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GhostDawg01 t1_j4zuftl wrote

Sounds oike a crock o' shit to me.


rektide t1_j561lkv wrote

Ah yes, public peace, how horrible that would be!

What don't you like about this?


GhostDawg01 t1_j564f9y wrote

You want quiet go live in the fucking forest! This is the city.


rektide t1_j57kljm wrote

Just my opinion here, but... there's only a couple ultra-problematic shits that make things unpleasant. Being in a city doesn't give them license to be giant prats to entire neighborhoods.

Have some respect & decency for your fellow man.


GhostDawg01 t1_j5a52b4 wrote

Agreed but most people who move here will complain about normal city things. Look no further than the silly bike lanes.