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Evening_Chemist_2367 t1_j4wwi8v wrote

And what if those cars are noisy? Send them a ticket, which will get ignored along with the other $1500 in tickets the car probably already has? If Council wants any credibility, they need to actually start enforcing the laws, booting them and/or towing them and so on.

And don't try to play the "oh, but it's disproportionately poor black people" card - anyone who can afford to pay $60k for a decked-out Challenger, Hellcat or Charger damn well can afford to pay their speeding and red light tickets too. And even if you're poor, that's still not an excuse to speed, run red lights and otherwise drive like a maniac to rack yourself up those tickets.

It's sad and pathetic that we see more vehicular enforcement from Secret Service and Park Police and other agencies than we do from MPD.