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tpeterr t1_j4w95et wrote

Tire noise is a major culprit. Would be better for noise, pollution, and road safety for all users (cars, bikes, peds) to drop the speed limit to sub-30 throughout the city.


sadistbiker t1_j4wkhni wrote

According to DDOT, speed limit is 20mph if there is no posted speed limit. But as seen almost everywhere, speed limits are pointless unless enforced.


ZuluYankee1 t1_j4wxt47 wrote

Hello fellow Orange piller.


rektide t1_j55yx03 wrote

"Here's my take: car horns should be as loud inside the car as outside"


People who aggressively honk & freak out anytime they feel mildly inconvenienced are monsters, are absolutely some of the worst noise offenders. I try and try and try to think of what on earth we could possibly do about these garbage subhumans. This is such a great suggestion.