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dcsnarkington t1_j663kfo wrote

I've been to many a Popeyes, McDonalds, Krystal's in places where there are drunk people, crack heads, and drug dealers and I have found those restaurants inevitably become not places you'd like to Dine In.

I have never been to a Chick Fil A which is anything but country wholesome... complete with developmentally disabled staff and beaming young people fresh from bible school.

Will it survive DC Chinatown?

Or will I be able to buy a sandwich and have the clerk also sell me a loosey?


SluggingAndBussing t1_j63afdp wrote

Not sure but it has to be soon… look in the windows when you walk by. It looks completely done and ready to go.


mettahipster t1_j6405sb wrote

I hope this location doesn’t suck


AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j64eqe2 wrote

Does the Columbia Heights location suck? That might be a good measuring stick for how this one will turn out, being in another dense neighborhood with heavy foot traffic.


Aiogher t1_j6130f4 wrote

im excited too - i believe its scheduled for this summer


NPRjunkieDC t1_j61fvik wrote

Can't believe only now decided to taste Popeyes and Chik Fil A chicken sandwich while visiting my son in Atlanta.

Absolutely delicious!


Pinballerz t1_j610jgk wrote

I this "upscale dining"?


yuckerman OP t1_j610x88 wrote

for me it is lol, pearl’s bagels and trader joe’s chicken breast is pretty much my entire diet lol i love the burger places in chinatown/chinatown adjacent; there’s five guys, smashburger, shake shack but i need some chicken also chick fil a is alittle cheaper. and their cookies are awesome


Pinballerz t1_j611ah1 wrote

Dude, thanks for reminding me about trader joes. I just moved up here and keep doing aldi. I forgot trader joes is a good bargain option too!


NPRjunkieDC t1_j61f9xt wrote

Trader joe's is the $3 store so very affordable. Everything they sell is delicious.

Their prepared food is tasty and often imported from Europe. Desserts are great.

So are their sodas, nuts, breads, veggies and cheeses .


LilInterweb t1_j622uno wrote

Chick-fil-a is homophobic. As a progressive city people should not buy things from them. We should all stand together for every group.


dynospectrum7 t1_j65t544 wrote

Shut up. My gay friends and family absolutely don’t give a shit. It’s fake allyship that should be stood up to.


LilInterweb t1_j664uep wrote

Well someone is triggered. I’m not your counselor, go discuss that energy with a mental health professional. Chick Fil A is homophobic and as a gay man I know what they company has funded. I’m not an ally, and clearly neither are you.


opheodrysaestivus t1_j65xphh wrote

u/LilInterweb is right. it's a homophobic organization and your money directly contributes to right wing policies. plus, i'm gay, and all my gay friends and family do care, and so should yours.


LilInterweb t1_j664wqu wrote

Thank you Mr logical internet human. I appreciate you.