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ellivretaw1 t1_j2591n9 wrote

You’re gonna be disappointed with the diner situation here fyi. I come from New England where a good diner can be found anywhere and you will not find that here sadly.

You’ll definitely have no issue finding good bars here but it might help to specify which neighborhood you’ll be in.

Are you a sports fan? There’s a pretty big presence of Chicago fans here I’ve found. If you are a fan of any specific Midwest team or college there will no doubt be a bar for that team somewhere in the city.


MartinScorsese t1_j25a10g wrote

> you will not find that here sadly.

Florida Avenue Grill disagrees.


TerribleVisual8899 t1_j25ez2w wrote

You can't run a cheap, greasy spoon diner with enough seating on DC rents. The best thing we got is Silver, and that's just an upscale Denny's. (I love Denny's)


breview t1_j25k6rg wrote

the diner in adams morgan is decent


genghis_ma t1_j25aiw5 wrote

I think that Unconventional Diner might slot into this category depending on OP’s needs. It’s got really solid food at a good price for DC (less than $30 after tax and tip lol), but it doesn’t feel particularly cozy and its a pain in the ass to get seated on weekends


ellivretaw1 t1_j25ano9 wrote

I can guarantee you that’s not what OP is looking for.

They want a local mom and pop type place where you can walk in and sit down right away and they know you and you walk out paying no more than $15. They’re not going to find that here.


MartinScorsese t1_j25a4i0 wrote

You should check out Ivy and Coney. It's a dive with a focus on Chicago/Detroit sports. You can even get shots of malort!


Anybody220 OP t1_j25ibh4 wrote

Never heard of or had Malort, but after looking it up it’s sounds terrible and great 😂


curcurbitae t1_j25aupy wrote

It kind of depends where you're at in the city. If you're in Capitol Hill, Jimmy T's is a nice little diner and Mr. Henry's is a solid local bar type of place (if you like live jazz and a chill atmosphere).


nitecheese t1_j25gjae wrote

Yes to both of these from a Midwest transplant that moved to Capitol Hill!


-GrizZzB- t1_j25crgp wrote

Short answer is it depends on where you are moving to in DC. I too came from the Midwest. There 5 miles away was bassicly local. Here 5 miles is an eternity.


Anybody220 OP t1_j25gzdt wrote

That is what I’m worried about. I drive 10 miles to my diner, about 10-12 minute drive. That will be what a 30 minute drive in DC I guess?


EC_dwtn t1_j25i7ui wrote

I just Googled how long it would take me to get to a restaurant that's 8.5 miles away, and it's currently listed as a 40 minuted drive.

The good news is that Metro exists, but you will definitely find yourself staying closer to home once you get here, and not going to places that are 10ish miles away on a regular basis.


keystonecapers t1_j25hpzw wrote

Depends on time of day, if your location is accessible to highways, etc.


-GrizZzB- t1_j25if54 wrote

Do you know where you are moving yet? Like what neighborhood?


Anybody220 OP t1_j25is4k wrote

According to google, I’m between Capital Heights and Kettering area.


-GrizZzB- t1_j25uoin wrote

That's a ways out. And a bit out of my personal knowledge base, lol. Sorry I know that's not much help. The best bet, would be keep trying new stuff until you fine something. There are legit strip mall restaurants outside the city.


Diela_N t1_j25d4qc wrote

Brunch is a blood sport in this City. You'll find great bars from dives to world-class cocktails.


Tommys2Turnt t1_j25fe2l wrote

Welcome to brunch town lol.

But seriously there are some hidden jewel spots that won’t be like a midwestern diner but very welcoming and homey. Heat da spot is one that comes to mind

Bars you should have covered. But if you’re looking for a good Midwest spot. Ivy snd Coney can’t be beat


giscard78 t1_j25cncs wrote

> I was wondering what are some good bars

Just gonna get this out of the way: no one gives a fuck that you had $2 beers and $0.50 wings at your local spot in the Midwest. Yes, I wish we had that here. Rent and labor costs are astronomically different. It’s just not a thing. There are some cheaper places in the suburbs but it still won’t be like wherever you’re from.


Anybody220 OP t1_j25hius wrote

Yeah, I kinda figured. I wouldn’t move unless I was getting paid enough to make up the difference to enjoy my same lifestyle, which I will be and then some. So, thanks for the terrible attitude, hope you can find happiness elsewhere.


se_puede t1_j25k7qy wrote

We need more folks like ya. DC has a Southern side, with all its pros and cons. Welcome!


Sufficient-Job-1013 t1_j260bnh wrote

You can get $3 draft beers at Teds Bulletin on 14th for HH from 3-630. Not Midwest prices but a damn good deal and really satisfying all-day breakfast diner style place.


se_puede t1_j25gij9 wrote

Can you pls turn down the volume, bud? There are nicer ways to give OP a heads up about the criminally high prices around here. This jaded phase you're in will pass, I promise.


giscard78 t1_j25has3 wrote

> This jaded phase you're in will pass, I promise.

This is where I’m from. It’s basically inevitable that midwesterns will get upset about the prices. We will then have another “I can’t believe [thing] costs [money]” thread. Many of them won’t be willing to consider regional price differences in labor and real estate. You’ll eventually spend enough time here to realize that those of us from here aren’t mean, we are direct. The fake politeness that midwesterns do is weird, too.


se_puede t1_j25jxn6 wrote

I'm a DC kid too, and never enjoyed the OGs w chips on their shoulders.

If you really from here, then we know the priority issue w nightlife is all these WB/IMF kids that knowingly stiff waitstaff on their tips.


Anybody220 OP t1_j25i046 wrote

Yeah, I’m not sure what I said to him to make him mad. I appreciate the heads up even though I’m fully aware of the cost difference. Do people really think beer are only $2 in the Midwest and apartments are that cheap?


giscard78 t1_j25j8o5 wrote


Anybody220 OP t1_j25mug9 wrote

I mean I’ve stepped outside the Midwest before man. I lived out of my car in Pittsburgh for a year, been mugged in Houston, and I travel to Boston and Seattle frequently for work and family. I’m versed on the no one gives a fuck about you in this world. But yeah, I’m overall a polite Midwesterner who would like to find a nice bar and diner in DC.