. It's calling people stupid for fighting. But every post about black people fighting in this sub is filled with comments about them being idiots.

And the one response to the comment is "Because your intellect is above everyone else, you are able to deduce who and what is stupid at a glance. Nice." a wonderful display of zero self-awareness


firewarner t1_j03dw75 wrote

Such a genuinely weird compulsion to make everything about race


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j038o2x wrote

You poor thing, it must be positively exhausting to have the need to search through every single moment in life to try and find the racism in it.


AcrobaticRub5938 t1_j039t2n wrote

Yes, you're right. I have to search for it and it's always so hard to find!! Thank you for your concern!!!


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j03abdf wrote

The struggle is real. I hope you find a way to heal.


HappynessMovement t1_j03cptx wrote

Thanks for the laugh bro. You're great!