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squuidlees t1_j5wp0f7 wrote

When I was 15 carjacking wasn’t even remotely on my radar…


ta112233 t1_j5wvz9t wrote

Much less carjacking at midnight on Christmas Eve! Jesus Christ, where are this kid’s parents? Send them to jail, too.


thrownjunk t1_j5yiczs wrote

Uh, I’m betting the parents are either absent or in jail too.


buy-niani t1_j5z9jzt wrote

In a nutshell for you Don’t you remember your parents criminalize their parent so that you could get all the goodies created by their great great slave. Do you want examples ? Redlining Dump of drugs in the neighborhood Refusing them job and career


sabzipolomahi t1_j5xiqlc wrote

Fr bro the only thing on my mind was getting onto a minecraft server on time.


thepulloutmethod t1_j5yxucg wrote

I was just trying to get as much time in on Unreal Tournament (the original) as humanly possible. I don't think I'd even kissed a girl yet.


RyVsWorld t1_j5x2ypq wrote

Same. I was more concerned with whether little suzie would go to the dance with me. Kids these days are built different


[deleted] t1_j5z8o7e wrote



squuidlees t1_j5zg58m wrote

I’m not white


buy-niani t1_j5zzpac wrote

Who told you you had to be white to promote Eurocentric view I just told you my theory whether you agreed or not that what I am interested about. I am African. I meet Africans in Africa that truly believed in the superiority of the white race. I am lucky enough to have experienced the world and grew up around a large variety of people from all classes and religion.


SluggingAndBussing t1_j5wp7to wrote

Any bets on how long before the case is declined for prosecution?


Katzone t1_j5wpwkl wrote

He probably has arrests for a dozen other crimes that he served no consequences for


metrazol t1_j5woyep wrote

Those are some rookie numbers. Not even hiding in a freezer. That other guy had 40.


ackme t1_j5wrqpu wrote

Hiding in a freezer? Missed that one.


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otter111a t1_j5wz4cn wrote

Doesn’t dc require you to register pepper spray as a weapon if purchased in Dc? So how is that incident labeled as “unarmed”


Number1RankedHuman t1_j5x2yzp wrote

Can you purchase that in DC? Amazon refused to deliver to my house and I had to pick it up outside the city.


smut_troubadour t1_j5x657f wrote

The dude who openly sells it outside Target would like to have a word.


giscard78 t1_j5xb60h wrote

I thought I saw pepper spray behind the counter at Annie’s/Ace Petworth


otter111a t1_j5x8ihq wrote

I think the laws have changed in the past few years. It used to be that if you purchased in the district you had to register it. When I first moved to Dc I tried to register it at a police station and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Now, however, I don’t think you need to register it and it’s lawful to carry for self defense only.

It’s possible Amazon hasn’t updated their restrictions to match current laws.

Here’s Sabre’s website with outdated info


someotherbitch t1_j5xpiiz wrote

>it’s lawful to carry for self defense only.

What other possible use is there for it lmao

You can't carry anything to use as an offensive weapon sooo


alexja21 t1_j61bcfc wrote

Unlawful to spray it on your chicken wings. Damn big government trying to take away my freedom to eat a delicious spicy meal


peva3 t1_j5yp6d9 wrote

Just buy some off eBay, sellers don't give a shit.


opheodrysaestivus t1_j6505oz wrote

>Doesn’t dc require you to register pepper spray as a weapon if purchased in Dc?



speedymcpot t1_j5wzzmg wrote

4 more and you get a free smoothie


Visual_Cloud8473 t1_j5wgtj9 wrote

As usual the public is policing for the police and not getting paid.


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posam t1_j5yf7iy wrote

I’m all for doing things differently but as is the only reforms that seem to happen across the US is police and justice system reform.

They are at the back end of the problem and cannot just be dropped and have enforcement minimized without following through on more comprehensive changes that result in people getting to that layer of the issue in the first place.


Here4thebeer3232 t1_j5ymgmd wrote

>prisons so that they are truly rehabilitative

Yeah... that's the important one, and also the hardest


mikitronz t1_j5z1z0q wrote

Deterrence requires a cost benefit analysis that children do not do. Making laws more and more draconian will therefore not help. Rehabilitation is not remotely possible at current spending levels and I don't think we're willing to do it at any spending level.


tmayl t1_j5x11mt wrote

He's probably back at home right now on house arrest 🤣🤣


RoosterInMyRrari t1_j5y38hl wrote

He will get a slap on the wrist just to be let out again and go around committing more crimes I’m sure.


indefinitude t1_j5z8850 wrote

I hear the same thing every time a carjacker is arrested in DC. Is this a real thing? Do people actually get charged and released immediately?


Enzo_Gorlahmi t1_j5ztgaq wrote

Unfortunately it happens often. Read up on the Youth Rehabilitation Act, which allows judges to disregard sentencing guidelines, can expunge the records from public record, and now can be applied for offenders up to age 25 because the DC Council raised the applicable age range.

This 23yo, who was on probation for armed offenses, had an illegal firearm that was misplaced, ended up paralyzing a 4 year-old girl and he got sentenced to 18 months + probation after leaving her to die while he went to hide the gun instead of helping her.

The YRA and other similar criminal reform laws are often constructed with good intentions but all too often sentencing leniency in the District is granted to repeat offenders, violent crimes, or crimes involving a firearm. Excluding gun offenders or violent crimes from the YRA or asking for transparent public records isn't a crazy ask from our community.


RoosterInMyRrari t1_j5z8u6l wrote

Yes. Especially if they are < 18. They’ll get a slap on the wrist (community service, very short Juvy sentencing, etc)


pro-laps t1_j5yim2e wrote

I wish there was some follow up news or posts about what ends up happening after these kids our arrested.

Either confirm or disprove the slap on the wrist narrative


Swampoodle1984 OP t1_j5yk743 wrote

Former AG Racine released some data last year, but it wasn't accurate because many of the cases are never "papered"


Deep_Stick8786 t1_j60laau wrote

The washington post did this a few years back, looking at the consequences of the youth act. Its worth a read, if only to see how people did not heed any lessons from it


NewUser22031 t1_j5ymaqj wrote

I like the idea and someone else can correct me if wrong, but I would think that would be next to impossible due to the perpetrators being underage.


milkandminnows t1_j5yo09a wrote

Details could be anonymized. But I too am not privy to the actual restrictions in question.


Evening_Chemist_2367 t1_j5zmq3m wrote

Serious serial offenses (like multiple armed carjackings and robberies) should automatically disqualify from being tried as a juvenile. The only possible leniency should be able to be realized conditionally via a plea deal based on information that actually results in arrest and conviction of the people he got the gun from, as well as the people who he was planning to deliver the stolen vehicles to. No arrests and convictions on those, no deal.


Useful-Pattern-5076 t1_j5yh9mx wrote

If Muriel doesn’t want this place turning into GTA V then lock his ass up for a long time


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horthianflorff t1_j5xfhez wrote

Oh shit they got Donut? Did McNulty make the arrest?


yuckerman t1_j5ykzaj wrote

will he even serve any time ?


MAX_cheesejr t1_j5ylfuy wrote

Imagine if he had the same discipline to do something else


buy-niani t1_j64l21u wrote

Not discipline but motivation Just been black in this world is already a crime so yes some weak mind or poor life conditions will lead to a life of desesperation


cryptotmm t1_j5zlr80 wrote

And he’s probably out ready for his 9th 10th 11th


ThatRealTay1989 t1_j5z4s3j wrote

Disappointed no one here has made a baby driver joke. Keep him away from Kevin Spacey! (For more than one reason)


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TMacOnTheTrack t1_j5xfoex wrote

Y’all still complaining?? The police did their job and made an arrest. Isn’t that what is supposed to happen? Y’all complain for complaining sake.


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debyrne t1_j5y5rkg wrote

I like that even on the posts about criminals being caught we all get to still argue about prosecution and or age/socioeconomics… You’re not solving any problems but y’all sure do like your opinions!


ballastboy1 t1_j5ygk90 wrote

There is no abstract socioeconomic circumstance that forces a teenager to commit multiple violent carjackings. It is learned behavior.


debyrne t1_j5yn1ja wrote

See! I don’t even have to give an opinion and people wanna argue hahahahha


debyrne t1_j5ynebj wrote

Also learned >> anyone with an understanding of learning/education will tell you setting matters so yeah he learned this from??? Society?! And i dunno man but society definitely is effected by things like wealth inequality and lack of resources for the mentally I’ll

But yeah go Ahead and Believe we are all innocent and this kid is just bad inherently and he should just be locked in prison so you can feel better about not wanting to force change in society to raise better children.

But yeah dog. It’s all on him and his parents let’s not think any further than that


ballastboy1 t1_j5z005f wrote

He learned it from parents, friends, peers, or violent criminals he sees in the media and has been taught to respect and mimic.

99% of people in society aren’t violent carjackers.


debyrne t1_j5zf6ct wrote

You’re right it’s just this kid. All by himself. It’s his fault.


ballastboy1 t1_j5zpami wrote

> learned it from parents, friends, peers, or violent criminals he sees in the media and has been taught to respect and mimic.

Were you not capable of reading a list of people who are responsible for influencing the kid's behavior? Or did you deliberately decide to ignore it?


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ackme t1_j5wrye9 wrote

> don't advocate violence

> pray to god I get the chance to use it



WildcatBitches t1_j5wrzts wrote

Hoping you mean, “pray to god [you]… DON’T HAVE to use it”

Cause the way you wrote it makes it sounds like you’re jerking off with the same oil you probably don’t use to maintain your gun.


1800TurdFerguson t1_j5yeltp wrote

Is all OP does is post reports about crime in the District?


ballastboy1 t1_j5ygn1b wrote

Who cares? Young teenagers victimizing multiple people with violent carjackings is something residents probably want to know about.


1800TurdFerguson t1_j5ygu77 wrote

Hello, OP sockpuppet account who was created earlier this year and seemingly only comments on crime posts.


ballastboy1 t1_j5yhqqo wrote

Hello, internet stranger obsessed with policing what topics people are allowed to post about.

Does this upset you?


Swampoodle1984 OP t1_j5yjvhi wrote

Good morning, I've lived in DC for nearly 15 years. I started coming to Reddit to learn about incidents that were happening in my neighborhood. I always found it useful. Unfortunately, it's a topic that many people are thinking about these days.


1800TurdFerguson t1_j5yks0v wrote

Sorry, not buying it. I'm guessing you're on the payroll of Faux News, the Faily Wire, or one of the constellation of Koch-funded "think tanks" or "non-profits", and part of your job is to foment unrest in the sub as part of your "social media/web producer" job.


NewUser22031 t1_j5ym2dh wrote

Instead of making up conspiracies you could move on to the next thread. We're probably overdue for a parking violation or hindering a bike lane thread.


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AsbestosIn0bstetrics t1_j5yuwss wrote

Agreed! Totally creepy, stalker-ish behavior, too. Now go examine my comment history and post a judgment about me that nobody gives a shit about.