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UniversalRedditName t1_j6gl6qm wrote

Wtf. They broke in and stole their alarm system among other things. Who the heck breaks into place and steals an alarm system that obviously didn’t do the job in time


Snuggoth t1_j6gmmic wrote

Real alarm systems cost four figures at least, and they stole an electric keyboard as well as the the point-of-sale system because they probably figured that either it's got info on it or it could be flipped too. Eating food on-site screams dumb, petty burglary either way.


Evaderofdoom t1_j6jqh0l wrote

Someone who is targeting them to hurt them and not because they want to resale all the goods, they just want to wipe them out so they have to spend money on new things. Its to inflict as much financial harm as they can.


Mr_E t1_j6guyje wrote

Just in time for those pro-russian asshats to be in town.


WhyAreWeEvenHere t1_j6hv73f wrote

Damn. AdMo getting hit hard this year. This like the 4th store hit in a month?


carandfreedomgeek2 t1_j6iqz4h wrote

I seriously doubt this is politically motivated. This is DC, after all. (Meaning that DC is very political but it also has out of completely random crime.)


[deleted] t1_j6gm6vx wrote



tunamelts2 t1_j6gxwcy wrote

Might be more of a hate-crime type of situation. Hard to tell with all the other vandalization/break-ins happening recently


CulturalWasabi t1_j6hz5t9 wrote

You are higher than the teens that robbed the place if you think they give af about ukraine/russia


adminsarepedoslol t1_j6ojp6p wrote

Russian soldiers are notorious for looting, this guy was just following their example


Francoboi_10 t1_j6krgzz wrote

Should probably stop selling a small coffee for 5$ then.