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Bushels_for_All t1_j4wlc1t wrote

How about you start with the ambulances that regularly drive under the speed limit while blaring their sirens at midnight? This is a common occurrence on my street.

The streets are empty at that time of night. Either 1) it's an emergency enough to drive fast so by all means use the siren to warn cars against pulling out, or 2) it's not an emergency enough to drive fast so you don't need the siren.


ChubsBronco t1_j4wpvgd wrote

Fun fact, DC law doesn’t allow for ambulances to go over the speed limit.


Bushels_for_All t1_j4wwhxa wrote

That is very interesting.

So I guess the only question left is why they think a piercing siren is necessary going 20 mph on an empty residential street.


DeliMcPickles t1_j4xiudm wrote

They're required to have both lights and siren activated.


ZuluYankee1 t1_j4wxage wrote

Former EMT here, if I got into an accident and my sirens were not on while running lights I could have lost my job for reckless driving.


Tekanid t1_j4ys7rt wrote

We all know red lights aren’t enforced here nothing to worry about


A_Swell_Gaytheist OP t1_j4xkszk wrote

There’s been research into this topic as well and sirens actually don’t speed up EMT vehicles. I’d happily support reducing siren noise as well.


Bushels_for_All t1_j4xseuq wrote

MPD sirens are those fantastic dull ones that don't disturb residential areas. I would love for DC ambulances to adopt something like that.