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UniversalRedditName t1_j6gl6qm wrote

Wtf. They broke in and stole their alarm system among other things. Who the heck breaks into place and steals an alarm system that obviously didn’t do the job in time


Snuggoth t1_j6gmmic wrote

Real alarm systems cost four figures at least, and they stole an electric keyboard as well as the the point-of-sale system because they probably figured that either it's got info on it or it could be flipped too. Eating food on-site screams dumb, petty burglary either way.


Evaderofdoom t1_j6jqh0l wrote

Someone who is targeting them to hurt them and not because they want to resale all the goods, they just want to wipe them out so they have to spend money on new things. Its to inflict as much financial harm as they can.